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Apr 16, 2005 by paravoz

I AM GONE CRAZY WITH THIS PHONE!!! the only thing it got good design

Justifies the price.


Dec 2, 2004 by xerath67

I have had my v3 for less than a week. I figured I can offer up my opinion on the phone.

In the time I have used this phone I have been extremely pleased with most things.

Sound Quality
Speaker phone

I have only had 2 problems with my phone. They seem to be exclusive to my phone.

Refuses to turn on
Randomly turns off

The looks of the phone nearly justify the price on their own, but when you include all the features it's more than worth it.

This is by far the sturdiest phone I have ever used, I don't feel like I could snap it in half. The reception and sound quality are above par. Speaker phone is loud and clear. Camera isn't the best, but still it is useful. Bluetooth is by far one of the best features on this phone.

Like I said before I think my cons are exclusive to my phone only. I'm currently in the process of updating some things on the phone, and if the problems persist I will be getting a replacement sent out.

In conclusion the Razr v3 is expensive, but the looks and features justify the price.

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its thin


Jul 5, 2005 by whoopincough

pros: its a very very thin fone.. and great resolution from the inside...

cons: 5 mb storage isnt enough thats hardly any take a few pics and thats it.... no video recording thats really rare to find nowadays.. wen u hold it it feels too fragile because its thin.. and many fingerprints

hopefully it was just mine?


Dec 10, 2004 by reb0101

I won’t bore you with all the features of this phone because if you are here, reading this I’m sure you know them well.
When I saw this phone I knew I had to have it, and this was all of a week after I got a Samsung slider and switched over to T-Mobile.
I first started out on e-bay (don’t even bother) as they had yet to be released in the U.S and Cingular had not released them.
I knew Cingular would get them but even they could not tell me exactly when.
Had I waited and gone with Cingular I would have paid $500 with a 2-year contract, $600 with a one year.
I bit the bullet and paid $800 from simoncells.com and that included 2-day UPS shipping.
I love the phone and it is all they say but I can tell you the software makes all the difference.
You plug in the USB cord and it is drag and drop for the pictures and sounds.
I hate all the ringers that you can download as they are all midi format. The Razr seemed to be one of the first to accept Mp3 format.
This makes all the difference in the world. I can go to flashkit.com and download sound effects in Mp3 format and move them to the Razr and finally have a ringtone I can live with that is not a hip-hop song.
My girlfriend also switched to T-Mobile and she has the Motorola V300 and it seems to also accept Mp3 but only in download, no software or USB, at least not included with the phone.
Life was wonderful there for about a month. Then as is always the case, just over 30 days after purchase the keypad started going. And when it started it went fast. Last Saturday night the select button was first (top right button) then the ‘0’ key, then the ‘7’ key.
Since the phone was purchased unlocked, and I pit my T-Mobile chip in I had no local carrier to replace or fix. Buy this time Cingular did have it out and in stores but since I was not with them they said I had to send it back to Motorola which I have done.
Hopefully I will have it back or a new phone in 2-3 weeks at most.



Nov 6, 2004 by whatthehell

Very impressive, lightweight, small just what people are looking for. Programs are very similar to that of the V600. Reception has increased-AT&T.
When using the blue-tooth headset the ring tone you program defaults to a different ring tone. When head set is deactivated it sets back to the programed setting. The battery doesn't last long. Suggest getting backup battery. Depending on the package you buy it may not include a carrying case. Accessories aren't easy to get and if available on ebay it can be pricey.
Overall, I love it. Will keep this one for a while.



Oct 5, 2005 by RazrLover

I bought this phone about two weeks ago, and I have to say I love it so far. Anyway, lets get right to the point:


Look of the phone
Texture on Keypad
Screen Display
Wideness (a lot of people dislike it, but I think it gives it a distinct look)
Outside Screen (not great, but its cool that it has one)

buzzing in earpiece
layout of buttons
Phone Book

Overall this phone is amazing. It's a little on the pricey side, and the phonebook SUCKS, but all in all a GREAT phone

Sweet Little Phone


Aug 16, 2005 by CYkoKid

Well ive had this phone for 3 day's not and i seem to be turning some heads when i talk on it....attractive: yes Finger prints: big no no. Well ive own phones from verizon including the samsung v610 ( i think that's the model brand) and that phone was crap....fell apart like nothing....so far this is the best phone i bought so far. A bit priceee but all worth it. Well to start off mines the T-mobile verion.

huge screen
crystal clear screen
mp3 Ringtones....BIG plus
looks and feel
blue tooth
Spkr phone (useful when closed)
great phone so far
picture called ID

finger prints
crappy camera pics (some come out good not great)
choppy video (it goes up to 5 secs to 7 secs. depends on what the phone wants to record)
thin is good, but wide?
feels like it can break VERY easly
earpiece is too wide (good and bad, bad becuase i can't hear out of one side of the phone)
very priceee
charger is loose (maybe it's just mine?)
weak vibreration
side buttons on the top part of the phone.

Overall it's a cool phone.... i'd suggest it for the person who need something to play with when there bored...

Good phone with nice features


Sep 25, 2005 by jmastrol

This was an inexpensive phone for me, which is what attracted me to it. Most customers typically have to pay a good chunk of change and sign a 2 year contract. If that had been the case, I would have never purchased it (just don't like spending $180+ for a phone).

Bluetooth (sync with computer!)
Download ring tones
Decent camera in a pinch
Seems to attract lots of attention (could be a negative)
Bluetooth headset!

Battery life is short
Motorola user interface poor
Reception trouble in many locations

As a device that sends and receives phone calls it works "OK", which is what I really need a phone for. Not to take pictures or listen to MP3's. To me, the bluetooth was the biggest feature. I can wirelessly update my phones address book or use a headset without a wire attached to it. Otherwise the only attraction to this phone is its "packaging" (more of a style phone than anything else).



Mar 26, 2005 by catlkthief

this i a complete waste of a half a g the phone book is horrible no video capabilities everything is just horrible get urself a Sanyo mm-5600 from sprint

Not a Nokia, but not bad either


Nov 2, 2005 by MetaPHiLoSoFiKaL

I purchased this phone because I wanted a flip phone that was attractive, and somewhat capable. I am a dealer for T-Mobile and Sprint/Nextel and a loyal Nokia customer. For the most part, I HATE Motorola, can't stand 'em but this phone was just so damn beautiful, that I had to get it. Coming from a Nokia 6600, I did not in any way expect the RAZR to outperform my 6600 (The 6600 changes my damn TV channel lol). With this in mind, these are the pros and cons I found with the Motorola V3 RAZR.

Beautiful design
Ringtones are LOUD
Speakerphone is loud and surprisingly clear
4x digital zoom
Sound quality is almost crystal clear
Keypad is attractive and easy to use
iTap is slightly easier than T9
Bluetooth range is amazing
Battery life is slightly better than my 6600
Set 6 shortcuts from home screen!
Stored wap pages can be accessed with 2 quick button presses
Video quality is decent

Vibrate is weak
Has a freezing problem when trying to capture images with flip closed
Not as responsive as I'm used to
5MB of memory is not enough to wipe my ass with
Short video recording
Camera resolution not as clear as 6600
Center button on 5-way nav is harder to press than the rest of the buttons
No Symbian OS :(
External screen should be as big as it looks
External screen smudges easily
Metal buttons leave imprints on internal screen that are annoying in conditions with a lot of light
It's still a Motorola, therefore still crap
Motorola's OS is unstable

In conclusion, the RAZR is an all around decent phone, not anything impressive as far as features are concerned considering I have used Symbian OS for almost 3 years on and off. I don't expect it to last longer than 8 months because no Motorola with a camera ever lasts longer than that due to an unstable OS but I still have the 6600 waiting in the wings for when the RAZR does crap out, but for the time being, I am enjoying the sleek design and ease of use of the Motorola V3 RAZR.

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