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Hat's Off To Motorola & Nextel !!


Nov 16, 2004 by PlatMan

Well, I've had this i325 cell phone now since it's release and you can expect everything from it that Nextel & Motorola advertises it to be.

I have found that the RF on this phone definitely is Nextel's strongest and pulls in those weaker signals very well. I have been in many places now where as with all other Nextel phones when you see no service, no bars, or one bar that the i325 has more bars showing (in the areas I have been in with other Nextel phones. Not saying every area you will have service if there isn't any near by). The speaker and ear piece is super clear and the people listening to you on the other end can not tell you are on a cell phone....land line phone quality sound is what the receivers have told me.

The fixed antenna at first may seem like it will be a bother, but it really is not. It is flexible enough that it gives with your movements. It would be nice if there wasn't a fixed antenna, but I prefer the better RF. In fringe areas, this phone is a blessing.

Some say it is ugly, I say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, looks doesn't mean as much to me as having a phone that truly does the job and doesn't give you any problems. This phone does the job and I have yet to have any major problems with it.

The color screen and Java Apps is comparable to the i95cl and the speaker and sound is much better than the i305.

This has to be the toughest built phone Nextel has ever offered or to that fact any other cell phone carrier.

In my opinion if others down the i325 it is because they don't like a candy bar style phone, the fixed antenna, the price tag, or they just plain do not own one or have used one for any period of time. The i325 signal pull and sound quality plays 2nd to none, unbeatable!

After all, it' a phone with the best RF you can get ..... talking is what it's all about!

Thumbs up


Sep 16, 2004 by zsurfer

Have had this phone 3 days. I have previously used Motorola's i530 and 1305. I like the i325 best. Pros: same good form and feel as the i305; color screen (which makes viewing easier in bright daylight and less eyestrain at night. It also aids in reading NETSCAPE maps); fixed antenna (more durable than retractable antenna); lockable battery door; and unit is shipped with belt clip holster. Cons: price; and Motorola gave this unit a 4k color screen, instead of a 65k color screen with T.V. capabilities (which would be handy in viewing weather radar screens). **Special Note** When using a headset the i325 has the same good microphone sensitivity as the i530 and the i305. This is extremely good in quiet settings and/or when in surveillance mood. However, in noisy work settings, especially around machinery, I suggest encircling the microphone tip twice with electrical tape.



Sep 16, 2004 by jogomu

If you want to call people on the phone then this is a good phone to do it with. If you want to be called by people on the phone then this is a good phone to have on standby (extra gain from fixed antenna). If you want to PTT someone else with Nextel then this Nextel offering will do the trick time and time again.

If you also want to be able to drive back and forth over your phone and use it as a night-stick then get the older r750plus. This new phone is rugged, but not uber-rugged. The r750plus also allows you to fry your brain faster with the 1 watt firmware upgrade.

If you also want to be able to track your current position with useful GPS apps, load other Java apps like WebViewer and (hopefully soon) Idokorro SSH Admin, and use several (mix/match i315s) off-network in uncovered areas, then the i325 is your phone.

This phone doesn't have a camera because cameras in phones suck, and because the iDEN network (not yet WiDEN) was built for, surprise, VOICE and not for sending pictures of your arse to your secret admiree. Give me a 3 megapixel Foveon sensor in a Flash-OFDM-equipped handset when it's ready for prime-time, and not a moment sooner!

I haven't had any problems with the phone. The battery life is great and it is a nice touch that the battery compartment locks closed.

If you are someone who wants a phone to be "everything and the kitchen sink" then look elsewhere. This is a good phone/radio with some nice programmability and durability.

PROS: adds modern features to the legacy of the r750plus
CONS: seemingly not as rugged as the r750plus, though more rugged than any other phone I am aware of. Also could benefit from a slightly larger display.

Great Reception


May 20, 2006 by bo67


1. Heavy Duty phone, great for those who work outdoors.

2. Great signal were others fail.

3. Good speaker quality.


1. Expensive

2. Screen could be larger with higher resolution.



Oct 25, 2004 by areffsin

The i325 is basically the same phone as the i315; both have DIRECT TALK. The big different, i325 has Java Speaker-phone, Color screen, Voice Recorder, Voice Dialing and 4" antenna.
The i315 is $125.00 less. If you like the antenna and need the extras than i325 is good for you

Creator of this phone should [...]


Sep 15, 2004 by Conman

Is this a phone, or an old-fashioned army walkie-talkie? [...] I will list the simple pro's and con's...

Good to throw around and play monkey in the middle with

No camera
When you talk for more than 20 minutes, the phone shuts off.

And what the heck, i tried changing the battery and it just broke. Literally. I am very unhappy, and it was a waste of $350. If you are wise, you will just exit this window right now before you get carried away by it's colour screen.

Ed. note: Inappropriate language deleted.

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