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Samsung MM-A700 / SPH-A700


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Awsome Phone!!


Sep 10, 2004 by Bocadude490

This phone is awsome! Picture and Video quality is great!! TV is very good! TV is like this best thing ever from Music Videos to News the TV is the best! And the MP3 ringtone quality is superior! This is a must see phone! If your thinking of getting this phone u dont have to think twice!

So far so good!


Aug 23, 2004 by Silverdale_man

Well its been a few days and Im still thinking "what a phone". Screen size is nice, menu works well and very responsive. Camera works very well and out of all camera phones ive had (which is 6 others) the color of the pictures are vivid and more life like then any other phone ive used..including the 8920 1.3 mega pix phone. Also did notice that the camera seems to take wider angle views then other phones..which is nice if you want more in the picture. Would of givin it a 5 but it lacks speaker phone which is a nice thing to have. For 399.99 you would think it would have something that some free phones have. construction of this phone is nice as well Goin more toward the sanyo feel in the locking flip department. Overall the phone is a well built ,well laid out and just a great overall phone. Thumbs up to samsung for this one.

Enough to convert...?


Aug 20, 2004 by Omagus

I used to have a Samsung A600. Earlier this year a changed to a Sanyo 5500 and told myself that I would never get a Samsung again. I had had enough problems from the A600 (and the A500 before it) that I was fed up with that particular make. Two things have caused me to waiver in that hard line stance: the A680 and the A700. The A680 looks to be a great phone and the A700 seems to carry it beyond that.

The latest phone from Samsung has a lot of things going for it. The screen is fantastic. The only other phone that comes close is the Toshiba VM4050, and if you're going to spend $329.99 on a phone, why not add $70 and get the A700? Sound is incredible. It uses Sprint's network so you already know that your calls are going to be clearer than any other wireless company (when you can get a signal) but what truly impresses me is the quality of ringer downloads. They sound absolutely phenomenal. This is also the device that is launching Sprint's MobilTV service. While I can't imagine that there are too many people out there who are going to spend $25/month for it, it is an intriguing offer for other technogeeks like myself. Also, I don't know if it's me or not, but Samsung's web browsers seem to operate just a little bit faster than other Vision devices. And like most of the recent Samsungs, battery life has vastly improved from earlier models.

The flipside...the size of the phone may turn off some. It's virtually the same size as the I500 and if you don't want a Palm, why would you want a phone that big? There's also no ReadyLink. Most people probably don't care (and I don't think it'll ever be as popular as Nextel) but for those of us who have gotten used to it, it may be hard to let go. The lack of the walkie-talkie will also send some business users in another direction, since that's the easiest way to conference call.

All in all, I think Samsung is really pushing to get on top of the Sprint heap. Can't wait to see what Sanyo does next.


This is my best Samsung phone ever


Aug 18, 2004 by rog0385

Overall this is my best Samsung phone ever. I was waiting for them to update their menu interface and screen resolution. They finally did it!!!

So far i have had not one problem with this phone at all. The internet is fast. The megapixel camera does exactly wat it is supposed to do............. take great pictures!!! As you know the screen resolution is tighter on this phone so things that were big before are no longer so big. the internet finally has font resizing and you can view more of the page on one screen.

The new Samsung interface is much more convenient than the older Samsungs. I've blown through the a460, a 500, and a600(gonna miss that rotating display). This interface is the most user friendly out of them all. The options per category did grow quite a bit due to more features. You can choose from a 3x3 menu or a 3D Ball menu. i honestly think they made a mistake on the screen color. the interior is a 262K TFT and the exterior a 65K.

Memory on this phone is also a nice step up. You have 3 MBs to play with this time for downloads.

I havent really messed with the media player yet, but the video camera is the best out of all the sprint video phones out....... 25 fps. There are no longer the limiting OK and Menu keys........ they threw in two softkeys instead. This keypad is really nice and easy to use with even big fingers and it is very-well lit.

Overall, this phone is the cream of the crop. I cant find one flaw with it. If you have any doubts. Go to a Sprint Store and check it out yourself.

What a fantastic phone....Goodbye, Sanyo!


Aug 14, 2004 by dzabihaylo

Words cannot describe the clarity of the screen, the overall feel, and the ease-of-use factor for Samsung's best phone since the a680.

Samsung's latest Sprint PCS offering arrived at work today, and had me salivating before I got the box open. The design on this phone actually looks sophisticated; a first for Samsung since the I500 (which this does resemble, superficially). The screen clarity is fantastic, the 180-degree rotation on the crisp camera makes it much more user-friendly than cameras past, and the icon interface menu is Samsung's best since the "camera" option on the A500/N400 set.

The outside design on the MM700 is fantastic, as well. A subtle blue is more pleasing than my Sanyo 8200 (which I bought more for the Blue factor than an actual love of Sanyos), and it's mixed with a silvery grey that really sets this design apart from any other Sprint phone available.

The "MM" in this phone stands for MultiMedia, which is readily available. Streaming audio and video is available from the Vision website, and I'm sure the .qcp freaks out there are going to have a field day with the speaker and memory capabilities.

The screen, both internal and external, look fantastic. The integrated camera on this phone is Samsung's first Megapixel camera, and the TFT display finally does a high-resolution camera justice.

The only downside is can see to this phone is the shocking sticker price- $399.99. Even with Sprint's standard $150.00 rebate, that still makes it the priciest non-PDA phone available. Will this kill it before it's got a chance to sell? Maybe. But if you recall, the Sanyo 4500/5500 was priced almost as high at release, and other than the fact that it has MAJOR software and hardware issues, continues to sell well for Sprint.

Wish there was a 6 star rating after seeing this phone. Samsung does it again with a fantastic mix of battery life, features, and above all, design. Haven't been this excited about a phone since first seeing the A500.

cool cell


Sep 17, 2004 by MeAtWork

went in to get a cell on the upgrade program. was gonna get sanyo vm4500, saw mm-a700 and audiovox cell. audiovox had bad reviews on signal, samsung had good though. i got it and took my 14days to test it out. i have a vm4500 on my second line, so i tested the 2

vm4500 vs mm-a700

signal - sanyo did get a better signal then a700, usually by 1 to 2 bars

sending text/pictures - sanyo performed faster, it seemed to have less problem getting the initial connection to the network, although with good signal, a700 did seem to zip msgs right off

receiving text/pictures - both did well, i still think sanyo pulls it faster. but remember, the signal was stronger for the sanyo, but all fare in love and war ;-)

camera -
*sanyo == @ 300,000 pixels
*a700 == 1,300,000 pixels
both take great pics, i took pics in the dark and asked 3 peeps to look at it, the a700 was slightly better. i have a hard time sayin id rather have the sanyo being the pixels are so low in comparison. sanyo camera is fixed, but the a700 camera will invert the image sometime for no reason, and samsung tech doesnt know how to fix it or why it does it. like the a700 camera.

menues - a700 seems to have more colorful menues, and an option to change its setup, they win out here

contacts - y? a700 knows contact books, their setup is so clean while sanyo isnt inviting to look at in the slightest, take head sanyo!

lcd - ok, hands down, a700 has a newer lcd, better resolution, sanyo can do it on their next cell, a complaint though, u have the border at the top with sig strength, and bottom with date/time and menu options, it takes up the screen, less viewable area, sanyo doesnt, my screensaver is seen from top to bottom on sanyo, fix is samsung!

buttons/feel - buttons are larger on a700 and shine bright in dark, sanyo isnt bad, good look, sanyo has more mass and feels sturdier,

ok, ran outta space, have to post better review later, who wins? TIE, sanyo rumored to have new cell out b4 dec, i sit and wait...

A700 in the Trenches


Sep 13, 2004 by Stockholder

I recently purchased two (2) Samsung MM-A700s and we have been using them extensively in the suburban and rural areas of the Hudson Valley in lower NY State. It is very well made, crystal clear displays, very good reception, sharp camera pics, logical contact menu (phone book), and good built-in ring tones & melody selections. In a crowded, noisy Mall the earpiece volume should be set at 7 or 8.

The multimedia features are formidable: picture transfer-phone to phone, etc. Of course wish-list geek nuances can turn a reliable, well made cell phone into a nightmare of complexity. This phone will not be a disappointment; it is NOT a Motorola V710!

I've Pushed It Hard And It Has Performed!


Sep 4, 2004 by smbrewer

I purchased the phone and immediately departed on a 3-city road trip. I pushed it hard using most of the functionality.

There's no question that this is the best performing phone I have ever owned.

My recommendations-

* Go to the Sprint site and immediately download A700.pdf. It's a 222 page manual and really helps. READ IT!

* Spend some time setting up Voice services. It is absolutely excellent software and is working very well for me. You can tweak the settings to really meet your needs.

* Spend more time working through all the settings. I've found them more able to meet my needs than most phones.

* The screen is unbelievable so don't waste your time downloading anything but the highest quality backgrounds etc. You'll find the results amazing.

* If you plan on using the charging cradle, be carefull what clip you stick to the back of the phone. It may interfere.

* When you finally think you're familiar with the features, go back and look at the Launchpad again.

Great mp3 quality ring tones


Aug 31, 2004 by invalidalias

this phone is awesome. download your fav ringtones and they are mp3 quality. quick menus and a nice non bulky size. for large hands. its great. gave it a 4.5 because though the built in features are great it still lacks speakerphone and ready link.

A stands for Amazing


Aug 27, 2004 by wri0010

This is the best phone I have seen and used. The bright clear screen, crystal clear calls even on one bar of signal strength all throughout Northeast Ohio. Vision is super fast, I think it is well worth the $250 with a 2 year contract. I didnt have speaker phone on my last phone, so I'm not missing anything. If you want a great phone, get this one.

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