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Great phone if only...


Dec 3, 2004 by loowit_marikit

I recently upgraded my phone and been searching for the right one. I started with the A680, then switched to VM 4050 for the clear screen and speakerphone, but then missed the A680 immediately. I decided I would want a something that will have the latest features since I do not switch phones every two years. Anyway, to make the long story short, I decided to get either the Sanyo MM7400 or the A700.

The A700 is a good phone. Actually, I think it is well-built and nicely designed. Everything about it I love: 1 MP camera, ringers, multimedia, crystal clear screen, very creative menus, user-friendly, nice feel on the keypads, etc. etc. It is not bulky at all as some would describe it because it is actually very slim, but it is quite heavy.

The reasons why I switched to the MM7400 (which continues to please me!) were the following: (1) I cannot assign different images to main and sub LCD; (2) I cannot do anything with it when closed; (3) multimedia often freezes; (4) lack of convenience, i.e., speakerphone and data capability; (5) although 1MP, the picture quality is not any different from the other phones at High resolution; besides, you can only store as much in its Best resolution; and (6)the ringers are kind of weak even at the highest level; I missed several calls whenever I am in a public place.

For its $400 price tag, I expected more from it. I am not trying to promote the MM7400 here, but I just have to admit that all of the above and more are in this phone and for $20 less. Only difference is that it's not 1MP, but it takes good pictures anyways and has better video quality. Design-wise? The A700 does look more expensive in terms of material, and more professional-looking. But then again, the MM7400 is meant to have a sporty look so no point in comparing them here. Also, the voice recognition in the MM7400 is much better.

Overall, the phone just didn't meet my expectations. Although I also missed it soon after I switched.

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Great Phone - with some initial worries.


Sep 1, 2004 by jnoel

This is probably my 10th cell phone and this is by far the best phone i have ever used.

However, I have been a sprint customer for about 5 years and know the coverage area very very well. I have had a couple more dropped calls then usual lately and the headset signal strength seems to bounce up and down at times. This makes me nervous but I will keep an eye on this and post any updates.

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An amazing phone


Aug 17, 2004 by eckoiboy

All I can say is woah. This phone is incredibly amazing. The main screen is vivid and crisp. Ringtones sound amazing on the phone and so does the converations you have. A must have and yes, it's expensive but if you want the best of the best, this is a must have.

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good phone, but


Apr 26, 2005 by manbg

this phone has some good features, but I would like more, after all its $375...


* really nice screen, good quality
* good camera and camcorder
* ringtones sounds nice


* if you talk for more than like 5 minutes the phone gets really hot.

* The service light on the front... its rainbow color... Samsung what were you thinking

* The biggest problem... Battery life sucks really bad... and extended battery is bigger than the phone

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Samsung A-700 - I like it .. but....


Feb 15, 2005 by Chinasaur

* Samsung menu system of which I'm a fan.
* Build quality
* Sound
* Vertical Size - I don't like teeny tiny phones
* Looks great, almost elegant
* Big and heavy - Can be used as a club
* Desktop charger with spare battery slot

* Thick - folded it's a behemoth
* Battery life is not as good as other Sammies I've had
* Typical big, ugly Sprint antenna
* Streaming TV sucks...the previews re-buffer constantly so I've never been motivated to get a subscription to anything.
* TV sound out uses the ringer speaker so all the TV sounds like crud.

All said, I like the phone but wouldn't buy another if this one broke. I have to use a non-camera phone while on current contract but will keep it for it's camera/uploading capabilities while on trips.

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Okay phone


Feb 12, 2005 by jmejumps

I got this phone as a refurbished phone, i previously had the sanyo 5500. This phone seemed big and awkward. In my area it cuts out alot, and drops calls a lot. The camera and video work good. It doesn't have speaker phone, or push to talk which is a disappointment. I also don't like how it doesn't have a web button that automatically connects you to the Internet. The media player is kinda cool but i never use it. And the sound (ringers) are pretty loud. Overall the samsung a700 is a good phone.

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Nearly Perfect phone


Jan 1, 2005 by kercova

I bought the phone in Dec 12, 2004 it works well for many phone features, but multimedia and web do have problems for this phone. It is the second Samsung in three weeks and calls to tech support and visits to the store for diagnostics checks have all produced failed results. The first phone failed dramaticly and the second failed half the tests and it does not seem any better. Video clips start playing and they pause to reload many times or it creates errors. The signal drops in some places where other people with sprint phones have signal. I was told it might be a bad batch of phones as I have asked others that have the phone and they have indicated that no such problems.
I played with a sanyo 7400 and it seems more solid for media player and signal.
I do like the phone and have not been able to resolve the issues with it.

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Happy w/ Samsung MM-A700


Dec 30, 2004 by lapptopp

Since I did a lot of research before buying this phone, I knew what to expect and this phone exceeds my expectations. I primarily wanted a big screen w/ high resolution (256K vs. most picture phones having 65K) and the 1.3 megapixel camera). Basic phone functions are great. I especially like the keypad feel and lights. I like the swivel lens that allows more versatility when taking pictures. If you're going to use your phone to go online, this is a great choice. The screen is much easier on the eyes. Even Jamdat bowling is easier with this screen. I don't need a speakerphone or Ready Link. My advice when shopping for a new phone: list your needs and wants in priority order and choose accordingly. Not everybody needs or wants the same options. The only CON with this phone: price!!

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The Best Phone!


Nov 22, 2004 by riceman05

This phone is awesome. I love the quality of the pictures. They are all crisp and clean looking. The camera is a bit laggy but still looks good. You have to keep the camera still or move it very slowly to get a clear movie. This is the best phone other than my old one which was the a600 by samsung. I will always stay loyal to samsung if they keep producing such high quality phones.

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Samsung MM-A700


Oct 5, 2004 by gandalf1

This phone is by far the best cell phone I've ever had. It prompted me to quit a different carrier and go to Sprint, just to get this phone. Nice colors, vibrant screens, The side buttons are located high up on each side so as to not interfere. I really prefer NO side buttons, but no-one else complains about it so the manufacturers keep putting the stupid things
right where our fingers should rest.
I immediately downloaded some Motown ringers. Now, when I get a call I hear either My Girl, or My Guy, or Aint Nuthin Like The Real Thing :-) I've had ALL the phones of ALL the different carriers in my hands within the past 2 weeks, and this is #1 in my humble opinion.

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