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HP 6315-A lot of money for??


Mar 5, 2005 by HIskies2

Ok, normally I do my research first, then make a decision. I've always disliked carrying both a phone and a pda. So, I got anxious and decided first. This unit is a lesson that I should ALWAYS do the research first.
Just about all the bad press I've read about this unit I find to be TRUE. Now granted, if you turn the unit off, I would guess that that means you do not want to be bothered and it should not wake up on calls. So this I find not to be a problem.
However, as for everything else?! The phone: From the first call to now, just about everyone I call states my voice is distant, somewhat hard to understand. I find that if I use the mic, speakerphone style (speak directly into it), that is about the only time my voice is "somewhat" clear. As for the speaker, it seems that I must be a bit more careful with regards to ear placement. Could be I just need to get used to holding a PDA to my ear. But as for a wireless headset, I'm afraid to invest in one. I've never like even wired headsets where the mic is far from your mouth. I've always preferred the boom type. So, will it help?
The PDA: Yes, it is a bit slow, but bearable. Its just that for the cost of this unit, I would have expected better. The screen I find to be "pretty." But here too, I know HP could have done better-they have with other models. And finally, yes I have found it necessary to do frequent soft-resets, as when receiving SMS. But a hard reset seems to have helped although I've read that it works for a few days, and then...As for WiFi, works great. Haven't tried the rest.
Bottom line: Unless HP/T-mobile comes up with a patch to improve phone quality and perhaps PDA performance, I'm going to sell this unit and go back to carrying two units-separate phone and pda. And I "hate" carrying two.

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HP IPAQ h6315


Feb 18, 2005 by Atassm

I have been investigating the 6315 and I found that getting it is impossible without going threw T-Mobile. I stayed with T-Mobile for 7:41 hours and was not able to order it. I found t-Mobile employees to be miss informed of the how you can buy or activate the 6315. I got over 11 opinion from them and every employee told me the other one was wrong. I end up with nothing after all of the stress and time wasted to get one. After I read all of the reviews I am thankful to you all for your responses. I am no longer going to buy one. Now is the scoop how can I find one just like it made by another company that works? What a good company I can buy prepaid (on the go card) to use when I want? I need my unit for use of phone for over seas trips and it must be quad. I appreciate your response.

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Not too happy


Feb 14, 2005 by Rob_Jurado

I lived in Laguna Hills, CA. I am very disappointed with my HP 6315's reception. It is horrible with T-Mobile, not sure if it is T-Mobile or PDA's fault, but I have a friend that he is using his HP with AT&T and he has no phone problems. I am trying to find out how to unlock this PDA so I can use a different carrier (anyone?).

Other than the cell feature, I really like it. Yes, I keep re-booting my PDA constantly, once a day, but I can leave with that.

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Ok PDA, Terrible Phone


Jan 14, 2005 by 13x

As a PDA it's ok. A little slow, but it does most of the things a $250 PDA should do. I've only been able to connect to one wifi network (tmobile hotspot of course). All the rest will only connect if the power is plugged in.

But this is simply the worst GSM phone I have ever used.


I am able to place a call with this device

-Sound quality is poor
-Speaker phone is usless. All the caller hears is the echo of their own voice.
-Included headset is simply horrible. What was HP thinking?
-BT is buggy and the volume is too low.
-signal quality is poor. drops calls in areas where I haven't lost calls in years
-locks up during various phone operations (SMS received, incoming call, answering a call, etc.) requiring a soft reboot.
-no way to 'lock' the screen. when you hold it up to your hear it's easy to start a bunch of applications.
-buttons & applications are not intuitive. you have to use the stylus for many phone operations (or have really small fingers).

The worst part about the phone is the fact that you are at the mercy of T-Mobile for tech support. I like T-Mobile, but tech support simply can't assist me with any of these issues. And HP won't talk to me since I bought it from T-Mobile.

I have given myself a week to get used to this device but it's going back to the store. I'll have to wait to see how the Treo 650 works.

Current phone:
SE Z600

Past phones:
SE T68i
E T39
E T28 W
I 888 W

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T Mobile :-(


Dec 12, 2004 by ImportIconz

I had the Hp Ipaq 6315 for approx two weeks when the display went out on the phone, then it took t-mobile two weeks to send me a new phone, then when i received that phone, it was missing everything including the stylus and the phone was scratched and marred all up, the phone looked like it had been dropped due to it having gouges on the bottom side of the phone, requested a new phone from t mobile i finally recieved a new phone, but by that time i had already canceled my contract with t mobile, now i am awaiting the network unlock code from tmobile so that i can use it with my current carrier, Cingular

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Too many bugs to use as a phone


Nov 26, 2004 by ScottM

Cons: I have the following problems:

1) Loses GSM signal. Even if sitting on a desk 1000 feet from a tower. By the time you notice it you have a message from your wife saying the baby is sick, another from her asking why you don't answer, and a missed business call.

2) The phone "forgets" it is paired to a BT headset and in BT mode, however, according to the status icon all calls will go to the headset. Makes the BT useless.

3) Sometimes crashes (locks up) when answering a call or when attempting to switch on call waiting.

4) Receive a "static caption" message that requires rebooting.

5) Turns on the display when you aren't watching it and runs out the battery.

6) Turns itself on in your pocket and dials people on its own.

7) Claims there is no SIM card installed and therefore won't let you see the phonebook, but still lets you make and receive calls.

8) Doesn't feel comfortable on your ear like the XDA.

I'm not sure how a phone with this many obvious bugs could have made it past HP or T-Mobile testing.

My only conclusion is that they knew about all the bugs and somehow decided to release it anyway.

HP won't offer any support on it, and T-Mobile won't take it back.

Pros: If HP/T-Mobile/Microsoft fixed the major problems in this phone it would be an incredibly nice phone. The Quad GSM means you can both roam onto Cingular (in the few places T-Mobile allows Cingular roaming) and it means you can use the 1800 networks overseas which tend to be cheaper than the 900's.

The 802.11b and auto-switching does actually work very well for me.

I would have given it a 1.0 as a rating in anticipation of getting bug fixes. But T-Mobiles utter lack of customer service forced me to downgrade from 1 to 0.

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Good in spite of the cons-have to be willing to deal with problems though


Nov 25, 2004 by jkikk

I currently own and IPAQ 4150 and an LG VX6000. I cannot live without my PDA. I rely on my PDA to take notes, keep track of my daily tasks, have my calendar and address book updated with my desktop. I was not expecting to replace my primary mobile phone with this. I got the 6315 because I wanted to have a good PDA, and get the always connected ability to my personal email and aolim. I also rely on an external keyboard to take notes. The bluetooth keyboard had to be "re-enabled" each time I wanted to use it. Now, I'm not too familiar with bluetooth, but I was expecting to just turn on the keyboard and the pda and have them work! Don't expect a great camera, it's just okay.

- Calendar and Address book were exactly as I would like
- all the Pocket PC software I use worked perfectly (Cadenza to sync with Lotus Notes, Pocket Quicken, AOLIM)
- size is good
- screen is fantastic
- long battery life and charges very quickly

- the GSM and wifi seems to be slower that I was expecting
- The bluetooth keyboard is not automatically recognized when you turn the PDA & keyboard on
- During my initial setup time of getting familiar with the phone, and when I was adding all the PPC software on, I had to soft reset a lot. But I figured out that if I leave the wifi and bluetooth off before I turn the device off, that seemed to remove this issue. (hence the need to re-enable the keyboard every time I want to use it)

My main requirements were for a good PDA and the constant connection. This device accomplishes both of these great. A soft reset cures the problems, but is irritating, and I was okay with that (the faint of heart/technology, most likely won't be).

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Works just as it should


Nov 25, 2004 by rfly

I must say that I find it disheartening to see so many bad reviews regarding this handset. I have sold and managed for every major wireless provider in the US and I have yet to see a phone come to the US market that has everything that you get within this handset.
First off, this is the first handset ever to make an attempt at a triple radio service (Wi-Fi, GSM, Bluetooth). And yet, it is expected to be perfect right out of the gate. There are problems with every single handset on the market in any market. I have gone through 34 different handsets in the past two years and I could name multiple issue that I have had with each and every one of them.
The thing that you must remember is that there is a warranty for a reason. Maybe you actually did get a back product, everyone makes mistakes...however, you can exchange it for a new one and you can do this as much as you want.
This handset is revolutionary...it brings together many features that before were mixed into the background on a variety of handsets, but never just one. It is a perfect marriage of everything that is important to a professional.

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Big bug problem


Nov 21, 2004 by rickgans

I have had my Ipaq 6315 for 5 days. I have owned more than a half dozen PDAs over the past 5 years and got this device to do the things my Jornado 680 could do, plus send/receive e-mail wirelessly. I was thrilled that it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GMRS. I would be even more thrilled if it actually worked.

The Wi-Fi seems to work fine. I have not used the Bluetooth yet. But the main thing I wanted was to be able to send/receive e-mails on the go, when outside of my office and away from Wi-Fi networks. BUT, despite the fact T-Mobile and HP advertise its GMRS capability, it does NOT send/receive e-mails without a lot of manual intervention, and then, it is spotty. When I contacted T-Mobile about this, I was told it is a known issue and they and HP have been working on it for months, with no solution in sight. The device is supposed to use technology that allows e-mails to be "pushed" to the unit, through what they call "e-mail triggers", but the T-mobile rep said that does not currently work consistently. So rather than receiving messages as they come in, whenever I want to look at my e-mail, I have to go account by account (I have 6 e-mail accounts I check) and hit a manual send/receive. Then it works MOST, but not all of the time.

I am giving T-Mobile until the end of my free trial period and if there is no solution, I will return the unit and get a Blackberry from Verizon. Voice is not important to me as I carry a cell phone at all times.

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Great Combo Device


Nov 18, 2004 by TDLicious

No matter what others have to say here, I have found this unit to be an EXCELLENT combo device. The PDA functions are on par with any middle-to-high end PDA. The phone also has worked without a hitch. I have a bluetooth headset and it has matched up seamlessly and worked great. The clip-on keyboard is also a VERY thoughtful addition even though I rarely use it - Just don't want to throw anything else into my pockets - I got a Piel Frama leather case which is EXACTLY what you need if you get this unit. It comes with a separate case for the keyboard which buttons onto the main, PDA case. Anyhow, this phone has it ALL:
Wi-Fi (which works GREAT!)
Great quality PDA (It IS an iPAQ, after all)
Excellent quality phone
Great screen
Useable camera
Expandable memory (I use a 512 MB SD Card)
Desktop charging stand w/USB connection
3 "mode lights"-Power, WiFi, Bluetooth
Great programs
Perfect size for such a powerful combo unit
Syncing with computer is a BREEZE

My previous phone was a MiTAC Mio 8390 Smartphone and this BLOWS it away!! I will never go back to the smartphones again - The PocketPC Phone Editions are the way to go!!!! And HP has created a true BEAUTY!!!

What are you waiting for??? GO GET ONE!!!!

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