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HP Quality Control


Sep 8, 2004 by SC

I obtained two of these units over the past two days. Unit number one failed to reliably connect to our corporate access point (over which we have complete control) and some functions on the unit would not work. Additionally the I/R (little red plastic piece on the top of the unit) had the appearance of a burst bubble on it - an unacceptable blemish. It appeared to have been an anomaly in the manufacturing of that particular part, but was obviously accepted by HP's subcontracted Taiwanese manufacturer.

After unpacking the second unit, we took the shipping cover off the front of the screen. We immediately noticed 5 or 6 fairly deep scratches across the screen.

In discussions with personnel at T-Mobile, we also discovered that there are Bluetooth problems being reported and that T-Mobile has had discussions with HP that may result in a firmware upgrade.

In our opinion, although the concept is sound and "desirable", the unit is not ready for prime time! This is endemic across HP's entire product line right now, the evidence of which has been reported recently regarding the PC business, wherein Apple was number one and Dell was number two. Simply said, HP's quality, and trying to be all things to all people is a business model that isn't working.

I would wait to buy this unit unless and until they work the bugs out. I would also encourage T-Mobile to have a fireside chat with HP about QC and the extra money it's going to cost T-Mobile to handle the issues and the returns.

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Sep 16, 2004 by WinHack

The PDA portion of the unit is excellent (which is why it got a 1.0 instead of a 0.0). Unfortunately, the phone portion of the unit is sorely lacking. Clearly, HP (nor T-Mobile) did not test this unit as intensely and widely as they should have.

I'm a long-time user of Pocket PCs, so I only needed this unit to be a good (heck even *decent*) phone. I tried three HP units from two different serial number ranges--all tested poorly.

At present, I carry around an iPAQ 3870 (with the PCMCIA jacket and a GPRS data card) as well as my Nokia 3650. I'd rather carry ONE device instead of two, but if I can't get one device to do both jobs well, I'd rather have 2 devices that do their specific jobs well.

The HP unit works fantastic as a PDA, but horribly as a phone. If it doesn't work reliably as a phone (due to the headset failure and poor signal reception), then to me it's not worth the money. I will instead get a new PDA (probably the HP hx4705) and phone (probably wait for the Nokia 6630) and continue carrying around two devices.

I truly hope that some day soon SOMEONE gets the combination right (all the features and functionality/expandability of a PDA with a high-quality integrated phone).

o Excellent PDA (Pocket PC 2003 is much more stable than prior versions. Not perfect, but much better)
o Wi-Fi works very well.
o Bluetooth Manager works very well.
o Physical connectivity between unit and PC is phenomenal
o Data connectivity between unit and Outlook is equally phenomenal

o Critical Bluetooth headset failures on incoming calls (tested three different BT headsets, same failure; therefor must be the unit)
o Weak transceiver at best. Works excellent in strong areas, but in moderate or marginal areas the HP transceiver is very poor. I live in an area that has average coverage. My Nokia 3650 gets 50% signal strength (50% bars) in the same spots (in weak areas) where the HP unit has 0% to 20% signal strength (more commonly 0%).

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HP Not as bad as others say


Sep 17, 2004 by mobileops

I purchased my T-mobile HP iPAQ 6315 in a NYC store after reading mixed reviwed. After using it for the last 2-3 weeks, I'm here to tell all people considering it out there, keep considering it. I'll break it down:

Voice Quality: While there is a bit of an annoying hissing sound on the speaker end of this phone, the voice quality is really better than decent. I've used Samsung phones in the past on GSM networks, they've all suffered this flaw. All this talk of having absoutely poor sound quality is just a lot of talk.

Bluetooth: I use a Motorola Bluetooth headset with this phone and it works awesome. This happens to be my favorite headset, all the others aren't that great anyways. I also use the Belkin Bluetooth GPS system which is awesome with this unit. All this talk of compatibility issues: I can only say this: If it's a higher end product, it'll work with this unit. I can't speak for a lot of the garbage stuff out there.

Pocket PC side: This unit comes built in with AOL IM, ICQ, and Yahoo. These are ideal for the person out there looking to communicate with friends and family. All Pocket PC programs are compatible with this unit, no issues.

Processor: 200Mhz. I'm not sure about most people out there, but 200Mhz for me is more than enough. When I had a 400Mhz Axim, I'd turn down the processr to 200Mhz to save the battery. The processor is fine, I'm not trying to support the CIA mainframe off my PDA. It's a PDA, not a desktop computer. A new Pocket PC phone for GSM coming out in October, the XDA III, has that 400Mhz processor, and half the battery life. I can't imagine it's worth loosing all that time.

In final, I'd like to address the overall functionality of the phone. Wifi, bluetooth, and cellular, in one device. For me, it's worth it. I don't want to surf the web on my palm thru a bluetooth connection. I want it all on my palm. It's leaps and bounds more advanced than the Treo, even the upcoming Treo.

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Oct 14, 2004 by Ronr

I've had the 6315 for about 1 month. OK phone when used w/ headset (BT or wire). Wouldn't want it as my only phone. (I travel full time and go WAY too many places where there is no GSM - I also carry a Verizon Samsung i600 Smartphone)

Pros - I really got it for the Pocket PC w/ WiFi and BT (it's my 5th Pocket PC). It's an OK Pocket PC - The 200mhz processor is not really noticeable. I love the WiFi e-mail and web-browsing cababilities, specially for travelling (MapQuest, etc), but I would probably be less than completely satisfied with this as my only phone. Seamless and complete syncronization w/ Outlook. One of the factors that got me to buy was the $80 package from T-Mobile (unlimited data, unlimited WiFi HotSpot, and 1000 anytime minutes. I canceled my Verizon data and my stand-alone T-Mobile HotSpot services, and reduced my Verizon Voice minutes, and I essentially get my T-Mobile package for free.

Cons: - Buggy - I back it up to the card twice per day because it has locked up on me at least twice per week, with the loss of all data and installed programs. I'm hoping for a patch from either T-Mobile or HP. Ditto on the comments re: weak speaker.

Summary - I suspect I'll be sorry I jumped for the 6315 when the Nokia 9500 comes out (faster EDGE data on AT&T), symbion operating system, etc, but for now, I'm enjoying a truly SMART phone.

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Not worth the hype


Sep 10, 2004 by phoneguru82

The new HP H6315 is all hype. The only advantage it has is the Wifi connection. Unless you're at a hotspot or a wireless network location, its not very useful. For what you pay all you get is a 200mhz processor. Playing video files are choppy at best and plus the camera doesn't even capture videos. I would rather pay a little more and get a XDA2 or a P900.

Wifi and Bluetooth connection
Windows Mobile 2003 os

slow processor
no video capture on camera
very bulky size

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great pda.... crappy phone!


Jul 30, 2006 by canes96

used this for almost a year...

great as a pocket pc pda...

great wi-fi....

But the phone was a nightmare...

poor sound quality, even with bluetooth I still had problems...

froze at least once a day when I was using the phone.

if you carry a phone and a PDA....

The unit is probably a good option for someone who doesn't use the phone a lot and just wants get rid of carrying it all the time.

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not too bad


Dec 14, 2005 by drmrboyalex

I got this phone over the summer after having wanted it since september. After I had read so many negative and iffy reveiws...i decided to do the smart thing....get it used off ebay. I am now very happy with it. The guy before me had no problems so i wasnt too concerned. It all works great. The only problem i have is i cant connect to my Wi-Fi at home, but i can elsewhere. Otherwise the only other problem i had was my own stupidity (set it on an angled surface and it cracked the screen....got it fixed tho). So if you get this phone i suggest get it used. i saved $150 and knew i got a working model.

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One of The Greatest Phones On The Market


Nov 13, 2005 by freddymart

The HP315 Functionality is how I judge a phone of this type, does it work like it is supposed to if you are willing to learn its operation, and if you have a level of computer and electronics understanding and skills to work it. This phone is not your average phone, just turn it on and operate it. It is a miniature computer workstation, and has the problems of memory a desktop computer would have if short. Once you control settings to store files on the SD card (large size 1 G) then the phone is efficient and fun. I use it for: contact management through outlook, bluetooth desktop sync, usb desktop sync, calendar date setting, email through gprs, read and send Yahoo mail off the screen, notes, sound notes, and everyday phone use, used bluetooth headset until the headset's battery burned out. It plays MSWMA files right off the internet through the gprs. I have never exchanged it, I have owned it for just over a year, since Oct. 2004.

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Please DO NOT get this phone.


Sep 21, 2005 by heechy

hello there,
I've had this phone for almost a year. I would have to advise you NOT to purchase this PDA phone. There is just too much inherent problems that simply won't be resolved by a new patch or anything software. I believe the major problem for this is the slow CPU (100 MHZ) that this devise has. The reason why HP put this CPU in the phone is to conserve battery life, i think. But the type of problems that I'm getting on a everyday basis is not worth it. To describe to you some of the problems that I'm having everyday is 1) it crashes at least once a day. I shouldn't have to soft reboot everyday for a PDA. I don't know any PDA's the crashes almost everyday. 2) I have hard time receiving in-coming calls because it won't respond to my answer button. 3) T-Mobile has taking this phone out the shelves. Meaning they felt that this phone has too much problems to sell it anymore. 4) T-mobile's willingness to resolve this issue to the customers. 5) One time, it automatically hard reset the whole phone and I lost my data and phone numbers. It just did it all by itself. That was freeky... 6) The tech support don't have any solution other than replacing it with refurbished phone.

In conclusion, I am very dissatisfied with this phone and I urge you NOT to get this phone.

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Sep 18, 2005 by SiDeKiCk 2

The ipaq from hp was really bad reminded me of the sony ericsson t610 it just freezes for no good reason well not even for a reason it just like to freeze when it feels like it. The phone was defective the touch screen stop working and i get jacked for 700 US dollars. Plus a week after i get the HP ipaq they recalled the product. I told them i no longer wanted it and wanted to get a new phone and i just got the nokia 6620- alot better then ipaq and as a bussiness man i had to search for another pocket pc/pda/organizer/handheld.To sum it up HP is great at making digital cameras and printer and computer but they really need to work on making a pocket pc/ pda cell phone. I was not at all happy with their product.

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