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Very nice...I like it. So you should get one.


Nov 18, 2004 by newjerseybrotha

I think this is very good, for what I paid (a little too much not to have a MMC/SD included. But for what it is worth, the blue is good. I am using a new BT headset by Plantronics, and it is doing well. No problems yet, and I hope I don't have any. But, for the most part....I am getting my moneys worth, because I am using all the features of this phone.

I like everything about this phone except for one thing....THE SIZE!!!!! I had to get a BT headset, because I do not see myself walking around talking on this thing too much. Other than that, I like it a lot better than the New Mitac 8390 I just bought. I used that phone for only 1 day, and ended up buying this one. Well, I hope I was of some help!

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HP 6315 for now


Nov 9, 2004 by Theophilus

I've had the HP6315 for about 2 months and the phone has issues. First and foremost, this phone is expensive. If you are not the type of person who can really appreciate such a phone with irritable flaws then you are better off getting another device.

I seem to have a lot of trouble with the phone freezing up resulting in a soft reset. Who wants to keep on performing soft resets? Oh I forget, me and all the other big timers out there who feel for this innovative piece of technologhy that was slapped together without higher engineering thinking. Some young engineer had a good idea but failed to express countles hours of thought as to what faults will the users face and how we can make it flawless.

My internet experience is not too bad. The processor is kind of slow but hey think about it, not too many people can have the convenience of having a cell phone and internet access while at a resturant waiting for your meal or when someone needs direction you can I have access to the internet now can they?! NOPE! It kinda feels good to be able to do that. I live in Baytown, Texas where it seems that you can get all the girls because you have a smart phone! I take pictures and they are not the high quality that I would really want but it still is fun. Especially when they didn't come out too good and the girls want to get close to see themselves and want you to retake it.

Besides all these flaws that make the phone unattractive to the professional, I have money so for now, I can flaunt this HP6315 until a newer one comes out then I can just give this one away as a gift or something to the less fortunate. !-()

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Aug 31, 2004 by frederik

Just got the TM\hp 6315 and I am\was using the TM\XDA
i was very disappointed that physical size almost the same.
But very impressed with the wifi and camera.
donot expect to replace your digital camera though.
The speed is very good.

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HP 6315


Sep 13, 2004 by perpaceco

I've had the HP6315 for about a week and a half now and my overall reaction is that it is an average windows mobile pda and a very bad cell phone. I am upset that I paid $584, including tax, for a 200mhz processor that is made by a company known for calculator production(texas instruments). Pics are very bad quality if not in perfect lighting, and pics always come out darker around the borders as if the lens is obstructed. When using the earpiece included it is nearly impossible for others to hear you, speakerphone volume is very low and i find it wierd that the mic is on the front with the loudspeaker on the back , best bet is holding handset up to your face which isnt too great quality either. When using voice command if not in a completely quiet room you must hold the phone close to your ear to hear it respond, which ruins the convenience.
What sent me over the top against the phone is this experience: I live in NYC and the reception on it comes and goes as it pleases with bad sound quality, I come on a trip to Tampa, Fl and have gotten one bar at most on it since i've been here. I must yell for the person on the line to hear me and signal is lost frequently which ruins my calls and my data services which i pay $20 extra for. Customer Service blamed it on the hurricanes but when i switch the SIM card into my nokia 3660 the reception and sound quality couldnt be greater. I suggest getting a pda and cell phone separately, same price more satisfaction.

Pros: Windows Mobile 2003 OS, WiFi, bluetooth, Infrared, using Internet Explorer where ever you want, windows modification and programs

Cons: $500+, more expensively monthly plan, slow processor, horrible reception, horrible sound quality, wierd feeling of using Windows without intel processor, only 64mb ram w/ no included memory card, lowsy included earpiece and to replace must use the large 2.5mm adapter, lack of available accessories, occasional freezing, occasionally will hard reset if battery is removed

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They still didn't get it right.


Sep 30, 2004 by aschwebbie

Voice Quality: While there is a bit of an annoying hissing sound on the speaker end of this phone, the voice quality is really better than decent. I've used Samsung phones in the past on GSM networks, they've all suffered this flaw. All this talk of having absoutely poor sound quality is just a lot of talk.

Bluetooth: I use the Jabra 250 with this unit. The Jabra has a strong signal strength with my other phones but with this one, I could not go further than about 15 feet.

Pocket PC side: The messaging programs are fun but the sound is so low, you don't hear the beep indication that someone has sent you a message.

Alarm: This alarm wouldn't wake you. The speaker is facing down when the unit is on your desk stand. Not a real plus.

Processor: 200Mhz. For this unit, this is not enough power. I have reset the unit a few times each day. It is slow and with added bluetooth applications becomes even slower.

They tried to put it all in one device but should have upgraded the bluetooth and put in a much faster processor.

The Wifi idea is nice but how often do most people really use it?

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Aug 30, 2004 by bnpballer

I finally got to test drive one today. What a neat device. Applications load so fast, sound and picture quality is truly the best i have come across in my profession as a retailer of phones, PDAs, etc. as of yet. Blue-tooth is a little tricky to sync but overall its the first class PDA i expected it would be. BUY one right away!

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