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HP 6325 6315 failures


Sep 16, 2005 by ascottyb

after a year of dealing with HP and many phones it is evident they refuse to support their phones. Every one has been a failure as a phone and PDA and HP has adamantly refused any useful support. Every other manufacturer will happily replace faulty equipment but HP is laughing at the silly customers that pay 600 plus for equipment that does not work. I owned the first ipaq and it is trully sad to see HP diss thier loyal customers. They are acutely aware of the failure of their phones including the massive 6315 failure and will keep putting out new models with the same problems.

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Why are ratings not consistant ?


Jul 21, 2005 by BernardOfCA

I bough the phone in 11/2004 after reading rather negative reviews. It was the only phone that had the features I wanted.

What has been said here is true: HP & Tmobile brought to market an untested product. They also made the mistake of trying to seamlessly switch between WiFi and GPRS but that cannot be achieved with todays' technology. Some bugs were so obvious that this is really a shame for both companies. Still the product is doing what it promised it would do. The ROM update fixed most of the problems but not all. I still reset the product once in a while and this is a shame (like in the good days of Windows 95).

I have read many reports about the (bad) H/W quality of the product ("I returned 12 handsets") and I have a hard time understanding (if not believing) that. If people are complaining about software bugs (that do exist), a new H/W won't solve the problems.

Here is my review:

Phone: yes, not as good as a phone only but this is not a phone only. Volumes low in general. Overall not as bad as described elsewhere.

WiFi: quite good. I had a problem with 128-bit keys (slooooooooow to engage) but this seems to be solved in the new ROM

Bluetooth: not tested yet

PDA: Excellent. Synchronization with desktop/laptop is flawless. One problem is the "automatic" memory management. There is no easy way to shut down a program and everything automated has flaws.

Internet connectivity: very good except for the "Work" and "Internet" connection methods. In the work mode, they establish a VPN connection (which is working OK) but I could also be at work on a secured WiFi network. The POP account that is set as a "Work" account attempts to "dial" the VPN. This operation fails since I am already inside the network.

Having Internet on the road is evaluable...

Skype: in my limited test, it is workable on WiFi only (not GPRS) but the processor might be running out of BW

Games: Can't they find anything better ?

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this ppc sucks but I still like it


Jul 17, 2005 by robert5377

I got the hp6315 when it first came out. It has been nothing but problems I am on my 12th replacement phone I paid alot of money for this device, and is one of the only reasons I still use it.I like it cause no one makes a better pocket PC than hp but hp and t-mobile made a big mistake coming out with this device without testing it. After the firm update I still have to reset it a couple of times a day. I also think it is still better than the treo 650

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hot ppc


Jun 2, 2005 by lillczz

this ppc/phone is the truth, I have had only one problem and that is connecting the key pad to the phone sometimes it does not respond to it. I love my ppc it keeps me on task. Anyone know were to get downloads from? games programs etc.....

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Don't buy this piece of junk


May 13, 2005 by invisiblewave

My final effort with regard to the iPaq 6315 is to try to prevent others from making the same mistake I did and buying one. I'm on my second (replacement) unit, with a third on the way which I know isn't going to solve the bugs. I bought 6 weeks ago and had problems from day one. However, since T-Mobile replace the unit, it's now too late to get a refund (you have to ask within 14 days). Both units I've had so far have had the updated software, the first I upgraded myself, the second came preinstalled with the latest release.

The bugs are too many to list individually, the highlights are as follows: The phone regularly locks up, either when you try to answer, or when the call ends. This is usally solved with a soft reset. The bluetooth connection is flakey, I have it paired with a Logitech headset. Dialogue boxes don't always close (soft reset required). Phone signal reception is substantially weaker than my Nokia 6100. The latest bug, and for me the final straw, was the unit continually trying to make a GPRS connection even when there were no applications running. This required a hard reset to solve.

I can't get my money back from T-Mobile, yet they have no solution to the problems. HP don't want to know, they refer me back to T-Mobile. I've now decided to cut my losses, go back to my Nokia, and as soon as my 12 month contract expires (I signed a new one to get the discount), I'll be running away from T-Mobile as fast as I can (I've been with them for about 3 years).

Don't buy this piece of junk!

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Ipaq 6315 working great


May 6, 2005 by stevoe2

I have had the Ipaq now for about a week and after purchasing my second one and flashing it with the new update it works great, there is a sequence to flash these phones otherwise they will still have problems. Always flash them right after you install ativesync so you will not reinstall backup copies of files, that for some reason plays havoc. at least a Tmobile rep told me this, after doing this my second Ipaq has worked fine, the Operating system will still need a soft reset once in a while but like all handhelds most do at one time or the other, Phone quality is much improved after the Upgrade, Speakerphone is still not very good but it can be usable.

Camera is bad but as with so many camera phones none are great. PLEASE read all the manuals that come with this phone as there are MANY many settings that can control anything and CAN make the sound of the phone better or worse so I would suggest playing around with it after reading the manuals.


Great PDA and programs.

Phone sound quality much improved after update.No echo if volume is kept at a normal level.

Signal strength Great in Salt Lake City.
Internet Explorer works great.
Software works very well.
Many extras, a true world phone.

Speakerphone could be better.
Camera is not good.
Can experience a soft reset once in a great while but no data lost and it reboots very fast.

All in all if your looking to purchase this phone find a Tmobile rep and ask questions, this phone is not for those who do not like gadgets and needs experimentation to get it set the way you like it.Not for the inexperienced user.

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Buyer Beware of h6315 & T-Mobile Support


Apr 14, 2005 by MagellanGuy

Soon after receiving the h6315 on 8/26/2004, T-Mobile support told me to perform a ROM update.

The ROM update did not improve the erratic Bluetooth implementation (Motorola and Jabra headsets were equally difficult to connect and keep connected and the connection to my IBM ThinkPad was more off than on). The ROM upgrade also did not fix the several-times-a-day need to perform a soft reset because the PDA and phone locked-up.

The PDA performed a hard reset (all by itself) twice during the past 8 months for no apparent reason. As you probably know a hard reset obliterates all your data and programs and requires that you restore your most recent back-up.

The cell phone reception is not nearly as good as a throw-away Nokia Voice Stream unit connected to T-Mobile using the same SIM as the h6315. Also, the h6315 randomly drops calls that extend beyond 20 minutes.

On 3/30/05 T-Mobile sent an e-mail containing a link to a site containing a new ROM update said to improve overall stability, Bluetooth® performance, voice quality, e-mail performance, and other general improvements.

The ROM update locked-up my h6315. T-Mobile support didn't seem too surprised and said they would "express" me a replacement unit for $15 and, oh by the way, DHL Express could take up to three business days.

One support rep informed me that the "replacement" unit would probably not be a "new" h6315, but would be a "refurbished" model.

After three business days, the refurbished replacement PDA had not arrived and after speaking with 3 T-Mobile support personnel, I learned that the h6315 was on back-order and I could expect a replacement in an additional 21 days or so.

I have now been without my $499 h6315 for 11 days and expect to be without it for at least another 16 days. I asked T-Mobile to release me from my Service Agreement and to issue a refund for the purchase price of the h6315, but they refused.

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Ipaq - Undeniably great!


Apr 12, 2005 by relic2279

I was incredibly happy to see that there was a firmware update so I broke down and purchased one (the new ipaqs come pre-loaded with the new firmware). After awhile of using it, I wonder how I got by without it. Probably one of the most well spent cash I've dished out.

The perfect palm phone with everything you could need in a palm including but not limited to: Internet, Instant messaging, Office, outlook, bluetooth, wi-fi, hotspot.

It's OS was not hard to get the hang of.

I may be a little biased because of my happiness of my purchase, but I guess a couple con's would be size of unit, which is somewhat expected, and the price. You get what you pay for however.

Anyways, the problems that has plagued previous users, I feel doesn't exist anymore because I do not experience them. I'm guess the firmware upgrade has addressed these.

If your looking for a do-it all palm, and you want the best, this is your device.

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Pretty good


Apr 5, 2005 by JNelson35

this device is my first ppc. i must say that is gets some getting used to. and over all it does what i want it to do. its nice that it has wifi and i can use that at home, or about town. the gprs Internet is good in most of the areas i go (Dallas TX). i have watched music videos in media play that i downloaded while i was on the train headed across town. i have only recently gotten a second blue tooth device (nokia 3660) and it paired up just fine with that phone, and it has not shown any of the issues other uses have had with it (i also have the recently released ROM update.)

voice calls on the phone are a pain. haven't used it much since the ROM. the camera isn't that good, but i don't plain on using it. it has an mmc slot i am using that to put photos on there from a camera.

over all i use this for a pda, and Mobile Internet. it fits those need perfectly. due to the poor camera, and voice abilities i have to give it the lower rating.

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I'll Keep It SIMPLE


Mar 5, 2005 by blueskies

Ring tone: You've got to be kidding-CAN'T HEAR IT!
Mic: You've got to be kidding-My callers CAN'T HEAR ME!
Speaker: You've got to be kidding-I can BARELY HEAR MY CALLERS! Ok slight exaggeration
PDA: You've got to be kidding-slow, but bearable. But for over $500??!!
Bluetooth, WiFI, and GPRS: You've got to.....oops, maybe one good thing.
Screen: Heh, another good thing!
Soft resets: You've got to be kidding. Should be listed as a requirement.

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