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Samsung SGH-P735 / SGH-P730


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samsung p735 nice phone


Jan 1, 2006 by jesse02914

mp3 player needs 25 dollar card reader for your usb port on computer to get music transfered to the phone.
100 minute camcorder works if you use memory card choice in camera menu.
swivel flip top never needs to be swiveled unless you want to take self portait.
good battery life.
6 games installed are great, golf, tetris, bomb, chess, bubble smile, and some game that i never could figure out, connecting pipes.
t zones is not that great, unless you pay 6 dollars a month for web service.
t mobile is very helpful after the sale and always make me happy.
get the 6 dollar insurance its very worth it, i dropped two phones in the water and got 2 replacements. the insurance is with another company and they only allow 2 claims a year. lost stolen or damaged the company doesnt care, they will 95% replace the phone for you.
email me any questions at jesse0364@hotmail.com



Jun 13, 2005 by bluecivicsi1

Got this phone about 2-3 weeks ago and here's an actual review because all the other one's I read was helpful at all...
OK so retail price is $499.99 but I got my phone on-line for $250 OK so the best thing about this phone is how you can flip it and spin it so many ways all the way around 360degrees! even thou the screen isn't all that big but hey real high resolution! camera is like any other camera you know nice and smooth like others (doesn't have that slowness like the Motorola razr) OK now the camcorder is what really got me the most! when you start recording it's really clear and doesn't really have the slow reaction! if you put this in the save mode then it'll record until memory goes out so I recorded star wars episode 3 and wow it came out pretty clear! sound quality is all good. and of course this is the only phone to answer your phone 2 ways either flip it to answer or spin it like the Sony Ericsson for cingular!

answer call by flipping it or spin it
speakers loud and clear
good reception
amount of memory for a phone
games that came with it
comes with lots of background and ringtones
mp3 player (got to order usb from samsungusa.com and buy the RS-MMC kit)

flash for the camera

Good design but horrible quality


Jun 29, 2005 by mike78nycc

I totally agree with reviewer by the name:
I told phonescopp reviewers few days agao about my experience when I was trying to purchase the Sony k750 phone. Well, on the same day and from the same company
http://www.no-air-time.com I have purchased the Samsung p730 ( the european version of P735).
But God made me loosing this phone after one week of use. Also, not to mention that this joke phone of american p735 version costs around $500! (totally overpriced).

-Nice design and ease of the manue ( that's all!)

1)Sound quality is the typical of the American Flip Samasung phones ( jumps from too high to too low, which makes it feel like someone is hitting your ear throughout the whole conversation). On tope of that , the sound is not clear at all ( as previous reviewer mentioned it sounds like the other party is in the bathroom).
- after purchasing the phone , while looking at the phone I realized: The phone has no Flash ( makes it no better than a garbage 640/480 camera phones!)

I just hope that at least the New Nokia 6680 1.3 megapixel camera phone with a flash is really a good phone ( I will chack it later, and will let people know about it here).

Great Phone


Dec 27, 2004 by gyromuff

The pros are the megapixel camera which is among the best currently offered. Also the video recorder lets you take 100 minutes of continueous video. The built in mp3 player sounds really nice and has a cool spectrum display when the phone is closed. Also the ability to expand the memory with the use of an rs-mmc card is a plus.(just got my 512mb card) The reception is really good, the speaker is nice and clear....and louder than my E715's. Also plays voice mmf files. Another great feature is the panoramic pictures you can take when you swivel the display sideways.

The only cons I can think of are the size and weight of the phone. Then again it is feature packed. Also the headphone jack is a special type that I guess would be difficult to find in stores and is the ear-bud type.

This is the coolest phone I have owned and it gets a whole lot of attention. You can't go wrong with samsung.

Great Great Phone


Sep 25, 2005 by caithlene

Great phone!! I love it!!!!!!!!

- When you have this camera, throw away your digital camera, the camera on this phone is great!!!!!!!!!!!
- Since you can flip the phone 360 degrees, you can always take a great self picture of yourself, anywhere, as long as there is sufficient lighting. Pictures taken indoors, with yellow light, gives excellent results!
- Sound quality is excellent, listening to mp3s using this phone is great!

- No speakerphone
- No radio
- Battery life is very short, you will probably have to charge the phone every 1-2 days.

Overall, this is one of the best phone I ever used.

i like it!!!


Jan 31, 2006 by cyetracy

i like the phone and yeah it has a small screen but like my friend says its not the size that counts its what you do with it you can put the face up when its closed so thats cool i love it

Great idea, bad implementation


Jul 17, 2005 by Innerlight

I own this phone for about a month now. There has been nothing but trouble. First, I was never able to get the bundled usb cable and software to work, not even the dealer was able to help me. Second, after I got the irda port to work, I could only upload but not downloading the files. Whenever I download, there would be an “unknown error” message.

Featurewise, this phone is also half-baked. The MP3 player has very limited functionality. You can not fast forward and you can not use the mp3 as ringtone like a Motorola phone does. It can not access the internal memory and MMC card at the same time, and it can not set the photos on the MMC card as wallpaper.

All in all, this phone is an unfinished product. Don’t get this phone unless you only pay 10 US dollars like I did.

Another bad samsung, what's new?


Jun 27, 2005 by blackrosebud

I purchased this phone to replace my AWESOME Sharp TM-150. Although most Samsungs suck, I had hoped this would be an exception. My mistake!


Twist design(both swivel and flip).

MP3 player.

Battery life.


Call quality is loud and hallow. It sounds as if whoever I'm speaking to is in a bathroom.

Camera quality is horrific indoors. It's decent outdoors or in well lit areas, however it's not of megapixel quality. All pictures have an ugly green tent and look overly pixelated.

Maximum Video recording length is about 21 seconds. Nowhere near the 100 minutes it's supposedly capable of.

T-zones are very limited for this phone. I cannot access gmail or myspace, because the sites are too much for it to load.

MP3s must be loaded from the computer to data card and then to phone. It's unable to receive them as attachments or download them from the internet.

Menus are illogical and the most unintuitive I've ever used.

Vibrating alert is unavailable while the ringer is on.

Sounds and wallpapers are not very customizable. You can choose custom ringers, but not an MP3 as a ringer. Ringers must be set by group, not by caller. You can only change the keytones to pure, aqua, tone, and beep(All of which are very annoying). The wallpaper of the internal screen can be changed, but not of the external. In fact the external screen has no special capabilities. It can't be used for self portrait, Ringer ID, or anything. To use those features you must twist the phone to have the internal screen on the outside.

If you’re considering this phone for anything other than something to keep your hands occupied while you twist, swivel and flip it in different directions,
Choose a different phone!!



Jun 23, 2005 by T Will

I have had this phone for one week. IT IS, HANDS DOWN THE BEST PHONE FOR ME ! I previously had a Siemens Pocket PC ( one of the brick phones ). That big, flat, heavy, clumsy phone is not for me. My co-workers often made jokes about it, saying that I look as if I have a VCR, typewriter or book up to my ear. I'm in realestate. I'm constantly on the go. I have a laptop and I do not need anything else to slow me down, like a giant phone.
I need to store alt of numbers quickly. Snap pictures ( or in this case even videos ) of homes or my clients. Record voice messages / reminders to myself, is a great feature.
The voice reception is loud and clear. The color screen is the brightest and clearest I have ever seen. The menu is simple and I can quickly move around in it to retrieve or store information, regarding my clients. The number pad is big enough for my large fingers. The number pad is also back lit, which is convenient when lighting in some of the homes is poor.
On a non-professional level, it is sleek and stylish. The swivel screen is super-cool when taking pictures and videos.
I gave this phone a rating of a perfect 5, because what I need it for it is perfect. I'm not at all concerned about an MP3 player ( I barely listen to the radio in the car ) or some of the other petty cons, others have written. I just need a sturdy phone that works ! The Samsung P735 does it for me.

This Phone is tha best!!!!


Mar 5, 2005 by Phonecollector

I just got this phone March 01,2005 and I love it the style the features it is a great phone only wish it had Bluetooth but besides that this phone is the best money can buy I bought mine on Ebay cheaper than there upgrade price surf the web for the price!!! But I've had alot phones but this one is my favorite atleast for now!!!!

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