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Samsung SGH-P735 / SGH-P730


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Pretty fun phone. Missing a few things but otherwise great.


Jan 7, 2005 by sicshift

I previously had the Nokia 8200. I swore up and down I would never get another phone that didn't have speakerphone, but this was the only one out there that really caught my eye. I definitely miss the speaker phone and that's the main drawback in my opinion.

No bluetooth could be annoying for some but it's not a big deal for me. I don't like how the front display shuts off after 10 seconds or so. It's annoying when wanting to quickly glimpse at the time.

The camera is awesome, the swivel screen definitely comes in handy. Especially when taking pictures of yourself. The zoom feature is nice too. I haven't yet played much with the movie or mp3 player but I look forward to it. I love the design and the ringtones. This is my first camera phone so I may be a bit more intriqued than most.

Overall it's a really cool phone and I'm defintely happy with it. The price isn't that bad if you shop around on ebay. I picked mine up for 390.00.

Experiences With the P735


Nov 25, 2004 by scootter

My humble opinion of the phone is as follows: This phone is a mixed bag of both good and not-so-good elements. It looks totally cool...there is no denying that. The screen is the clearest I've ever seen, yet it's surprisingly small (my old phone was a motorola T720 that I had for two years, and that had a bigger screen). Within two days I realized that I needed the extended battery, the original quickly lost power under pretty minimal messing around. The mp3 player is cool but the strange thing is that the stereo headset that came with the phone is the "ear bud" type. Not sure how common this is but I hate that type of headset...it either totally falls out of my ear, or comes out so far that the music doesn't seem loud anymore. The plug for this is some weird type that you can't simply find a replacement for at the local electronics store. The pictures and video capabilities are pretty cool. But combining these activities with the mp3 player certainly means you'll need an upgrade from the 32mb card that came with the phone (I just bought a 512mb). The PIM features of the phone are very limited. Don't expect to use this phone as a PDA. Finally, one last negative thing I found was that the plugs on the phone for the headset, and battery charger, both had these very flimsy plastic covers that you insert when these plugs are not occupied. My guess is the first thing to break on this phone will be one of these. Overall I like the phone, but it could have been better.

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Aug 8, 2005 by bizzare

I have the motorola razr and was thinkin bout up grading ,but after reading all reviews theres way more negative then poistive about phone..Ive decided 2 stik with razr ,cuz this speaker phone is worth more then mp3 player 2 me atleast.I say the swiveling part is the only big thing the phones got goin 4 it..again SPEAKER PHONE way 2 life..

Dont do it.


Mar 27, 2005 by jess1963

I paid over $500 for this phone and over $70 each for the card reader and data cable from the Samsung website the first week of February. Since then I have been on the phone repeatedly with Samsung regarding the inability to transfer mp3 files to the phone with either the card reader, data cable or infrared device. They confirm that it should be working but because the product is so new they are still working out the kinks. It's just a little too much to pay not to know that information ahead of time. Also, other than this website, there are no other online resources regarding this phone. My sole reason for buying it was for the mp3 operation, it is the only mp3 model Tmobile offers. My advice? Wait until some new mp3 models are released. Skip this one.

Cool Phone


Dec 22, 2004 by Doane

I really enjoy this phone. It's a video recorder, camera, mp3 player, voice memo, and phone all in one. It has everyday useful applications such as the calender, and text messaging. I wish, however, that the background color of the external ID was blue instead of black and that the menu page was that of the one pictured in this site ( a blue color with each Icon in its own box ). Does anyone know where I can get a covering for the mmc slot?

great phone


Dec 22, 2004 by phoneguy1000

great phone just got it. but you need bigger memory card. and does not have speaker phone. really cool, tmobiles best phone yet besides the sharp TM-150.

Interesting review James Bond...


Dec 5, 2004 by sammyrocks

Do you actually have this phone, or did you copy this info from another (inaccurate) review?

I have this phone, and it does indeed have mp3-style ringtones, and you can indeed push the rs-mmc card all the way in...in fact the phone comes with a cover to put over the slot after the card is inserted. Now, the card and EXTENDER can't be pushed all the way in, but why would you leave the extender on the card anyway?

Exotic Gsm phone


Dec 5, 2004 by james bond

No bluetooth, No Mp3 ringtones ,No speakerphone. Unable to fully insert RS-MMC card into phone.no equalizer on MP3 player.

Beautiful 260K colors TFT screen. very loud MP3 player(again mp3's cant be used as ringtones) better signal strenght than SE T610, 64mb internal memory plus additional 32 mb on RS-MMC included.camcorder (1hr recording) limitations based on memory, 1.0 megapixel camera.One of a kind flip/swivel design (eye catching).

Very nice


Nov 24, 2004 by mergemanry

Video is sweet, and expandable memory a plus for large files. the swivel headset is just plain cool. This is the chick magnet phone I've been looking for.

just read this


Jul 15, 2005 by pimpinplaya4sho3

ok i live in dearborn heights, michigan and i truly love this phone. its just plain w0w. im 16 and my friends cant believe i acaully bought it. i mean y wouldnt they believe it? ITS 500 DOLLARS. i thought that was just plain patheitic. for me tho, i got this for free from my cuzzin that has a cell phone store. heres the pros + cons....

* after only 4 dayz of use, u can feel the swivel becoming loose and fragile.

* rs mmc is the hardest memory card to find anywhere!!!! jsut bought a 512 mb from ebay.

* camera is not a megapixel. i owned the sharp tm150 be4 this and the comparision is jsut crazy. even if u literally mulitply it, its sum is 850,000 pixels. thats way off a million. and jsut by looking at it, its jsut as good as a VGA. dont get this phone jsut for a camera.

* some mp3s dont play for some reson

* price is unbelieveable.


* the ability to flip, swive, slide and ne way u want is worth a million,

* camera is ok , u can print 2.

*mp3 player is loud and clear

* mp4 capille.

*loud sound

* catches eyes everywhere

* all my friends want 1

overall, the pros kill the cons. this fone is amazing in so many ways. i recommend it ONLY IF U CAN get it at a very cheap price

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