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This Phone Sucks!


Sep 8, 2006 by callie

My dad owned this phone, two of the same model I might add. The first phone he bought was the one he originally received when we signed up for our wireless provider. The phone worked well for a while. Then my dad stated that the phone was having difficulties charging. The battery would be low or dead by the end of the day and he would have to charge it. I have had several cell phones and I have NEVER had one do this to me. Finally, the phone battery stopped charging completely. My dad called our provider and ordered a new phone, the same model, but a refurbished one. The same thing happened to that one. I needed to use the phone for a while until I could get a new one, and it worked for me temporarily. It did not give me any problems, but I am disgusted that that phone started giving my father that problem. I forgot to mention one thing. With that phone, you had to put the microphone in just the right spot next to your ear for you to be able to hear the person on the other end. My father would call when he was coming home from work and he would always say, "What? I can't hear you." The LG 1150 is nothing but a hunk of junk! Buyers stay away from this phone. You'll regret buying it if you do.

I HATED this junk!


Mar 6, 2006 by brister52

Pros: Cute style
Cons: I had this phone for about a month and then the disasters began.... The screen would turn black or white and you wouldn't be able to use it. I would get messages (text or voice) hrs/day late. I had to shut it off at least once a week to get it to work. So I called cingular and they sent me a replacement.... 3 months later, same thing. That pissed me off, tryed one more time. Phone # three worked for about 2 months and then became the worst phone I had ever had. It would not work properly for a whole day. Anytime my phone rang or I received a message, it would white out and I would have to restart it. It dropped calls ALL the time, and one time IT ERASED MY SIM CARD. I lost all of my contacts!!! I recommend getting a different phone, or maybe even staying away LG phones... haven't experienced good things from this company or it's phones!

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Stay Away From This Phone!!!


Feb 9, 2006 by Southern_Belle5645

I bought this phone 3 months ago and when I first bought it I was in love but that didn't last very long..The good things about this phone are the design. Its really cool and eye catching..It is light weight and the camera works better then my sister's digital camera...The screen is bright and very clear..now for the bad things.Where do I start? Shortly after buying this phone I realized that if you are like me and are constantly on your cell phone the battery only last about a couple of hours..I have to charge mine every night...it doesn't have enough memory at all...So all those wonderful pics you take will have to be deleted eventually if you want more on there..It always enters SOS mode for no apparent reason..you have to then remove the battery and sim card for it to work again..Everytime I get on the internet, the screen will freeze up and turn white..you have to turn the phone off and then back on for it to have color again..everytime i make a phone call, the screen gets distorted and jumbled like it is possessed...then it goes make to normal..it is really aggravating..Everytime i turn my phone off to fix it, i have to wait a good five minutes before i can access my contact list..that is really aggravating too...On top of all this, my antenna is falling off as I am writing this...People can hardly hear me and I am contstantly saying, "Can you hear me now?" I ALWAYS get dropped calls..probably about 20 a day...I have has nothing but hell out of this phone and if you want to remain sane, please, whatever you do, dont buy this phone!!

Good for a while, but it doesn't last.


Jun 7, 2005 by scottysporkster

So I've had this phone for a little over six months, and it's really just gone downhill. My father and I both got this phone at the same time, and we've both had the exact same problems:

-Very lightweight
-Camera is pretty good
-support for aim/yahoo/msn but only one
-Very pretty

-Frequently enters SOS only mode and the phone has to have the battery and Sim card removed for it to work again.
-The antenna fell off!! Both mine and my fathers. Ever since, the calls are AWEFUL even though we've reattached them.
-The top third of my outer screen stopped working. It no longer shows me battery or signal strength outside the phone, which was very handy.
-Ringers are too quiet. I often don't hear it ringing in my car even when I have it turned all the way up (and no I don't have my music blasting)
-Not enough memory! The phone will only hold so many pictures, and...
-No embedded e-mail. You can't e-mail your pictures to yourself, so you have to either mm-message them to a friend to get them, or buy a data cable which no one seems to carry.
-Rings are only customizable by group.
-Obviously no blue tooth
-Text messaging is really weird. Although it has T9, you can't do names with a capital letter, because the T9 thinks going between upper and lower case means you're on a new word. That's REALLY annoying.

Overall, just stay away from this phone. It's pretty and is nice for a month or so, but then once your warranty is out it falls to pieces. I considered going back to my ancient Ericsson that was black and white just because I knew I could talk on the phone with it. I'll be in the middle of my city now (medium size - 230,000 people) and not be able to get a call. My father and I are both getting new phones tomorrow.

The Glory of the LG 1150


Aug 28, 2004 by BruceDude

-Excellent reception and talk quality

-midrange phone for a mid-ranged price


-Excellent display and picture quality

-Very easy to use and navigate

-Convenience, fun ring tones and sounds have helped me to understand a little more that "Life's Good"

- Small memory space allows for only 6 photos @ the highest resolution (640x480) to be stored.

- Must send pictures via MMS.

-Battery life lasts only about 4 days if you don't really use it... and is not to be expected to last much more than 2 1/2 hours for talk time.

This phone packs a high level of satisfaction for me because I'm easily satisfied by colors and good ring-tones, and the reception is stronger than my nokia 6800 and 6820. I also love flipping phones closed.
My rating: 4.5

Not ready for the bigs!


Aug 19, 2004 by stilts1

Good: Way cool form and color. Solid. Kids liked the camera. Very good sound from external speaker.
Bad: I am getting only 2 days of stand by a charge, and not much talk time. Talk sound quality is not as clear as others. Reception, based on side by side comparisions at local phonestore, not up to snuff.

I suspect this is a first manufacturing run phone with glitches not worked out. Mine is going back. Bummer, I wanted to like this phone.

not for the more experienced


Jul 30, 2004 by stray16

i picked this phone up from AWS about 3 days ago excited to have a clamshell with great battery life and a good camera. Now i am taking it back for the dissatisfaction in performance. The camera is great but the only setting which can be use for pic ID is the 48x80 setting. The OS has a slow response time on some functions. The reception can't quite compare to my SE T616 as it drops every few minutes, sometimes even in the same spot. The Infrared wouldn't connect to anything. I was ok with losing the bluetooth. The ringtones aren't as loud as i would like and the confirmation tones are annoying without room for customization as is the message notification. All that and the EXTREMELY limited memory makes this phone good.... for beginners, if even that.

Lg L1150 is a Great Lightweight Phone.


Jul 25, 2004 by amylyn1970

I ordered this phone through AT&T Wireless the day it became available and I must say that it hasn't dissapointed me. It is very lightweight, which to me is a plus. The inside screen is nice and bright. I love the fact that it has blue LED's. Call quality is very clear and reception is fantastic. I have AT&T Wireless and am in the La Plata, Maryland area. The only 2 complaints I have about this phone are the memory, which is very small, and it doesn't have embedded email, which means that you have to send photos through Multimedia Messaging which can be costly, even if you have an MMS plan. But since this phone has infrared I'm sure there will eventually be a program to send the pics to your PC.

Pros: Very lightweight, great reception, clear calls, nice bright screens (inside & out), blue LED's, fast internet browser, & it looks really cool. Probably more pros, but I can't think of any right now.

Cons: Low memory & no embedded email for sending picture to others. Must be sent through Mutlimedia Messaging.



Mar 29, 2005 by kiddal

This is one of the best phones I've ever owned. The screen is awesome and reception is amazing in my area (rural PA). Pics turn out well too as long as lighting is decent, a flash would be nice but it's a phone, not a camera. The quality of the screen is also very nice. It's bright and very easy to see at anytime, and plus, if you have the fish wallpaper they swim! It's adorable! I'm gonna be really sad when I have to give it up to switch to Cingular!!!

This phone sucks! Avoid the nightmare!


Apr 27, 2005 by iAMtinkerbear

Ok so I've had dropped calls... Calls I haven't received at all... Oh and voicemails I receive a day or more later! The camera is ok. I'll give it that much. But you can only use these small pics for your address book. My screen moves and gets distorted and I swear this phone is possessed. It's not for the constant user!

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