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Can't complain.


Dec 11, 2004 by VOLVORacr

Good phone for the money. I would of given it a 3.0 due to lack of battery life and memory. (sitting next to me dead and had full charge yesterday). But went for 3.5 because of the price.
Great 56k color screen and features (IR, MMS). Only thing it lacks is well memory. At .40 a pop to upload pics not very useful. Overall great phone besides those downfalls. If you can get it for less than 50 bucks w/ contract go for it.

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Had to return it...


Nov 30, 2004 by DaveTheWave

My wife and I signed up with ATT Wireless at the end of September and was offered a great deal on 2 L1150s, $50 for two phones with a 2 year agreement.

Within a week my wallpaper was being replaced by what appeared to be a corrupted image file (white background with colored static). Reseting the wallpaper image was the only way to fix the problem. I also missed calls constantly, even though the ringer volume indicated that the ringer was set on 5 and vibrate.

By week two the wallpaper problem was permanent and couldn't be fixed as before. Also the ringer control finally stayed set at 5 & vibrate but could no longer be adjusted. All other volume controls worked, just not the ringer volume.

I brought my phone back to the store and replaced it with the Sony Ericson T637. I've been happy since. To be fair, my wife has not experienced any of these problems and has been extremly happy with her phone.

Nice pictures
Big buttons
Easy menu system

No apparent way to edit a stored phone number for a single call.
Fairly low ring volume.
Hard to hold against head and shoulder, but then how many of these small phones are???
No email program so the only way to get pictures off of the phone is MMS.

I gave the phone a 2.5 because of the problems I had with the phone and fairly low volumes.

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Almost nice but not really


Nov 10, 2004 by tgwerqui

This would have been a really nice phone if the volume for the ear piece would go higher. What else is new with LG? Daddy!? Daddy, is that you?

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not a problem whatsoever


Oct 17, 2004 by misfit_toy

8 of us have had this phone from it's original release date; not a single problem. FREE ring tones are out there and easily to get, plus you can create your own (if you know how). FREE wallpapers too.

Quality of the phone: EXCELLENT. Been inside buildings, inside elevators and those hateful govt buildings with mega satellites everywhere and never had a dropped call (same goes for the others).

About the only thing I'd have to say if I wanted a complaint is the operator logo going across the screen of one's wallpaper or picture. Even that isn't a problem -- just get the phone unlocked. :)

If people would just remember "IT IS A PHONE" and stop being so anal about everything all the time, most of the complaints about ANY cell phone wouldn't be here. :D

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Another 1150 Review


Oct 15, 2004 by turbojonls

This is a decent phone. I travel to Europe 4-6x a year, and need a phone that works there. I had a SE T306 previously, and after 1 year it was having numerous button problems, so I switched. Comparatively, the 1150 gets much better reception, and has yet to drop a call. The screen on the T306 was weak, and was distorted almost from the beginning.

This phone is very easy to use & extremely intuitive. I RTM for everything I buy, but I haven't had the chance to finish this one yet, b/c its so easy to use. This is also a downside, as there doesn't appear to be a way to change certain things. Options are limited in some menus, but some have lots of options.

Basically, there are some issues w/ the phone, but its reception more than makes up for it. This is a good phone for a person who isn't that worried about features or someone who values the phone's working as a phone more than any other characteristic, which is why I rated it as well as I did.

-Its a simple phone
-Reception is great
-Keypad is well-spaced & buttons are large enough that its easy & comfortable to use.
-Loud Ringer settings & strong vibration

-Its a simple phone
-Bartel life could be better
-Doesn't automatically switch to 1800, you do this manually
-When turned off for periods of time (1.5 hours+) my wallpaper would be gone, and replaced with a white screen with colored stripes of static across it. This happened 4 times, right after each trip. Is fixed by manually reselecting the Wallpaper.
-You can group people by groups, but have to select the ring tones for each one individually - there is no "use the ringer selected under the main ring tone menu" option.
-Can't set the phone to vibrate at all ring levels - only w/ ringer off & ringer all the way up
-You have 5 message notification tones, and can't add more.

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the phone i've been waiting for


Oct 9, 2004 by happyandstuff

I purchased this phone a week ago, and so far it hasn't let me down. It looks as if LG (Life's Good) really lives up to it's name. I live in Greater Baton Rouge area and I have a full signal 99% of the time.

Pros: Excellent reception and call quality, no dropped calls so far

One can answer calls just by opening the phone

Camera takes good pictures.

Loud, clear ring tones

Love the blue external display

Cons: Battery life could be better, seems like playing games or just listening to the ring tones drains the battery.

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Great web browser, weak phone


Oct 8, 2004 by craigfeet

I have been looking for a flip-phone that has a web browser that can access websites that I need to access with a built in camera. Well, I finally found it in the LG L150. The web browser works great, the camera I'm not sure of and the phone is weak. The camera function has no way of transferring pictures to your computer unless you email them ($$) and the phone constantly loses signal and misses calls. So overall it's just a great web browser.

PROS: Beautiful TFT screen, lightweight, phone sound quality is very good.

CONS: Loses phone signal, missed calls, no direct connect to computer for pictures, battery life short, limited ring tones and game downloads.

I have been trying very hard to like this phone but the primary function of a cell phone is to act like a phone; unfortunately this unit does not do that very well. It looks like I'm headed back to another Motorola!

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Not all that great.....


Oct 7, 2004 by goosu100

Many issues....Features are cool, but phone takes a long time to start up and to get service...many dropped calls. I can't return it, since its after att's 30 day period, so i am just buying the samsung e316.

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LG 1150


Oct 6, 2004 by lostspirit76

I have found this phone to be very good. The way that the phone is setup is great. The keypad is setup nicely and not put on the phone in some weird pattern. Also the phone menu is setup great. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this phone out. Also the camera function is nice. I see from the review no one has stated that you can access the camera function a couple of ways. 1. the obvious camera button on the keypad. 2. the button on the right side of the phone as well. The only negative thing that I woud have to say about the phone is the battery life. The battery life is really short and personally think that LG should come up with a better battery for a phone like this.

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Great Phone LG L1150


Sep 23, 2004 by dcallens

I purchased the LG L1150 phone a week ago due to my Samsung 426 going bad. AT&T replaced the Samsung 426 three times and they were all bad. Finally, I have a cool phone with attitude and style (LG L1150). First I was not sure about purchasing an LG product. Quality speaks for itself. This Phone is Awesome. This phone is lightweight, solid and good reception. (WAY TO GO LG) I don't have any complaints at all. When I can't figure something out, my owner's manual is always around.

Great ring tones – Old Fashion and Up to date.
Bright Color Display
Camera takes good pictures
Voice Dialing
Voice Memo
Picture ID
Ringer ID
Great Reception
Infrared (IR)
Good Battery Life

No Bluetooth
Limited selection of ring tones

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