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Average phone


Jul 24, 2006 by radioxstar

This was my first cell phone. It has a nice design and small look and it's pretty decent if you don't need great camera quality or cool games. It's pretty boring so you can't really have fun with it.

Pros: small nice design, ringtones, very organized (you won't get confused)

Cons: picture quality isn't so great though sometime you get nice results, the screen is hard to see in sunlight, battery doesn't last that long, only one free game, the up and down button is kinda annoying, the back is hard to take out. Now every time I drop this phone, everything breaks out like the batter and I have to put it back together.

And that's it for the c650. Decent looking phone but it's just okay.

A really great phone


Feb 19, 2005 by never say never

First, here's a little history.
I've had a cell since 2001, not long, but I've had 4 phones previous to this phone. All the phones were on Verizon, until I decided to leave because Verizon is awful, in my opinion. So I went to T-mobile, and had seen this phone for a while, but had never seriously considered it, until I bought it.
1)Spreaker phone works AWESOME
2)Excellent reception (even on 1-2 bars)
3)Nice size (really small)
4)Nice layout of keys
5)Funky design
6)Loud ringers
7)Good variation of styles (wallpapers, sounds ect.)
8)Good camera for price

1)Wierd joystick (but you get used to it quickly)
2)Slow response time

All in all, the phone works extremely well and is worth the price (which was free for me). The reviews that have such negative accounts do not take in the price, and intended use. This phone is the best phone I've ever had, and T-Mobile far surpasses Verizon!!

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Excellent Phone


Jan 22, 2005 by CelineAvril

Moto C650 is a great phone. Features Highlight had been shown by others user submitted review.

moto c650 has almost all latest phone features with cheap price. For those user woth negative response, pls think what u request with this price.

1 user even say nokia n samsung work better. But consider the price. n the features.

The receiving is about ur network provider. not the phone. mine work fine with frequent max signal strengh.

The cam is a bit dissapointing somehow.
But this may be the best phone with low price. Teenagers can afford it.

Its support all mp3, AIM, Midi folders.
Video Playback, Motomixer,exciting java games.

Look what MOTO have bring to us. Convineince and excellent perfomance.

cool phone


Jan 4, 2005 by tabbiejo

I replaced the siemens cf62t with this motorola c650, and I love it this phone is way better and cooler than the siemens phone I did have.

great screen
awesome downloads
cool text messaging

The phone book setup

Overall this is a great, cool phone
and I would recommend it to anyone that is on TMObile service

Great phone


Dec 28, 2004 by vivaladan

I just got this replaced for my Sony Ericsson T610 and so far it's a pretty good phone.

*Good camera quality
*Crisp MP3 ringtones
*Nice user interface
*Speakerphone is very loud and easy to hear
*Event lights
*Video playback

*Smaller screen than T610 but still very nice
*Ring tones and message alerts start from sort of low to high and can be hard to hear
*Very very hard to take the back off

Overall it's an excellent phone and I reccomend it over the Sony Ericsson T610 anyday

About the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 7, 2005 by bambamboogy02

Before anyone else starts to talk about screen quality or camera quality read this.

There are 2 types of LCD screens: The two types you are likely to run into are: STN (Super Twisted Nematic) and TFT (Thin Film Transfer). At first glance they appear the same in most product photos, but the difference between the two is vast.

STN monitors:
Passive matrix:

Each subpixel does not have its own transistor.
This means that the pixels are switched by row and column, not individually.
This results in slow frame updates.

False color:

Color range is limited, and often colors will appear incorrectly.
For example on one STN screen I own, green appears as purple.
Colors also fade in relation to the center of the screen on some models.
Colors that are bright at the edges of the screen may fade to black at the center.
Colors can also become dark on the edges and fade back toward the center.
(This can change depending on the manufacture and construction method)

Viewing angle:

STN screens have a very limited viewing angle, often under +-15 degrees.
Even small changes in the angle can result in large visible differences.

TFT screens:
Active matrix:

Each subpixel has its own transistor.
This makes for faster frame updates.

True color:

Color range is capable of representing 16.7 million colors.
Provides an accurate representation of video source.

Viewing angle:

TFT viewing angles are often in a range of +-30 to +-70 degrees sometimes more.

Learn about the phone you buy before you buy it and cry about the screen.



Oct 31, 2004 by SP712mobile

this is an awesome phone for the best price out there. if you want the best price get it with t mobile because its only 100 bucks with them. u also get picture id, zoom, games, downloads, and a lot more things that would cost u a whole lot more with any other company.TMOBILE IS THE BEST

ok phone


Jan 11, 2005 by swimstud29

pro-the phone has so many great features that this phone is just so great to use the camera is so easy to use too!

con- these however outweigh the pros, the data port does nothing but mock you, you cant do anything with it except look at it and say u think it does something but u dont know what yet, the sound doesnt get loud, there is a lot of lag, reception is not good, and it cuts out frequently the phone is not a dud because my family purches two others at the same time and all three had the same properties. also the games included arent fun nor do they have a silent mode. also the battery lasts about 4 hrs so if your looking for a phone that lasts a while, dont choose this one my ericson t300 was cheaper easier to use and lastes 3 days and was pretty much the same except worked better and didnt have a camera

A Good Phone


Oct 24, 2004 by allemyoj

I must say that I truly enjoy this phone.
There really isn't much to not like about this phone.

However, I don't like that u cant just push a botton for voice dail.

Other than that, I have no complaints.

It was great at first, then it wasnt because of the screen


Oct 26, 2010 by narn3049

I got this phone brand new with a new contract through T-Mobile. I was excited because the phone I owned before ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS dropped calls, and I was happy to get a new phone.

Fast forward when the screen has an issue (the corner of the screen didnt display) and T-Mobile replaced the phone under my insurance. I got the new phone, which worked for 2 weeks (better then the 1 hour with the first phone but still bad) before the whole screen went out. I got a Samsung after this, It did have good features such as calculator, and the texting guessing which word you typed, the tone composer, all of them were awesome, but this phone had a couple screen issues and THAT'S why I left it.

It had good features, and excellent call quality, and the phone NEVER, NEVER, NEVER dropped calls like my former phone did, so that was good.

THE SCREEN, It went out 2 times

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