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Great First Phone


Mar 5, 2008 by motoguy75

This was the first phone that I ever bought and I have to say it was an excellent phone.

bar-style phone, simple user interface

battery life was a little short for my taste
camera was a little blurry at times

There are better options...


Dec 3, 2006 by viejodave

This is a phone i never will recomend, not this one and no one of the C series, I've had c331, c333, c650 and all of them died the same way, the speaker doesn't sound more. I think that if this happend with one, ok, but with two the same problem...??

I don't recomend it, the display sucks, you just can't see nothing in sunlight, the reception could be better, the keyboard is too small, and the camera take photos not so good. I only liked that this phone has mp3, but no more. One thing else, the function vibe and ring is no available from factory, you should set it by software and is so complicated if you're unexperienced.

Think about it before buying this phone.

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Sucks Big Butt


Mar 23, 2006 by iwaslosingmyself4u

I was very unhappy with this phone. For the first few days it was cool, it was my first phone. Everything was great. But, then I had had it for about 3 months and it became dysfunctional. So, my solution to that problem, I got the same phone again. I have had it for about 1 year, and in the middle of conversations it will shut-off, or the battery will be full then in 1 minute empty.

Pros- Nice design, small size (which also can be problematic), Phone book storage

Cons- Short life, weirdo joystick, sucky camera, bad screen display (especially in sunlight), hard to hear out of, breaks VERY easily, shuts-off randomly

Now, I am not quite sure if these problems have to do with the life of my phone, but it definitely is annoying. My mother also has a Motorola and is very dissatisfied with it. I wouldn't but another phone from Motorola again.

Not Bad at all!!


Jan 28, 2006 by Drone42

This phone is really good if you are looking for a cheap reliable phone with good features. Obviously there are a lot of better phones on the market but they cost allot more. This is the best phone on the market for it's price class. I use to own a Nokia 3410 and love nokia's but this phone is just as easy to use. To txt with it is not much different and you will get use to the tiny differences fast. U can plug it into a Pc using a USB cable and by doing so use the phone as a GPRS modem. This is great for when you need internet access on the move. The only problem is the back cover that is hard to get off and it has little memory. I have read other reviews about this phone were they say that you can only store SMS messages on your sim card with this phone. Maybe I have a software upgrade or something because I can store over a 100 sms messages in my phones memory. This is a good choice if you want a cheap phone but still want some nice features compared to other more expensive phones.

Great Mid Entry Level Phone


Dec 27, 2005 by deryck121

Ok this phone is far as good as entry level phone go. First of all this is my first motorola handset, since I'm a Nokia Fan User. anyway before this I have a Nokia 3220 and the differences are biggest, i'm from Panama (Central America) my service provider is Movistar: GSM 850

- The screen is STN passive matrix, not bright nor faster than TFT, showing 65k colors, it show pretty well images considering to be a STN display. Is resolution is 128x128 (is a little small, but after all is a cheap phone, phones with bigger display, here in my country are very expensive)
- Loud Spkearphone and Earpiece,I have not problem hearing it in the street, but in a noisy environment such as Disco, it's kinda hard to hear it(Except for the earpiece)
- Loud Ringtones: the ringtones sounds pretty loud, but I don't think they are 24chords, 'cause I try using some Nokia 24 chords and the instruments where not sounding, after I set them to 16 chords!, anyway is better to use the mp3 tones which are also loud.
- Camera: some photos came really´suprising well, but some others don't, but they're better than Nokia 3220 (since it shows a green color in the corners of the pictures)

- Low memory, mine just came with 2.5 mb, and free 1.4mb, but I erased some of the locked content, and I put 20 images, 20 screensaver, 7 mp3 tones, and 10 midis, and left 1mb of space for Photos (didn't add games, they suck in this screen because they just take 128x96(WxH) pixels and not the 128x128.(because of the service line!!!)
- Size of the screen is too smaller for a 128x128, my 3220 was more bigger, even my 3586 has the same size as C650 but a differente resolution (96x65)
- Connectivity: it doesn't support bluetooth nor Irda (anyway I don't have this on my pc) but the cable I'm using is the one from my digital camera.
- Keypad: is too small for my fingers, and the joystick some times make a wrong choice.
- Can't remove that operator logo and date I hate that.I know how but...



Oct 23, 2005 by silver0303

I just have to say for the first time in my life I actually paid for an upgrade and the t-mobile representative recommended this phone. I wanted a few more features and better reception. I got a headache!!!!Horrible phone and nothing but problems from the start.

Pros: Compact. Loud ring tones.

Cons: Where do I begin: poor quality picture phone, very grainy, Volume control problems...When I turn up my volume they here me louder instead of me hearing them louder or BEST OF ALL calling someone and you can hear them but they cant hear you, a dealer told me I need to remove the battery and put it back in when this happens BS I didnt pay for a phone that I had to perform maintinence on. The phone has been returned twice to T-mobile only to get the same piece of crap back again.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS PHONE OR WITH T-MOBILE FOR THAT MATTER. No one seems to want to stand behind thier product because they know it is junk!

Reliable, but lacking


Oct 12, 2005 by SmarterDanu08

This was my first cell phone. And I love my c650. The ringtone quality is amazing. A with T-zones. Everything is so simple on it. The phone is sturdy and compact. It fits in my pocket perfectly. But it does lack a few things. The screen gets dirty so fast to where you can't even read what's on the screen. And the case is hard to get off, which meant for the first 6 months i had to live with the dirty screen because i couldn't figure out how to get it off. Also the camera on this phone is one of the worst I have ever seen. I don't even feel like I own a camera phone. The quality is so bad everything is a blur. I haven't taken a picture with it in months (I've only owned it for a year) because it's pointless. Also with the easy ring tone volume change you can't put the phone on ring and vibrate. In order to do that you have to go into the menus and do it the long way. I have liked this phone and has always been good to me. But if picture quality is important to you. And cleaning your screen at least bi-weekly is annoying. This is not the phone for you.

It's Good in the Beginning


Sep 13, 2005 by RiceIsAwesome

Overall, after everything, its an OKAY phone. I received it as a present for Christmas in 2004, from T-Mobile. In the beginning the phone was AWESOME. Better camera than most candy-bar Sony Ericssons, tons of good preloaded ringtones and easy to navigate joystick. But what I didn't like at all was the fact that the screen is virtually INVSISIBLE in the daylight. Especially when living in Florida, that is a major drawback. Also, the front of the phone, when scratched, is ruined forever. The back of the phone is especially hard to remove. Around 6 mos. of having the phone, the joystick was always on the fritz. It worked on/off. Frankly, Motorola joysticks do not work well at all. I much prefer Sony Ericsson joysticks, or better yet, a phone with NO joystick. But now, 9 mos. into the phone, the joystick can only go up. A huge hassle. Luckily, its on a 1-year service. Plan. I'd buy this phone if you are going to use it for a short time period, but for a long term phone, I wouldn't reccomend this phone. I'm looking into a Nokia 6101 as my next phone.

perfect phone!


Jul 30, 2005 by armani exchange

This is a great phone in its own way!
The appereance is really nice, it is small(which is good)....and for its price I think its the best phone ive ever had! and seen!

The camera`s resolution is not the best but using it`s features u can get it to work good. The joystick is weird but u get used to it fast. It has ver good sound and loud ringtones! U can get cool games ! in it.

Thus, it is a pain! removing the back part of the phone!

Overall it is a ve ver good phone.

not so hot, not so bad


Mar 19, 2005 by door

Decent entry level phone, especially if you can find it for free.

The major problem i have with the phone is the joystick. If you don't have strong nails, this phone is not for you. Secondly, although the phone somewhat small in size, it's shape makes it feel bulky in your pocket, so a holster (hard to find) is a must. Third, battery life is way to low for this size of a phone.

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