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Jan 6, 2006 by aze045

This was my first phone and man did I get off on the right foot. The phone was an LG MASTERPIECE, and was perfect to the end! This phone had it all calender, unit converter, world time, memo, alarm, calculator, vibrate function, the camera was the best one I had ever seen than any other phone. It even surpassed other phones 16 months after i had first gotten it. It had internet and text and multimedia messaging, not to mention games I downloaded they all played great on my phone, the reception was always excellent, and I'm gonna miss my phone. I unfortunatelly lost it, but it was more than just a phone it was my everyday buddy!

I never found anything wrong with it, I had unlimited mms so I was always sending the pix I took. Plus some of the pix were my backgrounds. It also had voice recording. I hope that LG makes another phone just like it, only with video, speaker phone, and and outside full color display and IM for MSN thats the perfect phone. But we can only dream.........!

I haven't found any other phones like it, that is the sad part. But I know that eventually LG will come out with a phone just as good!

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Wanted this phone soooo bad....


Jul 8, 2005 by BlueR

I wanted this phone really bad, and then they discontinue it. What is up with that? Oh well, there must have been a reason they got rid of it in a couple of months. IT LOOKED GREAT, AND THE REVIEWS WERE GREAT!

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Best phone i have ever had


Sep 11, 2004 by POP ROCKS

I had Reliance, Alltel, Sprint, and now Cingular. This has to be the best phone I have ever had, it's clear (like Sprint's network is supposed to be), it's slim, the buttons and menus are easy to understand, the browser is super fast (it's like DSL for your phone and I love it). If you're looking for a phone that could possibly last you 2-3 years then get this, perfect quality. LG is getting better and better everyday!

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For the price, the L1200 is ALLMOST awesome.


Jun 27, 2004 by Michael95GT

I got this L1200 on June 17th at BestBuy $39.99(after $70.00 mail-in rebate)with a 1 year contract. I'm using it with Cingular, The RF is excellent everywhere I've been so far, right up there with my V600, along with good/great battery life.
It's loaded with great features, great color screen, voice dialing, Java, 2.5mm headset port(works great with my Jabra Earboom) and camera. The camera actually takes pretty good pictures, and here lies the problem. There is no way to get the pix off the phone except for sending them to your email via MMS messages. This can run into money at 25 cents each with Cingular, even if you have an MMS package, it shouldn't cost you to move the pix to your PC. It has IrDA(infrared) but it's only good for sending rintones and phonebook entries when using the Universal LG software(free download from LG's site) The phone is brand new, hopefully LG will release a software pack that allows picture transfer.

Great RF(signal quality)
Good battery life.
Solid/Sturdy body/flip
External display
65,000 color screen
Voice dialing
JAVA (games)
2.5mm headset port
Camera(good pix for a phone)

CAN'T move pix from phone to Pc, except by MMS messaging.
NO aftermarket accessories (yet anyway)
No Bluetooth
Limited use of IrDA
No POP3 E-Mail Client

If you need a phone with EXCELLENT RF and good battery life, that happens to take pretty decent pictures, check it out. At this price it's still agood deal even if you never need/use the camera.

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Popular with the ladies


Jul 10, 2004 by midwest82000

Ive had the L1200 for about 2 weeks now. Iuse to have the Moto V400 but I have gotten very fed up with Motorola after the T720 and the V400.

Great vibrations.
Loud Earpiece. Much better than any moto product.
Beautiful TFT color display
Good reception.
Stable, well built design
Professional looking

Not customizable. The V400 had a ton of features and differnt things you could change.
Ringtones sound horrible. Play any MP3 ringtone and it sounds like the phone is going to explode.

All in all Im much happier with this phone than I have been with any other Cingular Phone.

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What a Neat - NEAT - Phone


Jun 30, 2004 by eaglebqh

I've had the 1200 about a week now with Cingular in Texas and am really impressed with the phone! I'm still going to maintain my GAIT phone until the GSM network fills up most of the holes but where possible I'm using this little sucker.

Very comfortable and solid in your hand
Very "clean" look and feel
Very crisp, clear calls on both ends
Easily-manuevered menu's
Flexible Address Book / Grouping functions
No Bluetooth - but for me that's OK - every other function I want works great and there's a bunch. And LG takes a very novel, simple approach to some of the functionality.

Haven't found a one yet ...!

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1st LG, Miss It!


Jul 14, 2007 by lilpierce

This was my first LG and I miss it dearly. it was the best phone on the market for the longest time and the price was great. I know some had poor reception with the phone but i never did. I actually rated this phone higher than the next LG i bought the VX8100. The 8100 was great but it never felt or sounded as good as the L1200. I think LG is still okay but it has never satisfied my tastes for a good phone for the price. Bring the L1200 back Please!

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Nov 23, 2005 by katelynn

This phone is horrible. In a 9 month period I went thru 3 of them, luckily the phone was still under warranty. At first the phone was great then about 3 months later I quit receiving calls and I would only get voice mails. So I filed a claim and got a new one. And again 3 months later it started messing up my camera would not work, so I filed another claim, and got the same junky phone. On my third phone it totally went crazy my screen would be mirrored, it would slant, and it would also no ring! This phone was nothing but problems!! Finally Cingular sent me a different phone, a LG L1200i and it is GREAT!


it never worked

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Not Good :(


Aug 23, 2005 by goalie_guy438

I bought this phone it was My First cell ever of course like they said the first 6 months or so the phone is great ladies love it it looks good Noone has it it was the perfect phone... After this though my antenna came out of the top which i had to have fixed at cingular for a 20 dollar fee an now its coming loose again i'll be visiting them again soon. The Camera no longer works nor does the vibrate. That was all in thanks to one of the kids at the day care my girlfriend worked at dropping it but than again he stands 2 foot tall max its not that far to the ground... Half the time when u restart it it comes up backwards the screen is smudged sometimes or it is completely blank sometimes Phone is quite worthless now Never have service

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L1200 poor reception


Jun 12, 2005 by gardnerjs

I have Cingular service in St Louis and this phone always has less bars indicating reception level as compared to my friends with Cingular Service and Nokia or Moto phones. I compare my reception level with others while sitiing right next to each other and LG loses every time.

The only other bad thing is I can't transfer photos to my PC. If anyone knows how to do that please e-me. I'm too cheap to pay Cingular 8 bucks a month for a media package that allows email of photos. Photos appear OK on phone but I have not seen the quality on a PC. It's just a camera phone - one can't expect too much for photos.

I love all of the controls and features on this phone with ease of use. Address book is great, options to control the backlight time lit is good. My Nokia 3120 does not have that option and has a lousy address book - i.e. separate entries required for cell and home phone numbers.

The other lousy thing about the L1200 is the quality of sound from the earpiece. Difficult to hear other people in noisy surroundings.

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