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This phone is psycho!!!


Apr 6, 2005 by LASweets04

In January of 2004 I upgraded to a Motorola T720, which was an excellent phone. In July my friend ran over it and I did an insurance claim. The Moto was discontinued so I received a LG L1200. I was excited because this was my first camera phone and it had many neat accessories. It worked really well up until around December, about 5 months after I got it. The screen began freezing up and it was always searching for my SIM card. I shrugged it off because the phone still worked and I didn't want to buy a new one. These problems continued and it seemed like they were getting worse. Well...last week when my alarm rang to wake me up, I opened my phone to turn it off and my whole screen was smeared to the left. I turned the phone off and on about 4 times. The screen was still smeared. Finally I took out my SIM card and put it back in. Bad mistake! I turned on my phone and everything was back wards! This is probably unbelievable to all of you, but it's true. I called Cingluar and they said they had never heard of anything like this happening. As of now I still have the phone because I am waiting for Cingular to send me a new one. It's crazy because when I receive a text message, I have to hold my phone up to a mirror to read it. In order to access my Menu, I have to press the "Names" key. Anyway if you're considering buying this phone, please don't. It's okay for the first 3 or 4 months but after that, it all goes downhill!

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Mar 25, 2005 by c9146

This phone never works. I have cingular service and live in the New York area. This is not a fake review either this is really happening and still going on now. When you try and call this phone it says it is busy when it is not. It also fowards calls to voicemail even when the phone is on. The camera takes horrible pictures. sometimes the camera doesn't even work the color gets messed up and i'm not using an effect. I thought that maybe mine was messed up but my family got 3 of these phones and not 1 worked right. I know other people with cingular service and where they have full bars i have 1 or 2. This phone is horrible and I would not recommend it to anyone.!!!

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hmmmm...not good...not good at all!


Mar 25, 2005 by zenroller

Terrible! this is the worst phone i have ever owned...I bought it in July of 2004 and recently i drop about every third call...i get absolutley no signal and now the antenna fell out. to top it all off pieces of the phone fell out of the antenna hole when it came out!
nice size?
easy menu...
terrible construction
terrible signal
terrible design
horrible games
no bluetooth
no memory for the awful pictures it takes
and so on...

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Mediocre Overpriced LG


Mar 12, 2005 by CRBoyd91

I got this phone in Mid-July of 2004. It was priced decently and the Cingular Salesperson told me "This is built to last!". How ironic it was. The camera is a nice feature, but it was really grainy and lacked contrast in colors. You can only store a few pictures as well. Also, the Speaker sounds terrible when playing ring tones or playing games. It only had 1 game and it was lousy. In January, the antenna started falling out on its own and I always took really good care of it. You could shake the phone and hear something rattling inside of it. Because of this, it was lucky to get 2 bars on excellent GSM network. Luckily, my Dad had a extra Motorola V400. I switched to that and was amazed at how much better it was. DO NOT GET AN LG. SPEND A LITTLE MORE AND GET A MOTOROLA OR A SAMSUNG.

Battery Lasts a long time
fit in your pocket

cheaply made
horrible speaker
horrible camera
horrible storage
does not last


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I miss it :(


Dec 22, 2004 by sweetiexkel

I had this phone for a couple months until it got stolen!! It had pretty good signals, but my whole apartment was a dead spot, and the area around the apartments were dead too. It wasn't until I was about two blocks away that I got good signals. I couldn't download ringtones, that might of been my fault, I guess you need to pay for the media thing? Oh Well. Anyone that has this phone, please hug it, because I miss it dearly.

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Phone of My LIfe


Dec 21, 2004 by nate_butler

This phone is very reliable, and it is the number one phone that i had in a while. it improved my capability to do more things and it also improved my appearance, as a college student in the ozarks. i highly recommend this phone. it is very compactible, i put everything in that phone, from notes to pictures. I LOVE IT.

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Great phones but the reception could be better


Sep 4, 2004 by tinytown22

I have had this phone since the day it came out and I must admit the frst day I got it I was amazed. Unfortunately, that was clouding the fact that i couldnt get reception anywhere other than the place i bought it!

bottom line nice phone for kids but Business users BEWARE!

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This LG is great


Sep 3, 2004 by mz_elise

I have had this LG for a week now, and I am nothing but satisfied. It's definitely a big improvement from the G4015 (which I had for about a week and took back because of the poor quality of the phone). The only gripe I had with this phone was the condition in which it came. The screen was backwards and distorted, but I took that one back and it was immediately replaced for a new one. Since then, I've had no problems from this little baby. It takes great pictures (better than most Sprint phones). I think this may very well be the greatest phone I've ever had.

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Overpriced at free


Aug 25, 2004 by Geiiga

This was the third camera phone I have owned, and I'm already on to my fourth. It was the fourth LG I had, after being nothing but happy with the previous phones functionality (if not necessarily all the included features). This, however, is crap. Now, I'm not going to say it's not a solid phone for voice calls. It certainly is. And the interface it provides for mobile IM is second to none. However, the faults of this phone as a camera and a multimedia device are such elementary ones to phone design that one would think that they'd be worked out well prior to any actual testing.

For one, 300k of storage for photos should be fine. However, the phones JPEG compression is so inefficient that this works out to about five high-res shot. High-res, of course, means 640x480, or 'tiny' in layman's terms. I won't fault LG for not having a megapixel camera, but have some common sense on storage. Five pictures?

Secondly, the mobile internet almost never works on the first try. The process for using it goes something like this: Attempt to use it. Wait for error message. Remove battery. Replace battery. Power on. Repeat from step one. Usually, and I stress, -usually-, it will work with just one power cycle. But in two weeks of regular usage, only one time did it work straight from the beginning.

The space issues don't stop with the gallery. With three pictures stored and forty-two names in the contact list, there was not enough space left on the phone to download a single midi ringtone. That's when I decided to return the damn thing. I can't believe the V600 got recalled and the L1200 is still on the shelves.

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Very pleased!


Aug 9, 2004 by starlight29341

I just wanted to say I am very pleased with this phone! I moved up from a Sprint Touchpoint 1100, to a LG C1300 which I had for about a week and I wasn't thrilled with. The major reason being it was too small (and I like small phones!), had no outside LCD displaying caller ID plus, it felt very bottom-line cheap. Anyway, after a week I traded in for this phone and absolutely love it!! It's a much nicer phone by LG.

So far I haven't had any problems with it, I agree with pretty much everything else people here are saying about it's pro's and con's. I think this is a great phone at a great price!

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