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Phone works great, but feels toyish


Sep 3, 2004 by faibs

This is one great phone, especially for its price!!!
Nothing else I can add here but here are my pros' and cons'

`quad band
`mp3 ringtones
`speakerphone that engages right away before ringing

`Speakerphone and earpiece volumes are really low at best
`Feels cheap like a toy
`Hinge Creaks
`Not close to enough memory for SMS!!! Whats up with that!

Sucks Badly


Feb 12, 2009 by smashme101

This phone is a peace of plastic. Thats it.


Its a kids toy nothing more
Ringers suck
Cannot make calls
Camera is so bad crayons and paper is better
Battery has no life what so ever
Feels cheap
Was $25
Outside screen sucks

Dont but this. Get the Lg C1500 instead

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I once had this phone....omg......awful


Dec 19, 2008 by Hayate392

I had this phone....it was my first cellphone....everytime i bumped it the screen went out and I had to get a replacement;Sometimes I didn't even bump it......the screen just goes black....I still have it in a shoe box....uhm the screen still doesn't work...^__^;;;;I like my sync phone way better...I guess my mom thought this was a good first cellphone....not enough memory for games either....camera was poor res...but it was alright.........



May 11, 2008 by Phonlovr

Phone is Huge Bulky NEVER BUY PHONE EVER terrible NO Bluetooth NO Video Capture Camera is Terrible It Went Out After A Couple Of Months Case Is Weak And Barley Stood Up To Me Back Broke Weak Color Screen Small Ugly And Terrible And Hated By Every One.



Apr 12, 2007 by DiGiboy89

I bought this phone 2 years ago thinking it was the hottest phone out. Well i was definitly wrong.

Pros: light phone

Cons: Bad signal even in the most normal places
it decides to end a call when your still talking
loud buzzing noise when using speakerphone
camera stops working within 4 months(i hardly ever used it)
drop it on hard pavement and battery cover pops off

I don't know why Motorola would make such a horrible phone. I know I'm kinda late on reviewing this phone but I had to log in and tell you my horrible experience with this phone.DON'T BUY IT!!

Good only for the short term


Apr 2, 2007 by j man

Had this phone for 2 years. 1 year after i bought it, there was a "common"wiring problem. The screen went out. it would cost 90$ to fix.
Pros: Has camera
ok reception
neccessary tools included

Cons: All else

Sweet compact


Jan 10, 2007 by blooshark14

For its size and weight, it's a great phone. I have no idea what everyone's crying about. It sounds like most other users ran theirs through all the house appliances before reviewing it! The cam is low resolution, so what did you expect? 8 MP + low light and macro? I have great phone performance. No problems at all. Texting, phone, all just fine! The cam always works (never thought I'd use it but I have at least 50 pics in it) There is one loud ring, I just use that all the time. Battery is fantastic! Always get a good signal and it works out of the country! Super compact - never bothers me in my pocket! Now that's a PHONE!

Bad Phone Complete Pushover


Jan 9, 2007 by lakyn01

this phone is not that great I do work for a wireless service provider and researched and tested out this phone. Here are some pros and cons

color screen
relatively easy to use

the battery did not last as long as stated only about 3 days talking a total of 45 minutes
scratches very easily
screen is small compares to most

I do not recommend this phone (this is coming from a wireless sales rep)

Ok for a free phone..


Nov 26, 2006 by xTinkerbellx

I've had this phone for almost 2 years now and I have had some problems but the phone was ok. It was my first Motorola phone and I was not as happy with it as I was with my previous Nokia phones.

Pros: *note: it was hard to find this many pros*
-nice size
-full housings are available (some phones you can't change)
-loud ring tones if you set them to loud
-easy to navigate menus
-with cingular service it has good reception
-ringer id
-picture id (if you don't have your phone set to answer the phone when you flip it open.. if you have it set this way then this is pointless)
-the keypad ISN'T like the razr phones : )

-speaker phone is horrible
-doesn't handle falls well: gets scratched easy, and the screen goes blank and it takes a long time for it to turn off and restart again
-horrible camera: pictures aren't clear, camera breaks easy (I have had two v220s, I dropped my first one in a sink full of water, both phones I had the cameras died quickly..it just comes up a black screen then it goes back to the menu)
-not enough memory for pictures, games and ring tones
-if you use text messaging the battery dies quickly
-the ring tones that come with it aren't good
-shuts off for no reason at all and then either takes a long time to find service or read the sim card
-occasionally at random times it says it can't read the sim card
-although games are available, you have to pay for them.. there are non on the phone when you get it

Overall it's an ok phone for free (if you sign up with Cingular) I usually get a new phone every two years when I sign a new contract but I can't wait to get rid of this phone, I actually just ordered a new Motorola Pebl U6 and can't wait till it arrives!



Nov 12, 2006 by prettyprincesscorn

I purchased this phone from ebay and had Cingular service, and this phone was horrible..

All my calls had a lot of static and I had too many dropped calls to count..

If you drop the phone, you might as well get a new one. After the first time I dropped this phone, the front LCD screen got all messed up and I couldn't read it. After I opened the phone the screen was black. I tried to restart the phone about 20 times and no luck.. After about an hour, it finally worked again..

The camera is pointless, the pictures are not good at all, and sometimes, I just get a black screen..

I was very disappointed with this phone and it made me hestitant to buying a Motorola phone again..

Do not waste your money on this phone..

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