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Sep 24, 2004 by sonicblue

-Small and very attractive..looks more
expensive than it really is
-Bright blue keypad lights
-USB port for transferring data
-Speakerphone (average quality, though)
-Changeable faceplate
-Decent battery life (should last you 2
days without charging and normal use)
-MP3 ringtones (but they gotta be short)
-No fancy stuff. Good for old geezers who r
always complainin bout hi-tech stuff. As
for me, I just like em simple ;)

-Face can be easily scratched up
-User interface can be confusing/hard to
use. Sometimes it'll take you forever to
do something like copy contacts from SIM
to phone memory.
-Tiny screen but high-quality
-No camera (like it really matters anyway)
-Phonebook is pig-headed because each
number (for the same contact) is stored
-Lack of wallpapers and good ringtones
-Doesn't come with a holster or earpiece

Decent Phone


Jun 26, 2005 by kittyhawk470

I love this phone, although it is a little tinny sounding at loudest volume. it is quite a handy little phone. I like the display, ease of use, size, and appearance; but it does get annoying when it freezes up and you have to pop the battery out and put it back in to get it to work again. My friend had one too and his display died within 6 months so they aren't perfect, but for what I need I really enjoy it.

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Decent phone, minor annoyances


Mar 17, 2005 by jabadoodle

I bought this because I liked the styling and just needed basic features, nothing too fancy. It meets my needs.

Prior to owning this phone I had owned Nokia phones for 6 years. I had heard the Motorola menus & operations were much different and less intuitive. That may be just a bit true, but I had no problem switching over...so it's not that bad.

There are only two things I don't really like about this phone.

#1: It does seem that sometimes the volume that I hear (other people's voices) fade to very low. Pressing the volume adjust button up or down seems to usually fix it. This does not happen very often and the fix is easy. Still, hearing someone (and them hearing you) are the two main things a phone should do. Distressing that this is not perfect.

#2: The signal strength bars are not very big. I drive in areas where signal strength varies. It makes is difficult to drive and see if I have signal. On my old Nokia phones a quarter-second glance and I'd know. On this phone it's hard to tell. Same goes for battery indicator...though that is less important.

Again, lots of good features and I still like the phone & styling. Just these two things that are only "ok".



Mar 13, 2005 by blaise1015

this phone is very cool i love every thing about it but IT DOSE NOT HAVE A CAMERA!!!!!!!!it would be perfect if it had a camera

Motorola v180 - my third cell phone


Mar 5, 2005 by pseudosakura

About a month ago, I decided to get a new cell phone plan with CellularOne. I previously had Verizon, and tracfone. While the tracfone worked I couldn't make calls after 9 for free - basically, no free talktime...they gave me a Nokia and I wasn't satisfied with it. It would just shut off. I had a motorola v120c and it lasted me, but I had to drop my Verizon service because it was horrible where I lived (waaaay out in the boonies). I've had my v180 for over a month now, and I absolutely love it.

When it comes to people saying they get "samples" of games...my phone came with 3 games, and also a photo fun pack so I can connect my camera to my computer and acquire.

Also, I have voice-activated dialing. I have used it numerous times without failure.

Sharp-looking phone
Good reception
Clear sound quality
Phoyphonic ringtones
Easy to learn

Face is scratched easily

Great Basic Phone


Jan 5, 2005 by ironhorse

I'll start by saying this is my 1st.flip/motorola phone and though I've only had it less than 1wk. I really like it so far. I was able to customize it to my liking in only a day or so and although you can never get a device exactly the way you would like to, it has a reasonable balance of flexability. I like the fact that you can reorder some menu's and the speakerphone works very good even with it lying on the seat of the car. The person I was talking to didn't even notice any difference. The display is bright and quite readable and I've had no problems with reception thus far. I purchased this unit primarily for the long life battery which has lived up to it's claim so far. If your looking for a good basic phone with nice audio and have a little patience to get to know it's features, this is the unit to look at.

Decent free phone from cingular


Dec 20, 2004 by akwash79

Speaker Phone
Outside Caller ID
MP3 Ringtones
USB cable connectivity
Can assign diff ringtones for messages and voice mail

Conversation cuts in and out inside buildings regardless of signal strength.
Speaker on back of phone(if you have phone laying down face up, ringtones and speaker phone very difficult to hear)
Very buggy software
Small screen
Only 1.8 MB memory
Cannot find Themes for this phone

I used this phone for about 2 weeks on the cingular network and I was not very impressed. In the past I have not had very good experiences with motorola products but I liked the look of this phone and decided to give it a try. MP3 ringers sounded really nice but the small amount of memory on this phone does not allow you to store a lot. Also you must have this phone laying face down or on its side to be able to hear the ringtones from another room. The speaker phone sounded good and other callers could not tell I had them on speaker phone. I liked the fact that you could transfer files with the usb port but setting this up was a hassle. Also, if you stored anything in the #1 shortcut postion, the phone would lock up anytime i pressed my shortcut button. I eventually had to perform a master reset so I could get back to my shortcut menu. Then comes Motorola's famous cutting in and out inside buildings with good recpetion. I've had this problem on every one of their phones(i've had 3) but never had this problem on Sony Ericsson(1) or Nokia(4) phones in the exact same locations. I love the way the phone looks but due to it performance, I have to give it the boot after only 2 weeks and go with the SE Z500.

I love this Phone


Nov 30, 2004 by nukeruss

This is a great phone.
The reception is very good. It is very easy to use. It sounds like a good landline connection. Its inexpensive. MP3 Tones. USB Connectivity. You can go to Motorola.com and Download the Mobile Tools Software and using a mini USB cord (usually comes with a pda,digital camera or digital camcorder), you can access date book, phone book, upload pictures and create/upload new ringtones. The site does not list all of the capabilities of this phone on it, but Mobile Tools version 3 will do all this. The ringtones are load and clear. The MP3 ringtones still sound like music also. Definately a good buy. I also like the external display. It also easily acts as a modem for your laptop with the cable and software.

The included manual is horrible.
Faceplate scratches easy but I would recommend buying a replacement one (easily purchased from you carrier) for those special occations where your phone must be sexier that you.

T-Mobile Has A Winner!


Sep 23, 2004 by Bruins21

this is a great cell i highly recommend this one for people who like great reception as in all tmobile phones a cool looking phone and a phone that has great features than this is the phone for u as it is the phone for me i will have this cell for a long time!

Very nice phone for the price


Dec 12, 2004 by cingulrboy

I owned this phone for about a month, and it was a very nice phone. It has a well-rounded set of features, and I think that you get a lot of bang for the buck.

Battery Life
65k color screen
external caller id display

No Bluetooth
No camera

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