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Great Phone, not prefect


Aug 3, 2004 by msutela

I got this phone this past weekend. It replaces my V300. My V80 came with the HS820 bluetooth headset and a data cable. I paid $450 on ebay. I am using it for T-Mobile.

- Software is a little better than the V600. Its a hell of alot better than the V300.
- Bluetooth Works good with my headset and when connecting to my computer.
- Volumes of ringer and ear piece are loud enough for me.
- Web Browser works in the US. T-Zones also work.
- MP3 Ringtone Clips. This feature is made even better if you can make your own and have the data cable.
- Lights that accompany the ringer. And lights the react to music vibration.
- Swivel feature works with a spring to assist in the opening of the phone
- Can store multiple #'s for names. I could not do this on my v300.

- Battery life. Why put a crap battery on a bluetooth enabled phone?
- I can barely feel when the phone vibrates.
- Camera is decent but not a megapixel.
- Reception is OK. But not as good as some Samsungs for T-Mobile.
- It has decent memory but it could have more.
- Belt Holster is not available anywhere for the V80. I had to get generic one that isn't the best fit.

As you can see, besides the battery life, the only real problems I have is with stuff that isn't on the phone.

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First use of Motorola v8-


Jul 7, 2004 by wonton

Got one yesterday. The phone is a bit heavier than expected. But the vibrant display blew me away! Almost or better than a Samsung phone. The rotor device is neat though I would rather have the one used in the v70 released a couple of years ago. The colors that illuminate around the phone I must say is the best feature of all. It does attract alot of attention, and people kept asking to look at the phone. Other colors include hot pink, yellow, blue, violet, green, or a combination of the two. After reading the manual in English. Since the one I got with the box is only in German currently and other languages, I got a link and discovered how to set up the blue tooth device. It works nicely but not at a far distance. Its good to use it if you're driving somewhere though where wires won't inter fear with your driving. The lid on the back for the battery is difficult to remove, and I haven't gotten it off yet, afraid I might snap or break the plastic. The phone is also made of plastic, where the v80 was made up of some metal. but it's not bad though. Just be careful though, I'm sure its easily scratched. The price of the phone is between $599.99 - $676.99 depending on who you go through. Motorola indicates that the phone will not be here until sometime in December though plus it was unlocked, so I can travel else where around the world and all I have to do is get a SIM card for the country. I wanted one because it's more of a fashion phone. Though the features are similar to the v600 by Motorola. Overall it's a sweet phone, but if you're not looking to be distinctive or uniquness then you can locate other phones for half or a third of the price.

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i want to FLASH


Jun 6, 2006 by loveandhappiness07

Well i purchased my phone a few months ago; and let me tell you when i first got it i was so exited it was like no other phone i had ever seen or experienced, however, i am a little disatisfied due to the lack of flash on the camera and i also cant seem to record video clips(so the manual says it has VIDEO MODE)the manual also came in another foreign language but i managed to get it in english. well i also enjoy the lights on the outside of the phone(it atrracts a lot of attention, for those of you who enjoy being the 'spotlight;)this phone is real loud compared to the other cingular phone i used to have. I cant feel the phone vibrating at all...if you dont take care of the screen trust me anything it comes in contact with may harm it.sometimes i feel like if i open the rotator real fast it will go flying off into its own world; it feels like everytime you open it there's a possibility you may yank it off. i bought the Motorola V80 for $240 only because i wanted just the phone i already had a contact with cingular; otherwise it would have been $120.Other than the flash and the fact that i cant record video clips i give the phone a 4.0. it feels nice to take out your violet flashing light phone and flip it open like no other phone.
Hey maybe this could be a master card commercial...
Motorola V80 Wireless Cellphone: $240
Extra Compatible Accesories:$45
the look on peoples faces when they see a phone rotator that kool with flashing lights:priceless...
there are some things money cant buy for everything else there's MasterCard:)

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Motorola V80


Aug 3, 2004 by garrypark

Does what it says on the tin EXCEPT ..

How the heck can you select either sim or phone contacts to be displayed in the screen???
My Nokias have always let me select either or both - V80 seems to have no options here ...... u have to have double entries when filling sim/phone.

Waste of time contacting Motorola by email -they just send you a copy paste mishmax of FAQ's which are totally irrelevant.

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Cool phone


Sep 30, 2008 by mattfu45

I have had my V80 for about a month and it is very cool.

1. The awesome switch-blade like opening. Very sleek and eye catching.

2. The bright lights that light up when your phone rings. They can be programmed to several solid colors or a few random multiple patterns.

3. Cool scroll toggle. Very easy to navigate with. Haven't had any trouble with it. (Although there seems to be some negative opinions about it)


1. Camera is pretty weak. I've seen better on Motorola phones

2. My phone was made to work in Germany or something. My T9 rarely guesses the correct word I'm trying to spell (always guesses crazy German words). Have to text the old school way.

3. Battery life does not last long if you use it a lot. I have to recharge every night.

Overall, I like the phone. A little disappointed with the battery life, but all in all, this is an eye catching phone that nobody else has. I bought mine off eBay for around $125.

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Most regretted buy.


Apr 30, 2006 by rachie_pie

Pros: The phone looks good generally, has amazing flashing lights around the edge and swivels. Full 5 points for the overall look and appeal of the phone. With the right network the phone texts and calls very efficiently.

However, when it comes to the durability and functionality of the phone everything went downhill. I've had in total 4 replacement phones and bought a new screen, I only kept the phone because it was bought on contract. I've had my current replacement for just over a 3 months and I can't wait to get a new phone for the following reasons.

Cons: The good looking cursor falls off if you pull the phone out of your pocket awkwardly, leaving a sharp plastic nobble for you to use. Place anything remotely hard on the edge of the phone and you're left with permanent scratches or loss of paintwork. The current condition of my phone is awful, the camera has stopped working, the phone turns itself off, often permanently till it receives a slight whack. The memory is awful for the price paid, 1 song can be stored with minimal pictures. Blue tooth is horribly slow and rarely stays on for longer than 5 minutes. If the phone is used alot during a day the battery will die very quickly.

If this phone was not on contract I would have changed it immediately. Once finished with the enjoyment of the flashy lights and not so good ring tones this phone loses all appeal. Don't be fooled by the 'fun' exterior. I'm getting the Sony Ericsson k700i and I can't wait!

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Check coverage before purchase


Dec 29, 2005 by kanderson442

Pros: phone is beautiful, fashionable and very affordable for the features it possesses. I paid 149.20 at ebay@SellularPhones.com, for a brand new phone. came just as described with extras.

Cons: I had cingular service in Louisiana when i purchased this phone. not good. phone has tri-band which only supports 900/1800/1900 MHz. In my area cingular is predominantly 850mhz. inside my house I can't use this phone. Outside it picks up on the old at&t network with 5 bars. No one wants to stand out side and use their phone. I hear that T-mobile was mostly 1900 MHz. So I switched to them just to be able to use this cute little phone. had to sign up for one year of service and buy another phone. so I purchased one that had a 850 mode. I will unlock it and use it with cingular and have two phones. way cool!!

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Just bought


Dec 9, 2005 by justblaze

I just bought the motorola v80 and it seems like a pretty cool phone, I just don't know how to get into my t-zones. I bought it off eBay and I haven't really gotten the feel for it, but i only had it for a day so we will see what I can make of it.

- Nice color screen and size ofthe screen is a plus
-The lights on the side are cool.
-Volume is good and the speaker is great
- Switchblade feature is tight!

- Can't seem to get into my web browser
- picture camera is in a weird spot
- the case that they have for it is funky looking, like a small pouch or purse.

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Dec 8, 2005 by seanner

I have had my V80 for quite a few months now. I love it! Not only am I getting constant attention from the flashy lights and sleek design but the quality of the phone is not lacking. I use Cingular in the Midwest and have absolutely no trouble getting reception anywhere. The phone, in my opinion, is quite durable. I've dropped it once and it came open and was run over by a shopping cart. All that came of it was some small scratches on the front and a small scratch on the back that's not even noticeable any more. Never have I had a phone endure that and not come out looking like crap! The joystick on my phone has never given me trouble. It's very sturdy and I carry it in my pocket often and have never had trouble. I love the switchblade feel to this phone. You slightly push it and swoosh it's open just like that. Granted the screen takes a moment to switch directions, but on other swivel phones such as the S710 the screen doesn't even switch directions for you. You have to turn the phone upside down to view it. It's a small price to pay in my book. The picture quality on this phone is awesome. Compared to that of many other phones my friends have it's fantastic! I've never taken a bad picture with this phone. They are all crystal clear. It has a nice big screen. You don't have to open it up to play games or scroll through your menus. You do have to open it up to talk on it, but you have to do the same with a flip phone. This is the best phone I've ever had, and I've had many ranging from LG to Samsung to Nokia. This definitely tops my list!!!

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Horrible ...


Jun 1, 2005 by Jhanner

The only reason I am giving this phone a .5 is because of the swivel open design. What, Motorola couldn't even give it a 360 degree rotation? Come on! The green joystick broke and I had to super glue it back on. The reaction speed when text messaging or browsing through menus is horribly slow. I used it with T-Mobile and it did get me better reception than my other Samsung E105, I will say that. The camera quality is horrible and even that is an understatement. The bluetooth connectivity is unreliable on this phone. I had to turn on the headset, turn off the headset, and then turn on the headset a second time to get the phone to sucessfully connect to the headset. I was using a HS820 by Motorola. This afternoon, I went to spind open the phone and low and behold, the display went. I don't even want to send it back to Motorola for repair. I used it and put up with the flaws for 3 full months and that was plenty. I'm back to my E105. Looking towards the A630, loving the idea of that QWERTY keypad...or possible a Samsung E720.

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