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May 14, 2005 by tazcalvin



i purched on ebay, paid for $150.00

price was okay for cool lookin fone like

this.but quality isnt great as its


display quality and pic quality are

not match with samsung or other product.

even they are same qvga(640x320)

and ive using this fone about 4 months now.

it keeps dying on me every single day.

i have to take out the battery and reset the

fone everytime. its soooo annoying.

please i beg you, future buyer.

do not buy this product. you are just wasting your money, you can do better thing with that amount of money.

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Awesome!! Outstanding!! Bravo!!


May 4, 2005 by YanKstaSpaZ

PROS: Awesome style, a lot of personal options, sounds great, lights are very cool

CONS: Joystick a little awkward, no 850 band

I live in the Tampa, FL area and I use Cingular. I had the v600 before this, and this far surpasses that model. This is by far the best phone I've ever had. It's really a fun phone..and what's cool is that nobody has this phone anywhere in the states...so I get a lot of looks :). I love how the whole perimeter of the phone lights up when it rings.

I took a risk getting the phone because of it lacking an 850 band, but after testing it in certain areas I've found that it doesn't seem to make any difference because the 850 band doesn't seem to be prevalant, if not non-existant in my area.

I highly recommend it; just find out if your area uses the 850 band first or you won't be a happy camper.

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Mar 10, 2005 by richie4kirsty

I absolutley love this fone. It looks great and its not like a feather in your hand! As people have said before, my thumb stick has broken, but although it is broken, it is still pretty easy to get through the menus. I love the swivel design and have not had a problem with opening it. I would recommend this fone to ANYONE! as long as they are willing to pay the price. I'm from England, and have not yet seen this fone in any shop. Blue-tooth is good and is a handy feature to have. Overall:

The design
The interface (same as other 'v' series but still good)
Very large screen
Good quality camera
Calling colours (THEY'RE GREAT!)
Landscape camera mode

Slow switching to display when opening and closing fone
Slightly fragile on the thumb navigation button (overall nice and sturdy)
Camera not placed in the best position in the world but its usable

Overall, this fone is the best one ive had, and ive had a few. I really do like this fone despite the cons, as the pros make the fone more superior to any other ive used. The only thing im disappointed about is that its not a camera fone. This is a shame as this extra feature would have made it great. Overall though, the best fone going. If you have the money, BUY IT!

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Dang Good Phone


Jan 30, 2005 by elmuchachos

I have had the phone for almost 3 months now and it is just like the V600(good phone) except for the shape. The only problem I have run into is that the joystick broke so now it is hard to manuever through screens, but sending to motorola to get fixed because under warranty. Only thing I wish it had was video camera and then I would be the happiest person alive. But very good phone with no flaws except that joystick is a little fragile when in your pocket.

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beautiful switchblade


Jan 27, 2005 by geminices

this phone is awesome. I'll start with my pros/cons :


screen is beautiful, and huge
bright vibrant display
Mp3 ring tones, speaker phone BLUETOOTH
rhythm lights, the lights that dance when their is music playing; it's all about style
camera is clear for VGA quality


screen likes to tweak out and phone needs to be reset every so often to access full menu options
Battery isn't all that great, but it's not too bad either

the things i was worried about with this handset I'm as of now, not concerned with. The green joystick isn't falling apart, or fragile, as a matter of fact, this phone is pretty sturdy. it is a nice size, and nice shape.. has excellent data storage for not having a card expansion slot. RF (reception) is fine.. no issues here, (Seattle Washington area)

summary.. this phone does what it's supposed to do, and in that i mean dazzle and show off. and it does it well.. lots of my friends want one now... lol too bad i won't tell where i got it for under 200 bux;)
i won't be changing phones for a while. MM bluetooth.!

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Cool, But not that Great


Dec 1, 2004 by djsayegh

This phone has one purpose, To be "cool", and it does that very well.

I use T-Mobile's Service in the North East, which unfortunately is not too good.

The Reception in my experience when comparing to my previous samsung E715 was terrible with the V80, it drops calls and looses signal far more often than my E715.

The Phone looks and feels great especailly the fact that it's not sold by any US wireless service, makes it that much more unique.

The Functionality of the phone is good. there are things I can do with this Phone that I couldn't do with the E715.

Such as: cut and paste just about any text displayed.
Data Cable Sync, and more veiwing space in the screen.
Ringer profiles
Speaker phone
Bluetooth(haven't used it)

Overall, Think Twice before getting this phone. Because the most this phone has to offer is a flashy design, Which is a good thing but reception should not suffer that much on a phone in this high-end class.

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I've actually used this phone...


Oct 30, 2004 by jlbrowniii

I purchased this phone after reading the other reviews of the Motorola v80. The writers of these reviews have either never purchased this phone or work for motorola. I have never been so disappointed!!! First of all the phone is VERY fragile! Second the opening action was never thought out by motorola's r&d department. It only opens one way...that causes a problem of not being able to open it if the phone is up-side-down or backward. On about 75% of my received calls I had to take a good look at the phone and re-position the phone in my hand in order to open it up and receive the call. There is not an option to take the call without opening the phone. The phone has wasted space and could have been made smaller. The phone is heavy. The phone does not have a great battery life. In summary...there is nothing great about this phone...it is more of a headache than anything else. I now use a motorola v505 which I was going to sell after getting the v80. Boy was I wrong!!!

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Just picked this up, its fantastic!!


Jan 11, 2005 by Ravinazz

Well i just picked this phone up last week, and let me tell you, its worth every penny!

Not only does it look incredibly cool, it is a awesome phone. I currently have t-mobile service, and this phone gets great reception on it, almost always full. The batter is just as good as it is listed. I have not charged the phone in 2 days and only talked about a total of 3 hours, and its not even half way used.

The weight is less that i orignally thought. It is not a hassle at all, when i have it clipped on my belt you cant even tell. Bluetooth is fantastic aswell! I have left this phone at my computer and walked downstair and still get great connections.

Over all the phone is fantastic. I dont understand why peple say it is too fragile or fells cheap. It is a heavier phone with a very good design. I have never had an issue of getting it open and getting a phone, and the thumbstick is still in perfect working order. I never stick phones im pcket with anything else, its either in my coat pocket alone, or 90% of the time its attached to my belt. I love this phone, a great pick up for anyone!

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Superb phone


Jan 11, 2005 by hawk2469

I picked this phone up from a store on ebay for an incredible price, and regardless of other reviews, and i incredibly happy. I had the v600 before this, and i view this as an upgrade.

The swivel/slider design is beautiful and catches the eyes of everyone around. The screen is great quality and very durable. Many say the phone is fragile, and it is, but most phones are. When you pay a higher price for a phone you wlll treat it better, and you just have to be aware of it. The only problems that ever arise with me and phones is having it on a belt clip and bumping into something or dropping it. Using the phone by itself is fine. The swivel design is not cheap and it is durable.

I was surprised at the battery life too. Many people have said it was bad, but for me its great. Coming from the v600, which weighs more and has lower battery life, it is superb. Very easy to open the swivel, and true it only swings one way, but that shouldnt be an issue. I can open it weather i have it upside down, sideways or what everm aslong as you have it swivel the right way, there shouldnt be a problem. I, like most users, have not missed any calls because i have problems opening it, like some others have expressed.

The blue tooth is wonderful. Very easy to set up, and it doesnt kill the battery life as much as i thought it would.

Overall i am very happy with this phone, it is well worth it. It is durable and very good on the eyes. For me, battery life is not a problem compared to other phones out there for the same/similar price. Reception is fantastic, but it does depend on your carrier as well. Overall i am happy, and would reccommend this to anyone.

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2 V80's have broken on me!


Nov 21, 2004 by motorolav80sux

This is probably the coolest phone I have ever seen or used. Although I have had 2 of them and I have not been able to use the phone for more than 36 hours before the phone broke!!!! BEWARE, do not purchase this phone. The greenish joystick button breaks off very easily. If you are a guy and put your phone in your pocket, do not even consider this phone. My first one broke immediatley(brand new), the second lasted almost 2 days before it broke off. For some reason after this happens, the joystick doesnt work what-so-ever. I cannot access any menu's anymore. I'm going to go back to my V525 and i'm out $800 altogether. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE UNTIL THEY IMPROVE IT!!!

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