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Samsung SGH-R225 / SGH-R225M


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this is kewl


Sep 11, 2005 by evildefectivefurby


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Sep 1, 2005 by singhgrishma

I really don't see why people hate this phone so much! Sure, it doesn't have a few features (like a color background and other decoration features) but it works REALLY well! This was first phone, but I can tell that it functions a lot better than the phones of most of my friends!

Pros -

- Ultra-light
- battery lasts for 3+ days
- Signal may appear to be low, but it has NEVER dropped a call

Cons -

- The games kind of suck
- You cant decorate the appearance of the screen (other than the screen savers)


As you can see, this phone is AWESOME! Unless you want to use a phone to show it off, of course ;)

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I like it ...


Jun 24, 2004 by MorrisGray

Great phone for its intended purposes. The Indigo backlight is awesome. It will light up the whole interior of your car. Use it like a nightlight for wandering around the house late at night. Good phone, clear reception with T-Mobile in Macon GA and Chattanooga TN areas. T-Mobile service works best on interstates though. I got four of these phones for me and my family members to use on the family plan. It works well for everybody and none of us have had any problems with our phones at all. We got all of ours free when we signed up for the plan. I am now switching carriers, cutting out the family plan and looking for a flip phone. My wife, her dad and myself have called people by mistake before because the send button gets pressed too easily when in a pocket or a purse but other than that nothing at all to dislike about this phone. We have had all four for one full year now and the batteries still hold charges well. Get one for yourself if the price is right for you. You will love the blue Indigo backlight!

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No other option!


May 21, 2004 by zigzagmolly

My son got this phone 2 years ago when switching from Verizon to T-Mobile. When our contract with Verizon was up, we switched, too. Because of this phone! It is nice and small. Very easy to use. Can access contact list with down the down button. Predictive text makes it really easy to enter contacts. We love the vibra + alert. The phone has the option of vibrating for a few rings allowing some peace and quiet in the world. If you haven't answered the call during the vibrating period, it rings out loud several times before going to the voice mail or paging menu. Though my son says this only works for calls, not text messaging. Until Verizon has paging and a phone this good, we won't be leaving T-Mobile. This phone has a good long battery life and the right kind of connector that lasts. Many phones become worthless because the power connector becomes loose. This phone has a locking mechanism to keep the power connector attached. This helps the phone last for the needed 2 year contract. Speed dial is easy to set up and very helpful. Reception is good. The blue background is easy to see, the text is relatively large. And for the over 40 crowd like my husband and I, it has an analog looking clock for a screensaver. He can tell the time by looking at the hands of the clock rather than getting out his glasses to read the numbers. We all just really like this phone!

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SGH R225 is great


Jul 19, 2002 by Terry Garland

This phone is great! The audio quality is like using a land line, the menu navigation is very easy and the features are tops! Its light, small, and the battery seems to last forever. I would recommend this phone to anyone, from someone new to cell phones to an experienced user looking for a versatile, dependable set.

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Stylish Phone, Good RF and Audio performance


Jul 14, 2002 by Jeff Hosler

I originally got the Motorola T193 but found that it’s RF performance coupled with it’s awful menus resulted in a phone I couldn’t stand. I traded in the T193 for the R225, although I lost the WAP browsing I got a phone with GREAT sound quality, much better RF and menus that seem as intuitive as my old Nokia 7160. You can quickly redial any of the last 10 dialed numbers by simply pressing SEND and the up down keys. Accessing the SMS compose function can be done by pressing the up key. And the down key takes you into the phonebook. The EL backlighting makes any phone with LED backlighting look archaic. The manual states you can assign LED colors to special callers, unfortunately this ‘feature’ in the TOY category , it was my hope that with the phone silenced I could determine if a call was from Work (red), Friend (blue), or Family (violet) --- Unfortunately this is not possible, as this function is limited to FIVE phone book entries.
The phone size in my opinion is perfect and very comfortable to hold or slip into a shirt pocket. I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a simple dependable GSM phone.

Improvements? Voice Dialing, Multiple Numbers per Name, GPRS, Bluetooth, Caller Groups (Business, Work, Friends, Family), Improve LED function.

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Best so far


Apr 25, 2003 by Dave Smith

My 225 follows a Nokia 3390 and 5160 and has the smallest size, most convenient use, best audio, best battery life and best menu features of them all. The backlight is bright enough to use as a night light or keyhole finder. I'm on T-Mobile in southern California with the best coverage to date (which may be due to buildout, not carrier technology). The early version's software problem (switching networks) was solved and Samsung cheerfully replaced my original 225. No problem since.

The only negative is the earbud handsfree. Must have been sized to a mule's ear; way too big for mine. OEM holder is perfect.

I have recommended this phone to a number of folks and will continue to do so.

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Great looks, better-than-average personality.


May 15, 2002 by Jeff Liechty

I got my R225 just a few hours ago and I'm really impressed with it. The coolest thing about this phone--hands down--is the Indigo backlight. You could see to change a tire with it, at midnight, with no moon. It has good resolution and is large and easy to read. You can also configure it to display a nice, big analog-style clock. The five-color LED service light is pretty nice too but a little more on the "toy" side. The clarity (compared to my old NOKIA 8290) is OUTSTANDING! There's also a full-screen calender in the organizer. What would make this phone even better? Voice Recognition, memo recorder, replaceable face-plates, oh yeah, and maybe a snooze feature for the alarm (my NOKIA was also my alarm clock). If you want a phone you can browse with; you probably ought to keep looking. I don't think this one does but I'm still skimming the manual. Overall, for the price, I think this phone is an absolute steal.

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Great phone, super performance


Jul 20, 2002 by Ed from LA

I recently got T-Mobile service in Los Angeles and the Samsung R225m phone. The net cost to me after rebate was just 99 cents. That's an exceptional deal considering how great this phone performs. The sound quality (GSM) is excellent and beats both Sprint PCS and ATT TDMA. It has really nice features, superb backlighting and a very intuitive menu. I didn't even have to read the manual. It also has AOL IM which I just love, plus SMS that works very well too. Plus, T-Mobile's website allows you to type in names and address and send them to your phone, which makes setting up the phone book sooo much easier than my other phones. The size and weight are excellent. Reception is full scale everywhere I go with no dropped calls. It's features and performance are the best of any phone I've had to date. It's worked flawlessly. The only drawback is I can't surf the web with it, but it does have some limited web capability.

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Samsung R225M...still solid years later...


Oct 4, 2009 by rickp315

I was looking for a solid basic bar style phone, and found one used, but in very nice condition. At $10.00 I had to buy it, and I am so happy I did. This was the device I had when I first became a T-Mobile customer over 5 yrs. ago. Feels like I reunited with a lost friend. It grabs a signal better than the Motorola Renew I have, the earpiece is clearer, and its a solid build. They do not make cell phones like this anymore, and its a shame.

-Screen can be seen in bright daylight.
-Great battery life.
-External antennae.
-Super simple to use.
-Solid build.
-Loud ringers
-Nice clear screen.

-Out of production.
-No speaker phone.

I feel I found my solution to poor signal, and sound.

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