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Good Phone!


May 28, 2004 by sansho

This is my first LG phone. Having had it a short time, I would recommend this as an entry flip phone.

* Color screen on the inside display is crisp
* Speaker phone works nicely (it's either on or off). While I wasn't looking for a speaker phone, it's a nice feature to have.
* Holds a signal better than previous V120e
* Tri-band includes analog
* No camera
* Good ear piece volume and volume adjustment
* Phonebook is easy to setup

* While polyphonic ringers are an improvement over non-polyphonic ringers, I had a higher expectation for the tonal quality, based on other brands
* Fee-based ringers on Verizon's website are pretty weak, again, perhaps because of the lower 'depth' of the 3200's ringer capabilities
* No external display



Feb 23, 2005 by rabey

I have owned 10 phones in this class this past year..

1. Great reception

2. Speakerphone feature

3. Same features as LG 4600 and LG 5450


1. No games (for those who care)

2. No outside LCD

3. Small LCD screen

Oveall: For the price right now probably one of the best phones you can buy (strictly for calling and nothing fancy).. Great Rcpt. and battery life w/ speakerphone



Nov 27, 2004 by jkingry

If you are looking for a phone to do basic stuff like make calls and calculate a tip then this phone is the one you want. This is by far the most durable phone I have ever used. I have thrown this phone at everything thing (including people) and it has not broke. I have also dropped it everywhere. Obviously the main problem is no front screen to display who is calling, but you can set it up so that you can open it to see who is calling before you answer.

Good phone, missing a couple things


Nov 16, 2004 by presleyhome

The technical features of this phone are great. I use it for daily voice and most weekend I do 1X connection to the internet at about 180kb transfer rates. Works well, (I'm on Verizon, SF bay area) and reception capability is good. Couple things I don't like. First of all (I should have noticed this before I bought online), it has NO outside LCD display. My old phone did, and I miss that. While you can enter much info about each contact in the contact list, it displays nothing about them when they call you. For example, when my daughter calls me, it does not even display her name. Just the phone number. Thats irritating. Every phone I have ever owned for years have displayed the contact name on the display when they called you.

Good technically, a few features that operate odd.

Does what a cell phone should do.


Sep 18, 2004 by bfam

IT WORKS! I don't have time to play games with a cell phone and I don't care about ring tones (as long as I can here one) .I don't want to take pictures with a phone or text anything, all I want is to be able to make and receive calls. I've had cell phones for 12 years, all shapes and sizes and after trying a vx4500, (all digital just couldn't cut it in my area) the vx3200 was recommended by a friend. It's simple to use, has always worked when needed, never dropped a call yet and has the best battery life of any phone I've had so far.

Loud, good features


Jul 18, 2004 by db12345

I've had it about 2 wks, with Verizon. It's my 4th cell phone, and the best one I've had so far (even better than my old StarTac, which I loved)

Pros: (1) Earpiece very loud. This was key to me. You can even use this on the streets of New York City, which are very noisy. Even louder than either of my 2 cordless phones, and certainly the loudest cell phone I've owned. (2) Speakerphone. I would like the speakerphone to have been louder, but this is satisfactory. (3) Sound quality on the receiver end seems better than my othercell phones, judging by what. (4) Setting up contact list, which in my case is very small (about 10 people) was easy. (5) Tri-mode. Verizon seems to be pushing people into all-digital, I still think it's good to have tri-mode if you ever go into rural areas. (6) Ringer can be made very loud. My sister-in-law alerted me to this issue because women usually keep their phones in a purse and need a loud ringer.

Cons: (1) No way that I can find to use the speaker-phone with the unit closed, though it's possible that on auto-answer it would do so, I don't use that feature. (2) No way to get rid of wallpaper on the otherwise very nice color display. I checked with LG support on this, you're stuck with those pictures which, afaik, just clutter up the display. This is a small complaint. (3) Manual could be a lot better. For example, speakerphone operation, which is actually quite simple, is explained very poorly (indeed, they don't even have an index entry for "Speakerphone"!)

Great Phone for Business Use.


Jul 13, 2004 by RFGUY

The VX3200 is almost the perfect phone for those who just want a phone and text messaging without the toys like a camera. I have however, found a few things that would improve the 3200. I hope LG reads this and comes out with a software upgrade.


Great RF

User friendly menu system

Many features that you really use such as several alarms and a tip calculator.

Good speaker phone.


Bright Display

Once active, There is no indicator that the speaker phone is on. There needs to be either a symbol on the screen or the words "speaker on" at the bottom of the display to remind you that the speaker phone is on. It does tell you when you first turn it on and when you turn it off. Sometimes however, I forget that it is on.

There is no way to tell if you missed a call if they did not leave a voice message. There needs to be a "missed call" reminder with reminder beeps. ** ALL MISSED CALLS, MISSED TEXT MESSAGES, MISSED VOICE MAILS, SHOULD MAKE THE STATUS LIGHT EITHER TURN RED OR MAKE IT FLASH 3 TIMES QUICKLY AND REPEAT UNTIL YOU HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED THAT YOU HAVE MISSED SOMETHING.

Finally there needs to be a profile mode or macro whereby you could set several settings to a particular state just by switching to a different profile such as night mode or meeting mode. I like to have my ringer lower volume at night, speaker phone on, status light off. I should be able to just switch to a night mode and have these switch to my preferred settings without having to go change each one separately.

The status light does not operate like the manual says it does. There is no red light that turns to green when charging the battery...would be nice but doesn't work like the book states.

Keep up the good work LG. You make a great phone!!!!

Better sound quality than more expensive phones


Nov 14, 2004 by zingusa

- Good sound quality
- Easy one hand dialing
- Small, light, comfortable in front pants pocket

- No camera
- Not great looking
- Lacking cute features

Phones Compared:
- LG VX 3200
- Samsung SCH ??
- Motorola V710

- 6-8 calls per phone

Verizon. I switched from Sprint to Verizon after several years because of signal loss between North and South Carolina where I travel a lot.


- I have no affiliation with any phone manufacturer or carrier

During Verizon’s 30 day trial, I tried their discounted LG VX3200. Sound quality is my number one concern. The LG VX3200 was good, but I didn’t care for the phone’s appearance when closed. Screen and dialing was fine when open. I wanted to try a camera phone, so Verizon gave me a Samsung (SCH something). I didn’t like the sound quality. Then I tried the new Motorola V710 (Sep 04). I didn’t like that sound quality either.

With all phones I called friends and family repeatedly and left voice messages for myself to compare sound. I also called from different locations. I saw from other reviews that some people said the Motorola V710 wasn’t very loud. I found that to be true, plus one handed dialing wasn’t easy for me with the V710. (For what it’s worth, I’m 50, so maybe my hearing isn’t as great as when I was 20.)

My primary usage is for business-related discussion, so my priority is to have clear communication and not worry about dropped connections. If those issues are a concern at a certain location, I’ll put off the call.

A camera would have some professional and personal use for me, and the cost differential was acceptable. But due to my emphasis on sound quality, ease of one hand dialing, and comfort of phone in front pocket, the inexpensive LG VX3200 was best for me.




Dec 25, 2004 by cvj1223

This is my first phone ever and its great. This phone is awesome the sound is great with a clear picture i would really suggest this phone (even though you have to download games) but it still rules!!!

Great Phone


Oct 9, 2004 by Egrega

First of all, this was made to be a basic phone. It does not take pictures, have web capabilities, or take any kind of video. It is a tri-mode phone, has a speakerphone built in, and it easy to use. If you are looking for a feature rich phone, try the Audiovox 9900. If you are looking for a basic phone that's easy to use and has great reception, then give the 3200 a whirl.

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