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Jul 21, 2005 by UncleKoolAidKool

Thanx LG an ALLTEL!!!!! couldnt have asked for anything simpler and better from LG and ALLTTEL!! PEOPLE, if you want a phone with a front caller ID display than stop complaining about it and GO BUY ONE WITH IT! and honestly what is the difference between a camera on a phone and a regular camera?! if you wanna send picz to ur friends, USE A COMPUTER!!! and who cares about ring tones!!! as long as it makes some type of noise to indicate that there is a call coming in!!!!!! and when you want speakerphone with this phone, its what you get, other phones just get louder!!!! GREAT PHONE!!! DEFFINATELY BUY IT!!! never had a dropped call with it yet!! AND I LIVE ON A MOUNTAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!! thanx! LG!!!LOVE IT!great phone!! BUY IT NOW!!!!!

Great Phone!


Jul 6, 2005 by mrtasle

I don't get all the negativity about this phone. It isn't advertised as a Web phone or a camera phone. It is designed to make and receive calls. It does that beautifully. Sure if you want all the bells and whistles you should buy a different phone. You get what they say and it works great.



Jun 21, 2005 by johnathan757

good ass phone basic free phone with good recption..... nice easy phone great for elder people.... n nice speaker i sell atleast 20 of these a month.... myself at alltel.....

Excellent for talking, a real mess for messaging


May 14, 2005 by pastobaide

I wanted a flip cellphone for my pocket and I got this one (nearly) free through Verizon. In general, a nice, elegant unit but in some respects I miss my former Nokias...

Compact and quite sturdy - I have sometimes sat or slept over it, and once it fell several feet to a hard floor.Nevertheless, it has scarcely any damage.
Nice color screen.
Ability to switch between normal and speakerphone mode.
Variety of ringtones. VZ provides others online for a small fee.
Good audio on both listening modes.
Very good button feel and response.
No extensible antenna to break or bend.
Easy adjustment of volumes, ringtone and voice, through an external rocker switch (too easy to unset, though!).
Recognizes signal changes in roaming mode instantly, adjusting times and settings in seconds.

Text messaging and customizing of the unit's settings are a real pain, absolutely unintuitive - you basically can't do either without "the Book" until you get the hang of them.
Built-in ringtones tend to be a bit tinny.
Short battery life (at least in my case). I have to juice it every evening, if I forget it dies by the next afternoon...
No availability of the 24-hour (European/military) time system.
Horrible translation of in-phone instructions to Spanish, my native language.

Despite the cons, it is a nice, clean unit that I find easy to use for what are the cellphone's basic functions: talking and listening anywhere you go.

Basic phone


May 7, 2005 by javidla

This phone has no purpose but to talk. No extra features, screen is too small, messaging and menus are not very comfortable. The WORST problem, like with most Korean-made cheap crap phones from Verizon Wireless, it gets hot burning your face when you talk over it. But this is a general issue with Samsung and LG phones.

Hope Verizon being the best wireless networks will finally spend some more money on selection of their phones, and get more fancy Nokia and Motorola phones, rather than feeding customers with Samsung/LG garbage. Otherwise, they will lose to GSM carriers as those grow their networks as well.

Great new phone from LG!


Apr 26, 2005 by jthomp1286

I've had this phone for a few weeks now. I must say the more I use it, the more I love it. I don't know why people are complaining about no reminders about missed calls and such, when that's the first thing I see when I open the flip if I've missed a call! The ringtones are loud and clear (even on the lowest setting!), the wallpapers/graphics are pleasing to the eyes. The phone is fast in operation, has a great, innovative and easy to use menu. The design is small, compact, has a stub antennae because that's all it needs and it fits easy into almost anywhere.
I use this phone as a calendar and an alarm clock as well! For a first time user or even a cellphone fanatic I would definitely recommend this phone!

Text Messaging


Apr 26, 2005 by pHoEnIxx

I think this is a great phone for my basic needs. Although I am having alot of problems with text messaging and voice mail. My phone doesnt receive all its phone calls, and when people leave messages I do not get notified. I will get notification 3-4 days later about text / voice messages that I should of received days ago. I like the phone, just wish it would work for what I want it for.

wow! so this is what its like to have a cell phone


Apr 15, 2005 by JCT21

this phone does what it is expected to do. it simply works & works great. ive always had a cell phone. i have this phone with alltel wireless. i must say i am floored at the coverage difference between alltel cdma and cingular gsm. alltel rox!

this doesnt have the outer disply or a camera but then again, i bought it to use as a telephone not a camera. the screen is big and crisp, it has contrast and brightness adjustments so you can easily pick how bright you want the screen. you can choose between analog clock displays and digital, has a world clock so you can see what time it is all over the world. speakerphone works great, voice memos are clear and can be set as ringtones.

reception is the key feature on this phone. its able to grab a signal and hold on to it. im able to use this phone where i previously had no service with cingular gsm, nokia 3595. 2 thumbs up for LG, alltel & cdma!!

the phone menu is easily learnable. it was a change for me coming from nokia phones but its simple and nothing 5 minutes cant handle. i have never yet been without service on this phone, and if i did, it has the options to select what system you want to use, something i never had with the cingular nokia phones.

battery life is good. i get about 4 days of standby with occasional usage before a charge. that is average and comparable to the nokia phones ive used. this is a solid, strong, durable phone. i would very highly recommend this phone.

Entry Level Goodness


Mar 17, 2005 by Echternacht

I had purchased two of these phones at two different occassions. Once for my father on his birthday, and another for my brother to replace his busted up Samsung SCH-A310. (And yes, I have used them: My SCH-A310 is nothing more than an alarm clock now). Both times, the request was simple: Nothing fancy, just a color screen and makes calls.

And might I say, it does just those two things.

The phone itself is nominally simple in form. It's an attractive phone, despite the only option of having a green cover. Small, not exactly light--still, it's not a leathal weapon either. A lot of people would prefer an outside caller id display, however the lack of one seriously boosts batterly life.

The lack of discernable features is unsettling, though. The phone is not targeted to young or techy audiences, since it lacks the signature Get It Now of Verizon. It also lacks games. It does, however, have the basics: (tip) calculator, organizer, alarm clock with three settings, formatting options for text messages, picture caller id, and a rather... "interesting" assortment of included ringtones, but alas no real phone ringing sound.

In terms of call quality, I can't say I've noticed much difference between the SCH-A310 and the VX3200, but I do live in the Clarksville, TN area and truly, service and call quality is always 100%, so it's hard to say if I were elsewhere. I've never actually used the speaker phone, but the ringers do come out loud and crisp, and best of all: you can record your own voice memos and set them as ringtones (Every VX3200 I have, I turn the ringtone to "The phone is ringing."

I give the phone a three and a half, since I know it does what it's supposed to, it's reliable, sturdy, comfortable, and the color screen is visible even in bright sunlight. I don't like, however, the lack of ringtones that sounds like its a phone, nor does its simplicity astound me. It's not an amazing phone, but it does what it's supposed to.



Mar 14, 2005 by joe2owl



Very good phone. Small, battery lasts a week, usable Schedule, loud speaker mode, good vibration mode, very easy to use. The only thing I didn’t like for the first time about this phone was no customization of ringtone, wallpaper. Hopefully after making some investigation and despite answer from Verizon and other cell authorities that it is not possible, I found solutions to customize ringtone, wallpaper in this phone. Now I am fully satisfied with this phone.

If you want to change wallpaper/ringtone in this phone, check out this company, they have a software for this:


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