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Good phone with decent featureset


May 12, 2004 by krusemarks

This is a good phone that offers analog and digital features with a decent speaker phone, color display decent navigation, and voice dialing. It's missing a display on the cover of the flip but, you can set it up to see the caller id on the inside display and then press the send key to answer.

Its phone book allows multiple numbers per entry, and you can associate voice dialing with any number entered. It has several 'home phone' type of ring tones along with a few more hip tunes. Color screen is easy to read. If you can live without the display on the cover then it's definitely worth considering.

Our history is with a ATT GSM LG4011-nice thin clear sounding, ATT TDMA Nokia 3600 great signal strength but brutal power button, and a ATT TDMA Motorola V60 poor signal strength, dropped calls. Verizon's CDMA seems more digitized than ATT's GSM and TDMA that we're leaving because of dropped calls and limited calling areas in the Kansas and Nebraska areas.

As for sound quality the only direct comparison I have is that of a free Kyocera KX414 (non flip) that we added to our Verizon family plan. The sound quality is a tiny bit better on the 414. We plan to use my wife's phone for a fair amount of evening long distance so call quality is our top consideration for her unit. As such, I'll probably keep one 3200 for its analog capability and good speakerphone and we will have my wife look at the digital only Samsung SCH-530 that has received good reviews on phone scoop.

Pro's -
Probably the best $39 flip from Verizon.
Speakerphone, color screen, analog capability, quality LG reputation, good ring/vibrate/speaker strength. Easy to use interface and buttons.

Con's -
No display on the cover
No ability to vibrate then ring.
No headset or belt clip included.

Net result, we're keeping one VX 3200 and going shopping for second flip with a less digitized sound. I don't know if we can find it but we're gonna try.

Reliable phone, great features, modest price


Sep 19, 2004 by renegade.

I have owned 2 of the VX3200s for about 2 months. The VX3200 is a reliable cell phone at a modest price. It has tri-mode capability, and I think its ability to find and to hold a usable signal (southwest Virginia) is excellent. I've been amazed at the reception that the VX3200 gets in places where others' phones would give up completely.

Excellent reception, even inside large buildings, warehouses, or basements.
Small, lightweight, flip design.
Great price for a reliable phone.
Loud and clear (ringtones, earpiece, and speakerphone).
Voice dial and other features for visually impaired.
Accepts mp3 ringtones (recorded at 16kbs, 16khz).
Distinct ringtones can be assigned to contacts and to schedule reminders.
No outer display to scratch (great for pockets/purses with keys/change).
Display has adjustable contrast and brightness.
Lighted keypad.
Good battery life.
Ringtone/earpiece volume keys on outside.
Easy to learn menu.
Easy to use one button voice memo.
Voice memo can be assigned as a ringtone/reminder also.
PC friendly (Data cable available at Radio Shack 17-792 or FutureDial #19, software and drivers available on the Internet for free).

No alerts for missed calls (no outer display, so phone has to be opened to check for missed calls).
No games (doesn't matter to me, but some people like the games).
Display is impossible to see in bright, direct sunlight.
Mp3 ringtones do not repeat and are not volume adjustable on the phone (I have uploaded mp3s as large as 160kb -- about 1 minute in length --, so the repeatability is not a major issue).

When I first got the phones, I thought the lack of the outer display would be a definite negative. But with assignable ringtones (and mp3 capable as well), an outer display really doesn't matter that much (except now there is no display to get scratched up). You can also set the phone to answer on flip-open, on Send key, on any key, or on auto-answer (can be set to answer after 1 or 3 rings).

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Great phone!


May 16, 2006 by radicalistic

-Option for vibrate and ring tone at same time
-Strong vibrate; could feel through purse
-Great reception (Greater Cleveland w/ Alltel)
-Long battery life; could go four days w/o charging
-Easy to manage contacts
-Can set voice memos as ringtones
-Is very sturdy; only broke down after putting it through the washing machine (for the second time, had already dropped it, scratched the battery, gone through several faceplates)

-Not very many ring tones or wallpapers
-Occasionally dropped calls
-No outside screen

Overall, this is a great phone and I am sad to see it go!

Small, simple phone.


Oct 2, 2005 by tonytonytony

Pro. Simple basic dependable phone. All I need. Speaker phone is great!

Con. If you want a phone to impress your friends…this is not the one.

I have a family share national plan with Horizon. Both me and my wife travel all over the nation. Big towns, small towns, rural areas, camping, skiing, etc. Phone is just unbelievable..99% of the time we connect with each other. I can be in the middle of a 50 story hotel in downtown Chicago and she can be in a basement mall in Los Angels and we connect. She has dropped the phone several times on concrete and into her coffee cup…and the phone keeps on working. If you are looking for a very dependable small phone,..this is a great one. I spent a lot of time doing research and based my decision upon the reviews I read in phone scoop. This is why I am excited to do my part and help the next person out that is reading these reviews.

Great Phone!


Oct 1, 2005 by Drew_Hytt

I had received my phone about half a year ago and it does exactly was all of the reviews say. The LG vx3200 is an affordable phone with none of the new features like a camera or video playback, but is like what a lot of people have said “good for being a phone.” The main thing I love about this phone is that it doesn’t look like its going to fall apart if you look at it the wrong way. It feels sturdy in the hand and doesn’t at all feel flimsy. Reception is great in urban and rural areas depending on your service provider. The LCD screen is small yet crisp and you can still manage to read it in direct sunlight. The phone has the standard LG system which is relatively simple to use and has all of the standard features, address book, scheduler, world clock, calculator, e-z tip calculator, and other little accessories which also come in handy. With the service plan I have now my provider offers internet so I can go on the phone and look up news and weather, check the emails, and the built in Openwave system works great. Polyphonic ring tones sound nice, loud and crisp, the manner mode works nice and the over all battery life of the phone is really good. I can keep it uncharged for about 4-6 days (and that’s 3-6 calls a day). The only two things I’m not satisfied with this phone would be that it has the tendency to over heat if your constantly navigating or having a call, gets warm to the touch, and that when you are in an area that has no reception or your roaming the phone gets really weird, calendar dates back to June 1980 and you cant tell who left you any messages, etc. Yah that seems practical. When it comes down to it this is a GREAT phone for people who want to use it as a phone with the standard features you would see with most phones and a few extra handy accessories.

very tight cellphone


Sep 16, 2005 by mysticgurl73

i had this phone for about a year and I'm with verizon the phone is very good i get good reception on this phone and its got very cool wallpaper and even ring tones. Ive had a few providers and verizon takes the cake. verizon is the best out of everything i have tried and i will never go back to anything else.this phone is a small compact phone with good and easy to get use to and easy to use i love the vibrate for when in a quiet place and i also love the voice dialing
I'm really sorry i broke it a few weeks ago trying to put on a faceplate and was entirely my fault cause i forgot to unscrew a screw lol never do that again

Great Phone


Aug 24, 2005 by atldavidg

I had to upgrade my phone because my old standby that I'd had forever was finally dying. My first approach was to try out the brand new LG VX-8100 and the Moto e815. I returned both of them after a week because of serious problems. (e815 kept locking up and VX-8100 had serious volume problems. Bluetooth wasn't clear on either phone)

I got the VX-3200 via insurance and was not expecting to like it because it's a basic phone. However, I have been very impressed.

Reception is absolutely amazing--better than any other phone I have tried. Better than the e815 and MUCH better than the VX-8100.

Call clarity is very good. Speakerphone is excellent.

Lack of an outside display is a minor annoyance, but I didn't have one before so it's not a deal killer.

Address book software is standard LG--easy to use and much better than Moto's.

The only thing I really DON'T like is that the vibrate alert for voicemail will go off in the middle of a phone call. That's annoying, to say the least--but certainly much less of a problem than I've had with any of the newer phones.

Accidently Hung Up On My Husband


Aug 18, 2005 by galeann

PRO: Good at receiving far away signals like from Korea and Kuwait.

PRO: Good amount of battery life.

CON: NO SIDE KEY LOCK! While reaching for it in my purse, I accidentally hung up on my husband when he called from Korea and again when he called from Kuwait. To store the phone a different way made no difference. It is for this reason that I exchanged this phone for an Audiovox phone that I was sure would have a side key lock on it. Needless to say, I will be hesitant to purchase an LG phone in the future.

This is one good phone


Aug 14, 2005 by ShadowScorpion

I've got this phone during the Switch from Fido to Telus promotion, and I must admit I was a bit skeptic. It was my first CDMA, and my experiences with LG was... questionable at best. I was in for quite a surprise.

This phone proved to be one of the best I've had. The sound quality is stunning, the battery life surprisingly good, and it never, ever dropped one single call. Plus, the color display is crisp and clear. It may not have an outer display or digital camera, and if you want these, then do not buy this phone. If you are looking for a sturdy, reliable phone that won't let you down, then this one is for you.

- Surprisingly good battery life
- Speaker phone is loud and clear
- 1x capability
- Supports MP3 ringtones
- MIDI ringtones sounds great
- Crisp and clear color screen

CONS: None that are really worth being mentioned. The lack of outer display is a minor annoyance, but it cranks up battery life. Another minor con is the difficulty to read anything on the screen during sunny days

This is a great phone


Aug 14, 2005 by xbrunettebabex

This was the first phone that i had ever had and it was a great one. i had this phone before upgrading to the Motorola V265. This was a great phone and if i had to switch back to it i don't think that i would mind very much. I recommend this phone to anybody who is getting a cell phone for the first time.

-assignable ring tones
-great reception (Tampa, FL)
-Great Text Messaging

-Small Screen
-Cannot accept picture messaging
(But can go online and check what pictures have been sent to you so it really doesn't matter)
-No get it now

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