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Good idea, but hampered.


Jun 9, 2006 by Transient

The A630 looked like the ideal phone for me at the time. I'm not a corporate user, just a single guy, and I do a fair amount of text messaging and personal email from my phone. Unfortunately, the honeymoon ended long ago.

The hardware is of decent quality. While the QWERTY keyboard works great for me and I quickly adapted, other parts of the phone simply feel cheap. For example: the front button panel slides around. I have dropped it about three times and, aside from a hairline crack, it's still in good shape. Even after a year or two, it's unique enough that people always ask me about it.

The software is another story. Motorola's operating system is astonishingly bad for this phone. I believe it's the same sort of OS as the V3 Razr. If the slow response is annoying on the Razr, it's absolutely miserable on the A630. On a message of any significant length (more than five words) I will have to wait for the phone to respond to keypresses. Sometimes up to twenty seconds between pushing a button and seeing the result. I clean up my mail/instant messages, keep only a few pictures on the phone, and have no extra content otherwise.
There is no excuse for it running so slowly. Heck, it even delays when I just dial a number.

The A630 does a lot of things right - but the problems are so restrictive that I can't wait to replace it.

- Unique
- Excellent with basic messaging
- Relatively solid build quality

- Some design quirks.
- Miserable OS response time.
- Doesn't always engage with charger, even when plugged in.

My Favorite Phone


May 2, 2006 by cdbyveronica

Generally, this is my favorite phone, and I have a feeling that it will be, at least in the near future. Im so sick of the phones that have no keyboards, and the ones that do, are huge, how anyone besides a guy with huge pockets, fit a sidekick into their pockets, it's beyond me. But it does have some cons to it.

simple, motorola menu
bluetooth compatible
ok camera quality
everything is accessible from the front display
which makes for quick calling
can take a nice beating
amazingly easy messaging.
i love the QWERTY keyboard
small, sleek, pocket-fitting design

very short battery life
delay in displaying things
very little storage space & no memory card slot
speaker is kind of quiet especially when not on full battery
drops calls [i use t-Mobile in brooklyn, ny]
buttons are tiny and very close together, lots of typos going on.

but overall, i think there is no better phone on the market, well no, this phone is discontinued, but still. astounding phone.

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Fast text messaging


Dec 11, 2005 by el-flako

Very confortable for work, I need both bluetooth and fast text messaging in the wireless business and the A630 provides me with them, the only thing i would need is the webviewer, which i saw one of the users mentioned... li2327 if u read this please hook me up...

mp3 player wouldnt hurt...

Best phone


May 7, 2005 by javidla

This is the best phone available on U.S. market. I wish it was also available in CDMA network, since switching from extremely reliable Verizon to mediocre T-mobile reception or alternatively using Verizon garbage phones vs fancy GSM phone like A630 is quite a difficult decision to make.

Just one comment on this phone, MP3 player would not hurt to make it perfect.

Great Phone! No downfalls


Apr 28, 2005 by LAA10

overall this phone is comparable to my V620....have had no problems, LOVE the keyboard for AIM, and the bluetooth works great and the size is perfect! highly recommend it!

Love My A630


Apr 21, 2005 by NHCharmedOne

I have had this phone for a lil over two months and really enjoy it.

Pros> inside screen is really amazing looking, crisp & clear.
Speaker phone is great, use it a lot.
Love the qwerty keyboard, works so much easier the Predictive txt lol (way easier)
Battery life for me anyways is great, i get almost a week out of this phone before charging.
probably more, but don't want to take up the whole page lol

there are a few cons, but nothing to die over lol

Cons> Needs more memory, a card slot would have been great, the 5MB memory isn't enough.
Like the camera, but a 1MP would have been a huge improvement.
RF isn't the best i have had with a phone (not the worst, but not the best)

Excellent Phone


Mar 22, 2005 by li2327

I downloaded webviewer from www.reqwireless.com and now have full internet access with java. This has made the motorola a630 worth the money. Was using the sidekick, but after the download, the motorola a630 blew the sidekick right out of the water. I highly recommend this phone!



Mar 19, 2005 by shanek0378

I have had almost 10 Motorola phones, and this is by far the coolest phone I have ever had. It is like my old c250 but with all the features of the v300-400&600, but with a cool side flip and keyboard. OMG I got a Blue-tooth Headset with it & it is awesome, although there is a slight delay. But, I will never be more happy with another phone, I played with a Sidekick 2 and that has nothing on the A630.

Smaller than the Sidekick.
Well set keyboard.
Easy pairing w/ blue-tooth.
Sleek Look (The New Hotness!)
Camera has a great picture.

Blue-tooth has delay.
Camera could have more options.



May 11, 2005 by nougapina

This phone has just about everything I have ever wanted! Lighted QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, Camera, & speakerphone. This is a fabulous phone which is fully loaded. A few things I would of liked the phone to have would be video, memory card slot, and at least a megapixel camera. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would definately recommend this phone to anyone!



Mar 18, 2005 by VR6Yetta

The A30 is a cool little phone. it is a little thick for a phone. it feels heavy when it is in ur pocket but if u get the carring case for it, it feels like u dont even have the phone on u. the camera is good. the camera could be better. i got the phone for the qwerty keypad since i do a lot of text messaging. if u have small fingers, u can type really fast. there is not aftermarket cases for this phone. the mp3 ringers are awesome.

i have been having some problems with the phone though. it turnes off on me. it will also turn off and then reboot itself. it also will show me a white screen for about 20 seconds b4 i could do anything.

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