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Motorola A630


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Best T-Mobile Phone To-Date...


Dec 22, 2004 by FatBastard

I've owned a few T-Mobile phones in the past year, including the Samsung E715 and D415. I'd take the Motorola A630 everyday of the week and twice on Sundays!


- Design
- Compact
- Battery life seems a lot longer
- All-in-one capabilities
- Bluetooth
- Obviously, QWERTY keyboard
- Overall, just flat out fantastic!


- Speakerphone could be louder
- Motorola and their fragile chargers
- Better manual

My favorite phone to date...and I've owned many. I love the feel of the phone, not too big and not too small. It's not so much what this phone has, but what T-Mobile Samsung phones don't have. No Bluetooth or speakerphone. What the A630 lacks in terms of display is made up in its functionality. Text messaging has never been so much fun. This one is staying with me for a loooong time.

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Love the phone!


Dec 4, 2004 by orbitalpulse

I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and myself and fiance purchased service with two of the A630's. I have to say we both are very happy with the phones and the service in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

RF (Working and clear so far everywhere).
Bluetooth (Something new in a phone for me).
MP3 (I love to edit my own and use them).
Camera (It's on par with the VZW phones).
Speakerphone (Better than most others).
Design (Really almost as good as it gets).

SD slot would have been nice.
Camera could have been 1MP or more.
Quality it's not bad, but feels fragile.

The con's really are not bad, I understand these things would raise the phones price and therefore might not be what they were shooting for. I like it how it is though, those were just things I feel would have earned it a 5 instead. The build quality is nice, but with anything like this I'd cringe if I dropped it. Also, the camera really is not that bad, it's not great, but to be honest neither was the V710 and it was over a megapixel. I work for a VZW auth. agent and comparing the two it seems kinda the same to me.

One last thing to note, I have seen some people saying the camera has no zoom, it does in fact zoom - to utilize the zoom on the camera use the volume control keys on the outside of the phone. It has a well placed layout in camera mode even though it seems ackward. It places your pointer finger on the volume or zoom keys and near the snap button and your thumb next to the brightness adjustment buttons.

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Motorola a630


Nov 26, 2004 by ghettoknight92

The phone is good for super-typist and techs. The QWERTY keypad is a great plus. The VGA would be better if it was mega-pixel. It is a GSM network phone, so don't worry about re-programming your entire phone book. It is available on Tmobile and soon to be on Cingular. (Tentative) The blue-tooth on this phone is a good feature. It allows to sync with not only phones, but PDAs and Computers. There is no video capture, which would have been a better feature, but I personally love it.

This phone would make a great gift/present...

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Just terrible


Oct 24, 2006 by asadee83

I've only had the A630 for 4 days and am past ready to throw it against a wall.
I get no reception at my house at all. Can't make/receive calls, can't send texts (although I can receive them)
When I leave my house, I have to power-cycle my phone at least 3 times to be able to make a call.
Also, it doesn't resend the failed texts.
It's also dropping ALL my calls after 2 minutes max.
I don't know what it is. I have Cingular and I haven't had a dropped call in YEARS.
On the plus side, I love the bluetooth and making my own ringtones and the keypad is a lot harder to use compared to my LG F9100 (which I had previously).

~No reception inside buildings
~ Drops calls
~ Unable to erase texts
~ No option to lock the keypad (IDIOTIC)

~Bluetooth (yeah that's it)

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Cute but not worth it


Aug 11, 2006 by blazev

Have had this for for a couple of months and am sorry to say it was a waste of good dollars. While the phone's size and layout are cute, a definite conversation piece, signal stinks. I'm using this on the Cingular network. Cingular is an excellent network and I've never had a reception problem until I got this phone. I can never get more than 2 bars inside any building or my home. Even purchased a signal booster to help and it accomplished only 1 bar if that. I have no signal problems with any of my other phones.

Along with poor signal, ear piece, even on max is poor quality. Ringer volume, like all Motorolas, is also a joke. Heaven forbid you are in a bar, your phone is in your back pocket or bottom of your purse and someone calls. You will not be able to hear the phone ring.

Thought this would be a good phone, but I was unpleasantly surprised. Phone works great outside, so if you get this phone be prepared to hold a lot of conversations in the outdoors. I guess if you're a camper it'll work great for you.

With all the features it does have too bad they couldn't get the phone to pick up better signal and for goodness sake, Motorola, please level up the volume on the ringer and earpiece.

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Best phone ever used...


May 22, 2006 by letter21

This is the best phone I have used for the past 16 months! I am lucky that I bought 2 (one spare) when I saw how much I liked it.

I use the email a lot and find that it is much cheaper than using the blackberry system.

Use the gmail as the repository of all your email and then sych up with this phone. It works ALL OVER THE WORLD!

It was a great hassel to get t-mobile to give me the subsidy unlock code so that I could use it out of USA.


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Bitter Sweet


Feb 28, 2006 by raskeithburton

After three replacements, T-mobile allowed me to exchange the phone for a V360. I loved what the phone could do--especially the QWERTY functionality. Unfortunately, Motorola obviously compromised on quality. I'm not sure it would be asking too much to have a steel case like the V60 or RAZR. I understand the MDA is now out with a windows based OS and lots of other bells and whistles. However, having spent $473.00 for a phone I owned for less than a year, I may just be sticking to the freebies and cheapies from now on.

It's such a shame--I hate having to give up a phone with soooo much potential.

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Great Idea, Poor Development


Feb 7, 2006 by Zumagio

I am on my third replacement and I only owned my phone for one year with light use. T-Mobile keeps sending refurbished junk. It is great for the person on the go that needs to check personal email or occasionally write a text message. The key pad is a lot easier to use that I first though and emails are easy to read with a powerful back-light. The problem that I have is speed. The email is very slow, and accessing applications takes a couple of seconds longer that you would like.

They apparently have recharging problems as they get older. One of the three sent had that problem, the original did as well.

If you need a cell phone and capability to occasionally check and write email, then this is the phone. If you need more than this you will be very frustrated.

Check email
Good phone capability

Poor reception
Worthless camera
Slow application
Phone book limited to just phone and email
Starts to have recharge connection problems.

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Great Concept, Poor Execution


Jan 17, 2006 by kamel5547

This would be a great phone if it would last more than 6 months. My poor rating is based on myself and my girlfriend both going through two of these phones in one year ( that would be a total of four dead phones). In each case the charging mechanism fails, even though the battery is still good. All phones were provided by T Mobile.

On the good side texting is easy and fun and all the features work great ( that is no substitute for having to get a new phone over and voer though). All in all most of Motorola's phones are great but do not buy this one.

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Loved This Phone


Dec 26, 2005 by chrisocker

I lost this phone on a mountain in El Paso and have regretted doing so ever since. I loved the bluetooth feature which allowed me to cut up .mp3s and use them as ringtones, but the real catcher was the QWERTY keyboard matched with such a small, sleek design. No other phone, not even the latest Samsung T809 comes close to this phone, in my opinion, and I am pissed that T-Mobile discontinued this dream stick. The only con I ever saw in the phone was sometimes when I charged it the screen on the front would stay on. But I found by calling my voicemail and then immediately hanging up the screen would go dark like it is supposed to. I got the V3 after this one and I really don't like it. It's so wide and when you're calling someone it's like having a fat rule in your hand. Overall, this is an awesome phone.

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