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Aug 19, 2005 by farico24

Nokia did a wonderful work with this telephone, nice features, and the style rocks!
This celular offer a lot of nice features like mp3 player, EDGE, bluetoth, irda, fm radio, vga camera, straming and record of video...and more...is the best phone ;)
here i put the pros and the cons

MP3 player (OMG, the sound is very loud and clear)
FM radio
bluetoth, irda, edge
MMC(this thing rocks)
65k diplay
friendly interface
look realy nice
nice price for all that this phone contains
sorry Nokia nothing is perfect...
FM radio dont turn on without the headset
Display is small(acceptable)
Menu button is hard to push
You have to take out the battery to acces to the mmc slot
NO SYMBIAN...(this is a big mistake!)
Mp3 and fm radio no listen when the camera is on
I recomend this phone a lot is very functional and looks great...congratulations NOKIA
This phone rocks!, i replace mi iPod and my camera recorder ;>

Great Phone


Jul 13, 2005 by jjbcentral

I recently purchased this phone from eBay as an unlocked phone for use with my At&T/Cingular service.

I had my doubts about this phone since I am a long time "flip" user, but after reading the reviews here thought switching might be a good idea.

It was!

I have had unbelievable reception everywhere I've taken it so far and sound quality is excellent.
Everything about this phone has worked very well. Battery life has been fine for me but I charge my phone every night or every other night at most. Playing MP3's is cool and sounds pretty good for coming out of a tiny phone.

I haven't had the chance to try the Bluetooth or FM radio yet so can't mention them. I have tried the IR with the Nokia software and I couldn't get it to work. Probably something I did wrong, but the IR did work and my computer did see the phone.

The only con I can come up with is that this phone is SMALL! The problem with this con though is that being so small is also a good thing. Fits in my pocket and easy to get to. Give and take I guess which is fine by me.

Hope that helps someone else out.

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Almost Doesn't Count...


Jun 20, 2005 by Djanifer9512

The nokia 6230 is pound for pound one of the most solid phones available. Recepition on Cingualar in the Was/Bal area is amazing. The amount of features packed into this tiny phone is also, Amazing. And overal the fact that feature on this phone works perfectly is absolutely AMAZING! I never expect a phone that does video, bluetooth, mp3, edge ect. to be effective in all areas but the 6230 does just that. However there is one question I have to ask; Why does the screen suck so bad? If it were not for the screen on this phone it would have recieved a 5 out of 5, but is fuzzy and does not hang with any other phone in it class. Other than that its flawless.

Cool Features, awful buttons and battery.


Apr 13, 2005 by mattinfll

I've had the phone for 10 days, and am probably going to return it. The phone definitely packs a lot of cool features into a well priced package, and the reception is great...but the other drawbacks people have mentioned are dealbreakers for me.

BUTTONS - the one central function button on the phone is the heart of all operations, and it's just junk. No matter how careful you are. No matter how many times you think you've mastered it. It just always does what you do NOT want it to do. And I am hardly clumsy when it comes to my fingers and hands. The middle of the key does one thing, and tipping it right, left, top, or bottom does other functions. However, to get the button pressed in the middle almost always takes multiple tries.

The other keys are not easy either, and their design means you always have to lock your phone when it goes in your pocket. I have had plenty of Nokia candy bar phones and have never had to do this. And to unlock the phone, you have to use that darn middle function key. A true pain, especially when your phone is ringing or you need to get off a quick message.

BATTERY - forget what the specs say. I charge the phone on Monday night. On tuesday I make a few short calls and maybe two text messages. By Wednesday morning it has to be recharged. And if you play with any of the phone's great functions, your battery really drains. There is no way this phone has 3 hours of talk time and 8-10 days of standby. Not even close. Even my Treo 600 lasted longer than that, and I was constantly using it as a PDA, too.

Unless you want to carry a charger with you everywhere (and since I travel, I need a reliable phone)... I can not recommend this phone.

Best phone I've ever had!!


Feb 2, 2005 by ladyofspain

I have spent almost 2 months searching for info on this phone and reading many reviews, especially the cons, so that I can decide if the cons were something really serious or just someone expecting too much from a camera phone. I had too make sure this is what I wanted since I don't care to upgrade often. I bought the phone for $299.99 and don't regret it at all. I haven't experimented with downloads yet but have gone into almost everything else and was very pleased with it all. Remember that this is a camera phone with a fun way to communication in mind. So if better resolution is your preference then just buy a 3 or 4 mega-pixel digital camera. Although the 6230 takes pretty good temporary pictures, I sent one of them to my husbands PC and much to my surprise it looked really nice. I wouldn't take any other cell phone even if it was given to me. I am so darn happy with this model. I've used Nokia's for 6 years now and will continue to use them as long as I have cell service.
CONS: Battery. Since Nokia designed a great phone with loads of features they should have made a battery strong enough to handle such a load for at least 2 solid days.
I have read many complaints about having difficulty removing the back cover but if anyone has ever used an old Nokia model then this shouldn't be a problem. My old Nokia model is a 3395 and removing the back cover is just the same as the 6230.
I have seen so far 3 different colors for this model; Silver, Black, Black w/silver. I have the Black w/a silver front and I really like it. To me it looks classy. I used the radio headset today and when a call came in I can use the headset to answer my phone with crystal clear reception. This came with the phone. I've used 2 other models in the past and always returned them because they were too staticky.
I haven't gotten thru everything yet but so far I haven't gotten frustrated with anything. I just pick up the manual and can get most of it

The Best Bluetooth Phone on the Market


Jan 17, 2005 by gringus

I researched every bluetooth phone on the market. Money was no object. I decided on the 6230 over several Motorolas including the V3 and A630, and after 6-7 weeks am just thrilled to have made this decision.


1. You hit a key, it responds. Others just don’t seem as intuitive or quick. The browser is also very fast, even on GPRS.

2. Seamless Bluetooth. It seems like everybody I know has to punch a bunch of keys to get bluetooth to work, but the 6230 moves seamlessly between my Nokia HDW-3 headset and my in-car hands-free setup. I don’t have to do a thing. It just recognizes the device and voila – it’s paired.

3. MMC memory expandable up to 2GB. When I take a video or download a game or ringtone or MP3 I know I’m not using up hard-coded fixed memory.

4. Small and lightweight. The MOTO RAZR V3 has a nice ad campaign, but the Nokia 6230 is smaller, lighter, and almost as thin.

5. Syncs with my Outlook calendar and e-mail.

6. Loud speakerphone

7. There is nothing impressive about the appearance of this phone… that is, until you play an MP3 or FM Radio or Video you took through the great speaker on this little thing. Then people are blown away.

8. MobiTV will soon be available for this phone on Cingular.


1. Setting it up to read my e-mail has been a royal pain. Not for the weak.

2. I agree with the other comments about the menu button. It takes a gentle hand and a little learning to hit it dead center every time. I’m used to it now.

3. If you view your phone as a fashion accessory, then this one isn’t going to turn heads when it’s turned off (but see #7 above)

4. Nokia photo caller ID doesn’t fill the screen – just a corner of the screen, and adding a fresh image to a contact takes too many keystrokes.

5. I don’t think you can’t set custom ringtones for individual callers – only for groups of callers

"My 6230 Review"


Jan 11, 2005 by fOnEfReAkZ

This phone is awesome, great features, Recommend it to anyone.

amazing phone


Dec 13, 2004 by yrstruly

i would give this phone a rating of 4.75 were it possible. i've had this phone for less than a week, but i'm in love.

pro: mp3 ringtone
amazing loudspeaker (i can hear perfectly as can those with whom i'm speaking)

cons: cannot create personalized ringtones for all contacts (you can only do it for groups. there are five pre-programmed groups and you cannot add more. i've re-named the groups to the top five people who call me most and created personalized ringtones for just them).
battery life. i know i know, lots of people have been saying this. i get about two days of use. however, since i just got it, i've been using bluetooth a lot and changing settings and generally playing with it a lot. hopefully battery performance will improve.

this is such a great phone. i got mine on www.wirefly.com and although i had a few problems they're all resolved now. i got the phone for free plus a $25 gift certificate to the sports authority.

Nokia 6230 | The BEST


Nov 13, 2004 by Nokia6230user

The 6230 has to be the best phone i've ever had. I went from a 7210 to a 7250i to a 6230. The 6230 is amazing, with it's mp3 player (that actually sounds very good) and the MMC card for expandible memory. The phone has great signal strength where i live (Houston, TX) and the sound quality when in a call sounds great and so does the speakerphone. The camera is very good, i dont even see a need for a megapixel camera when this one is very good. The pictures look even better after you transfer them to the computer. The bluetooth is also nice, very fast sending of anything. The infrared send/receive is something my 7250i couldnt do, so that is a very good feature. Basically, i love this phone.

Nokia 6230 RULES


Nov 4, 2004 by wnulph

I have to say thanks for this phone I owned 4 motorola v600's they all dropped calls. Finially I asked cingular to let me switch to a Nokia 6230 I am a happy customer now.

Pros-Bluetooth, the mp3 player, the radio, the camera is very sharp.

Cons- I would have to say the only bad thing is the life of the battery it dies like twice a day for me. But I do use the mp3 player daily at the gym.

Bottom line Nokia has made a wonderful product that when my contract is up I will get another nokia thats up to date.

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