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Favorite phone thus far!


Jul 10, 2008 by gradenh

This is a fantastic phone. I had this phone for 3 years and loved it the whole time. A feature-packed phone in a small enclosure. I've used a wide variety of phones from Samsung, Sanyo, Pantech, Motorola, Audiovox, and it's hard finding a suitable replacement that even comes close to matching this one!

Excellent signal. (AT&T in Omaha, NE)
Excellent speaker quality.
Strong feature set. A TON of features.
Durable. Dropped the phone several times and never had a problem.
Mac-compatible. (via iSync)

MP3 player is clunky, but rarely used it.
No "search" function for stored text messages.
OCCASIONALLY locked up, but a quick restart fixed the issue.

Finally had to replace it after leaving it out in a field overnight exposing it to dew moisture. Rest in peace. Can't find a good phone that matches this one.

6230 Best Phone I have had so far


Jun 28, 2006 by deltasource

I bought this phone back in 01-2005. I love it. I have had some of the problems that some others have mentioned like it freezing and rebooting itself after being idle but I can live with that. It is packed with features that are barely becoming standard now.

-Small Size, fits in pocket
-Great VGA camera(6230i has 1.3 mp)
-Expandable memory(I have 512mb)
-Music player(Works like a flash with mem card reader, I prefer better than my ipod)
-Fast response time for menus(some new nokias lag)
-Speakerphone is awesome!!
-Face covers

Cons: These are things that could make the phone better
-Freeze/reboot after being idle for a long time(happens maybe once a week, heard its a software error)
-Wish it had recently used contacts for messaging like 6102
-Wish it had one text/MMS inbox instead of 2 separate ones
-Sceen is small, my paperboy game is kinda hard to see but this phone is almost 2 yrs old

So far this is the best phone I have ever owned. Besides the screen size and vga camera, it has all the features most new phones have and I bought this 1 1/2 years ago!!!



May 2, 2005 by aaron2britt

My location: Johnson City, TN. My carrier: Cingular Wireless. This phone is off the hook. I just bought this phone about 3 days ago. I'm so glad I did.

This phone has just about everything anyone could want in a phone.


1. Bluetooth - great, great technology, I never knew what Bluetooth was until I bought a bluetooth headset and getting a quick schooling/demonstration from my in-store sales rep.
2. MMC - loving it, love being able to store and carry documents or mp3s with me. Will probably upgrade to a larger size card though.
3. Camera - Decent quality pictures, and love the ability to customize the shots after they've been snapped also.
4. Video - awesome playback on my phone.
5. Radio - who would every thunk it could be included on a cell phone and it be awesome.
6. Signal Strength - very, very good signal strength in my area. Better than the Moto V551 I just dumped for the 6230.
7. Media Player - very good addition to this phone, as well as the Media Equalizer.
8. Music Player - another good addition to the phone.
9. Battery - I've been playing with my new phone over the last 3 days and have gotten very good battery usage off only a couple charges.
10. EDGE - this phone flies when connecting to the net. A heck of a lot faster than my replaced Moto V551 was.
11. LoudSpeaker - one of my favorite things about this phone. I love having a speakerphone and a LOUD one at that.
12. I'm sure there are a lot of other features that I have not covered, I'm still in the exploratory stages with this phone, and recommend it to anyone thinking of getting it.


I have not found any cons yet, but I don't think I'll find any either.


If you're thinking of getting this phone, get it. You'll be glad you did.



Dec 29, 2004 by cor_dog2

This phone can do EVERYTHING. I've had this phone for about 3 weeks now and have managed to go thru all that it has to offer. I think this phone will get you the biggest bang for your buck. All the features this phone has to offer work flawlessly for me. I've used everything from bluetooth, the speakerphone, the mp3 player, fm radio, voice recording/dialing, camera, infrared, you name it I tried it!! All of these work great...it amazes me that soooo much can fit in such a sleek phone which can fit anywhere whether it be in your pocket or even a belt clip of some kind. Just to go over the pro's and con's real quick it would go something like this:
-has every option you can think of.
-expandable memory card
-crystal clear audio
-nice and loud ring tones
-bluetooth works great (big plus)
-email abilities
-FM radio and MP3 player is real cool.
-the list could go on...but you get the idea.
-can use as a dial up modem for your laptop or pc.

-Battery life is a bit short for talk time. But it is not that bad...i can go usually about two days and be ok without charging up again.
-5 button menu key does take some getting used to, but after a week or so you get the hang of it and you'll be a pro at it!

Nokia 6230 -- Best Cingular Phone


Dec 6, 2004 by jal6621

I've been using the 6230 for 3 weeks now, and I really think it is the best phone Cingular offers. It has everything I could possibly need: speaker phone, camera, MP3 player, FM reception, etc., but most importantly, it functions as a terrific cellphone. It's very light, fits nicely in my hand, and while I have always had flip phones before, I am completely comfortable using this phone. Having tried the Moto V600, I don't think there's any comparison: the V600 is sluggish, heavier, and doesn't have an MP3 player. The hardest part about using the 6230 was finding it -- in Los Angeles at least, it was very difficult to find.

NoKiA 6230, small, feature-packed, sleek and perfect phone


Nov 12, 2004 by TAN7000

This small phone must have something to make me switch from Verizon Wireless, strong signal and most reliable wireless provider to T-mobile to have this phone.
First of all, I like this phone shape, bar phone, internal antenna, eyes-catchy, small phone, neat keypad and classic but not too classic.
Second, I love this phone features. I can not believe how NoKiA can put all the functions in this phone to make this phone perfect and hot. Now here I come with Pros and Cons

GSM and international phone GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/1800/1900 MHz or 900/1800/1900 MHz(good for traveling)

Blue-tooth wireless, Java, EDGE high-speed data, synchronize and IR (good for connectivity)

Speaker phone: loud but to loudest (could be better)

VGA Camera 640 x 480 pixels and video recording (nice for camera phone)

65K color TFT display (bright and colorful than other entry and mid-Nokia phones)

MP3 player, radio, streaming video and game (keep u away from boring, cool for entertainment)

Expansion card, MMC card(more spaces for your storage and entertainment)

Voice commands, voice dialing, and recording (this is really help when u use blue-tooth hands-free) and other basic features.

No flash for camera and video recording (flash is good for night and low-bright areas)
No indicator light
Ring tones (only 24 chords and need to be louder)
Can't place a call directly with speaker phone
Speaker isn't the loudest
Battery life is not so perfect (acceptable)
so-so vibrate alert. Beside these things, the phone is perfect and feature-loaded in a small phone.
This is my second NoKiA phone. Once again, NokiA phone is QUALITY, AMAZING, PERFECT phone, worth for money and highly recommend. Hope this help for people who are considering to buy this NoKiA 6230



Apr 25, 2004 by Rich Brome

* Stellar sound quality both in and out, using either phone or Bluetooth headset.
* Excellent speakerphone. Very loud and very clear - both in and out.
* Good Bluetooth implementation. Better than 3650; almost as good as a Sony Ericsson.
* Excellent keypad and ergonomics. The keys are tilted up slightly (like roof shingles), making it easy to feel the rows of keys. Tactile feedback is perfect. The side "keys" are a hard plastic rocker that is much easier to use than it looks.
* Speed. Responds instantly to most commands. Very fast.
* Good display. Bright, but not too bright; responsive; colors very saturated. It's small for a phone of this class, but as always, the Nokia interface makes excellent use of the screen real estate.
* The new "Go to" menu on the left soft key is great. You can choose from 48 different commands and shortcuts and put them in any order. A real time-saver.
* Decent camera. Detail is as sharp and accurate as any VGA camera phone I've tried.
* Browser. Very fast, even on a non-EDGE network. Plus with the small font setting, it can cram in an amazing amount of text for a screen that small.
* Everything else... the size, weight, VERY extensive features... it's an ideal package.

* Battery life. It uses the same battery as the 3650, but it doesn't seem to last as long. Not a scientific measurement, of course, and perhaps newer software will improve this.
* Battery cover. This is by far the most difficult battery cover I've ever wrestled with - very frustrating.
* Camera color balance. Photos have a pronounced cyan tint - not enough red. Hopefully later software will fix this. (I have V 03.14.)
* Minor interface annoyances, such as: camera settings (quality and video length) can't be accessed from the standard capture mode (from the up-key shortcut). Also, as usual for Series 40, menu lists "loop" with no divider between last and first items - very annoying.

But in general, this phone is excellent. Highly recommended.

6230 review


Sep 26, 2004 by AliSemir

All in all the Nokia 6230 has to be the best phone I've used. I was previously employed in wireless and have tested many phones. The screen color is pretty good, the size of the screen could be a little larger but you can still see everything very clear. Excellent sound quality, both in the speaker phone and the ear piece. Reception is not as good as some of the Sony Ericsson but considerably better than a Motorola, NEC, or Panasonic. The features go on and on with a few highlights including an mp3 player, upgradeable MMC card, 4 minute video and bluetooth. I have about 35 songs on my phone and about 12 videos stored on a 128MB MMC card, which is just a quick and easy upgrade from the 32MB supplied. This phone works perfectly overseas as well, looping seamlessly with both voice and gprs/edge settings. I highly recommend this model, especially if you like Nokia's but not the complicated series 60 OS as found on the 3650 or 6620. Whether entry-level or phone expert, this phone comes very handy.

Great Things come in Small Packages


Mar 28, 2005 by SForsyth01

This phone is simply amazing. It has so many great features in such a small package.

Full Bluetooth Functionality
Infrared Data Transfer
MP3 Player
EDGE Data Capable (works great when paired with my PDA)
Very Small - Fits Great in my shirt pocket
Great Signal reception
Great User Interface
Camera is good for a phone.

Dust gets behind screen (but it is easy to clean out since it has changeable faceplates)
Alot of MEdia Net Content is not compatible with this device (but that isn't Nokia's Fault)

Overall, I absolutely love this phone. I can't believe Nokia was able to get so many features into such a small package. And I really love the MP3 and Radio capabilities. Now I don't need to take more than 1 device to the gym with me. All I need is my phone.

Absolutely great


Mar 8, 2005 by lobito

I am thrilled with this phone. And I don't usually get excited about this kind of stuff. Many thanks to all who posted reviews. It's because of this site and these reviews that I was able to make this purchase.

About me: I am not a phone nut. I do not text message, take photos or video or really care about "non-phone" related applications. First and foremost I want a phone to be a phone. Features that are important to me: Size, easy and intuitive interface, speakerphone, bluetooth (I have an Acura TL with integrated bluetooth capability) and reasonable battery life.

The 6230 is just wonderful. Here's why:

Size: Tiny and light. Fits in pocket no problem, with no bulge.

Interface: Great. I have used Nokia phones for the last several years, and have always loved their menuing and interface. Happy to report that the 6230 follows the Nokia tradition. Those who are familiar with Nokia's interface from prior phones will be able to use this phone virtually without reference to the owner's manual.

Bluetooth: Easy to pair with my Acura and works flawlessly.

Speakerphone: Incredible. Better than my landline office speakerphone.

Customization: Easy to create shortcuts to most important features on a personalized basis. For example, I often switch phone from silent/meeting mode (i.e., no ring) to normal (loud ring). Nokia gives me the option of placing this feature "up front" so that I can quickly make the change. For you, it may be something else that you want "up front".

I was able to transfer all my old numbers from my previous Nokia phone via Nokia PC software. Easy. Also integrated no problem with Outlook.

Cons: (And these are very minor)

The buttons are small, which is no problem during regular use. If you will be manually entering a bunch of data, text or old numbers, however, prepare for hand cramps.

Because of candybar styling, the screen is more prone to scratching than would be a flip phone model.


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