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Sanyo SCP-5500 / VM-4500


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Well made + strong reception


Jan 12, 2006 by tfr888

I'm going to emphasize the basics in this review rather than the fancy features like video and camera and the GUI interface. I needed a phone with a clear speakerphone for hands-free operation and excellent sound quality in my office at home, where I make most of my calls. The cell phone was replacing my land line.

I tried several phones, on a variety of cellular services, and eventually went with this Sanyo phone on Sprint PCS. The Sanyo had the best sound quality and the best speakerphone. I compared it to a Motorola on T-Mobile, and to several Cingular GSM phones. Note that this was not simply a case where Sprint had the best reception in my area: this Sanyo phone had better sound quality than a Nokia and a Kyocera slider both of them also on the Sprint PCS network. I don't know what makes the Sanyo get stronger reception than other phones. But it does. This Sanyo phone cost roughly $100 more than the others, but I feel that I've gotten value for the money.

I also especially like the tactile response of the keypad and the weight and balance of the phone. It has a very solid feel in my hand. The screen is also clear and easy-to-read.

If I had to find some negative to complain about, it would be that the screen doesn't swivel to make the camera easier to use. But that's a trivial complaint, IMO. After all, this is a phone not a camera.

This is a great phone for someone who wants strong reception and excellent sound quality. I've been using the phone for two years.

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This phone sucks


Oct 12, 2004 by alb_fly20

Ok i recent bought this phone because of all the hype around it but know that i have it i can say this phone is crap there is noting about this phoen that is good damn i made the worst mistake by switching from a samsung a680 to this sh** never agian.....

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Great overall phone


Mar 14, 2004 by anthromatt

1) Blue color...nice to see a phone that is not silver for a change.
2) Speakerphone--very loud and clear, can be used with phone closed.
3) video camera
4) earpiece volume
5) reception
6) solid construction
7) flashing LED's
8) battery life (with RL disabled)
9) outdoor camera quality
10) loud ringers
11) camera location

1) earpiece sound a bit muddy on high volumes
2) battery life (with RL enabled)
3) indoor camera shots
4) netfront web browser

Overall this phone is fantastic. Great reception (I have never dropped a call in 3 months). I really like that you can use the phone without ever having to open it. Just hold down the side speaker button, use voice dial, complete your call, hold down the side speaker button again to hang up. Fantastic! ReadyLink (walkie-talkie) is nice too, but I really don't use it much. Still, I think the feature is nice to have. The camera is definitely optimized for outdoor use. You can take great indoor shots, but they require a lot of tweaking. The flash is pretty strong (for a camera phone) too. Since this was the first video clip phone I am pretty impressed with the overall quality of the clips. It won't replace a camcorder, but it is nice for those little moments when you would never have had a chance to record otherwise.

Earpiece quality could be better, but if you know one thing about Sanyo phones, they do not have the best reputation in this regard. The earpiece is quite loud...I rarely turn the volume up past level 2. I also appreciate that the camera is placed on the back of the phone. By now just about everyone knows the phone has a camera, but the rear placement doesn't scream to the world "I've got a camera phone!" It seems a bit more professional to me.

Unless you primarily use you phone to browse the web (in which case you need a Treo 600) I can't think of another Sprint phone I would more highly recommend than the Sanyo 5500.

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Phone Is Good, But Doesnt Worth $$$


Apr 2, 2004 by misha13

Phone is pretty good. It has more pluses than minuses. Sanyo came out with nice color phone and I mean the actual color of the phone, before all phones were silver, but this one is all dark blue.
Speakerphone sucks.
PTT sucks also, but its not phone's fault, it's sprint's fault.

When somebody PTT me, I can hear it right the way, so if I'm in class or at home everyone can hear it.
VZW/Nextel PTT works better. First U get a Beep, then u choose wheather answer or not.
Color are kind of weak, and camera is not better than 8100/5300.
Overall phone is ok, but not worth $380.
I wouldn't buy it, but i got it as birthday gift

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Feb 1, 2004 by MAR1LYN MAN5ON

I would've given this phone 5 points if not its design. I can't stand its color, it looks so cheap and unprofessionl. Other than that it's COOL!

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Impressed....but not totally satisfied


Dec 11, 2003 by meggie418

I bought the 5500 yesterday, and my vision still isn't working. After being on the phone 5 different times with Sprint cus. service, I was finally fowarded to a "Vision Specialist". Guess what he told me..... shouldn't have been transferred.....vision has been down and might not be up for a few days." Although that was extremely bad news, he was the most helpful of the Sprint reps that I spoke to. I deal with Sprint on a day to day basis because of my job, and up to now I haven't had anything bad to say. But now, I'm wishing I waited a while to spend the $380 on this phone and just kept my 5300.

As far as the phone itself goes, I'm very happy with the video clips (even though I haven't been able to upload or share any). The sound quality is a lot better than I expected.

The speaker phone is extremely clear and the volume is great, most of the time I put the volume down after starting a call.

The ready link is definitely the selling feature on this phone. IT IS AMAZING!!! It is user friendly and a great way to communicate. Plus, it sounds like you're in the same room as the person you're speaking with.

Overall, I highly recommend this phone, as well as any other Sprint/Sanyo phone. I hope that this review has been helpful, and if anyone has any other questions or would like to test out their new ready link phone, feel free to email me at [...]

Ed. note: Email address removed. Click username above to email this person.

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Uuuuh, so tired of Sanyo...


Feb 1, 2004 by aleake

This phone has really good features but what's wrong with the call screening? Check it out, it fails to properly work. That's why this phone gets 0 points. I wish Sprint could offer Motorola phones. A lot of my friends go with Motorola and I like it so far what I've heard and seen. I've been Sprint's customer for already 3 years and don't wish to switch to any other carrier.

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No Bluetooth


Dec 15, 2003 by alee88

This phone have almost everything, except for Bluetooth. Battery life is not very good with the standard battery.

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Grrrreat Phone


Nov 15, 2005 by CingularRetail

I wish Sanyo made phones for Cingular. This phone was the ultimate only beat by newer Sanyos. NEVER a better phone maker.

Dear Sanyo,

Sprint sucks where I am at, and I would love to have a Sanyo phone, please make your kick butt phones for someone else.


P.S. - GSM Phone would be cool =), oh and don't forget bluetooth needs to be added

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awesome phone.


Dec 18, 2004 by racheybee

this is probably my favorite phone that i have had so far. and i have had a lot of them. this has all of the features that you want the camera, videos and ready link. the only thing that i would improve about the phone is if the camera had a multi shot funcition like the 8200 and slideshow feature. and of course this one isnt a multi media like some of the new phones coming out.

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