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Just bought this phone


Sep 16, 2005 by neenybo

I haven't had this phone long and I already don't like it.I don't have any pros because I haven't use it much,but what I do know is the cons I have found

You have to open the phone to see who's calling or what time its.

There is no speaker phone,a speaker does come in handy.

On the shortcut key it doesn't have an option for your most rescent calls I really like this feature and I don't have it now.

I also don't like that it wont' save the personal rings you set for the different calls.

This is what I have noticed in just the few hours I"ve had the phone so if you like these features this phone is not for you.

The battery life is very poor


Jun 14, 2005 by repster

I have two phones:
An old nokia 6340i phone (cingular)
and a samsung SCH-A650 (verizon)

The nokia battery life lasts for 4 days when using it at least 7 times a day.

The samsung is a cute enough phone and it serves its purpose well when I am able to use it.

But the battery only lasts about 1.5 days if I am really lucky. I just have to remind myself to charge it every night.

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feed back


Mar 5, 2005 by hoelker

The phone garbles my voice and transmits it back into my phones reception occasionally. I'll say something then hear it with a slight delay. The phone is hard to open with one hand.



Mar 2, 2005 by jvance


Good sound quality when in analog mode.
Good sound quality when calling a non Verizon customer (like someone on a land line.)


HORRIBLE sound quality when talking to another Verizon customer with a SCH-a650 phone. Even with the volume cranked all the way down, the phone is eardrum-splitting loud. I have to hold it six inches away from my ear. AND HALF THE CO ERSAT ON IS L ST BEC SE THE PHO CUTS OUT AT TH SLI T ST AMBIENT SOU D. It's like using a half-duplex speaker-phone on full volume shoved up against your ear.

One annoying problem


Mar 1, 2005 by sashazur

I've had this phone for over a month and I am still happy with it, except for one thing... there seems to be no way to make it 100% silent without turning it off; it still makes noise when I get a voicemail, even if I change the ringer (using the side button, not the menu) to 'Silent'.

The menus for setting ringers only let you change *what* sound it makes, but not to turn the sound on or off. I even called Verizon and they didn't have any answer (they told me to call Samsung, but I haven't tried that yet).

So... if anybody has solved this problem, I would be interesting in knowing how to do it!

Email me at r e d b e a r _at_ d e l i v e r y m a n . c o m

this is not worth


Sep 7, 2005 by SBIRDSONG

you have to open the phone just to see who's calling u. this phone is plastic and it drips calls. my friend has this phone and it looks like an egg. the only thing good about the phone is that its small

samsung a 650


Aug 26, 2005 by headache1969

I bought 2 of these phones for my parents they have terrible reception and low ringers also hard time hearing anyone on it.The only nice thing is they are small.

GrEaT pHoNe


Dec 30, 2004 by mr.bubble_clean13

people complain about really stupid things about the fone..like "the ringer isn't loud enough...that is so stupid and not true...i got this fone for my 12th birthday...and it has worked great for past month....yeah...i went to a Huskies basketball game..and with all the loudness...i could hear my ring nice a loud! it a great beggener fone..i used to have the Keocera fone (now discontined) and it was just a huge piece of crap! yeah..dont listen to this people who are giving these stupid really untrue stuff that really does not matter...its just a freaking fone! it holds all my friends on the contact list...nice loud speaker...and every nice and professional looking! yeah..it has one a great job! it has a great price too...yeah...the only one thing that i wish that it had was a front LCD screen so that u could see who is calling u without having to open the fone up! yeah...but it all good...if u are looking for a fone that does have a little more fancy stuff...like a camera and front LCD screen...i would highly recommend the SAMSUNG SCH-A670! MY OLDER BRO HAS IT...AND I LIKE IT A LITTLE BETTER..BUT THE A-650 IS STILL A AWESOME FONE AND I DON'T THINK THAT IT WILL HAVE ANY PROBELM FOR A LONG TIME! ~GREAT JOB VERIZON AND SAMSUNG!~



Dec 30, 2004 by l5pmike

I was very disappointed in the SCH-a650. I know several friends and coworkers that use Samsung phones and they are very happy with them. The a650 is extremely light, that may be why I experienced dreadful standby times. After being fully charged in the morning, my a650's battery would be dead by 8 pm, with only 2-3 short calls
made during the day. The phone heats up rapidly, which is a little disconcerting. I experienced frequent dropped calls on Verizon's Atlanta network. I missed some important incoming calls due to the a650's wimpy ringer. The entire 10 day experience with the a650 was horrible. I took advantage of Verizon's 15 day grace period and returned the phone. I am now very happy with a Nokia.

Samsung SCH-A650


Nov 24, 2004 by bronx69

I have had this phone for less than an hour and I'm already ready to write a review.

My previous phones! were Samsung SCH-A310's
& the phones sucked. all three died mysterious deaths while in the middle of calls. the first thing i noticed about the SCH-A650 is that their is no caller ID in the front like on the SCH-A310. and its a shame because that was the one thing i did like about it. so now i need to fiddle with the phone when driving just to see who's calling me! :( the second thing i noticed is that the menu is even worse. i could not believe it! the SCH-A310's was by far the worst i had ever encountered & now this! now on to battery life this phone has a stated battery life of 2.5 hours talk time. lol listen to me guys i have had several SCH-A310's and at first they all seemed decent but after about a month that drops to about 20min. another thing i noticed is that now i can't see the number pad too well.. the only thing i can say i do like about this phone is its shape. for me its a bit better than the 310's witch was awkward, I was constantly fumbling the phone and in no way looked cool when answering a call and many times dropped it. Samsung! if you are out there listen up already! some of your past phones were excellent but this crap hear has got to stop! I don't want a phone that burns me, shocks me, gives me headaches, or is going to get me in a wreck while driving! anyway you guys who got the phone & love it I'm happy for you, ignorance is bliss isn't it? & for the people who know better run your buttock back to the store and return it. this phone in my not so humble opinion is the perfect phone for your teenagers who don't drive.

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