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enjoying the phone


Jun 15, 2004 by lah_dc

I lreally ike the look and feel of it, an overall nice design. It's a little difficult to flip open with one hand as a previous reviewer wrote. Keypad backlight could be slightly brighter.

Audio quality is excellent on both ends.

Reception in certain areas is better than the phone I had previously (and returned -- the Audiovox CDM-8900).

Battery life is average. Color screen will dim to half contrast after a few seconds to save power, before blacking out completely. Comes with travel charger.

It has a lot of nice features and most are customizable. The only feature I think it's missing is the ability to set the ringer volume in "Ring & Vibrate" mode.

The lack of external LCD is upsetting, but you can compensate by assigning specific ringtones to callers.

NOT an entertainment source but you get what you pay for.


Sep 16, 2005 by sweety8273

I had a Samsung a670 and it got stolen and i had to get a cheaper verizon phone (i really wanted the a670 but i couldnt get anther one VERY unfortunately) and i wanted anther samsung and I liked the looks except compared to the tmobile and cingular phones it could be a bit smaller but theres not a big difference between them.So I chose this phone. DO NOT get this phone if you want a very entertaining phone to show off to all your friends. This phone doesnt have camera, speaker, instant messaging, or preloaded games. This is the phone for you if you just text and talk and maybe buy a game or two. You get what you pay for and it gets the job done, but I long for my a670 and I wish that I could switch phones with my mom because she has the a670 too-we originally had a share plan. I loved the a670. Or I want a T Mobile or Cingular samsung. Those phones are awesome-even the cheaper ones I want like the X475 and the X427 but now its discontinued-or for camera phones the e315, 16 or 17 or the E335. all those samsung phones are great. They come with games, they don't have the plain, standard boring ringtones like the Verizon samsungs do, and they have a lot more options-you can change the color of the light, and the sound of the keys, and power on sounds etc and are lighter and a little smaller. This phone is small though but very basic, and very few options especially compared to those phones. If you want to get your teen a basic phone from Verizon, this one is very basic but does its job well. Now they raised the price though to sixty dollars-I got mine for thirty with a new contract and for that price I would recommend spending the extra money and getting the a670. or even the an lg camera phone but dont get the audiovox 8910 that one isnt so nice-my bro has it. The bottom line-it gets its basic job done well but not much else.

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Aug 3, 2005 by VJV0

Pros. Good sound quality,good signal strength. Cons. I purchased this phone for assigning ring tones for different caller IDs... the only problem is that when the phone turns off all of the custom ring tones get rearranged so they are no longer where they were assigned to. therefore you no longer know who is calling until you go back and reassign the ring tones to the right caller. i have contacted samsung about the problem they told me that they were aware of the problem and that they would be able to fix it with a software update that is due out but no word has be said on when. one year later, i am still waiting for the update to fix this problem! otherwise the phone doesn't really have any other problems but that. but this is an ongoing issue that can be a pain!

Basic quality phone


Jul 21, 2005 by bcrempel

The A650 is a nice basic phone. I have had it a month and only one strange thing occurred, the dialing failed to work. A re-start corrected the send function failure.

Good build quality
Loud enough to hear
Nice menu system

Unable to turn voice mail sound off in silent mode (Calls only)
- No outside LCD display
- Signal strength meter inaccurate
- Data cable uploading locked down

It's all probably been said but.....


May 30, 2005 by jed_ed

xcellent reception in my area compared to friends with different phones.
-must be relatively sturdy and resilient it has survived a few drops and cold canadian winter temperatures in my pocket
-i find i can flip the phone open with one hand no problem
-cannot see display screen in bright light
-no external display, if there was one this would be almost exactly like the a670

GARBAGE! Worst phone I have ever owned!


Apr 6, 2005 by Idspuds

We upgraded to this phone less than 2 months ago. What a mistake! From the first day driving home from Verizon Wireless store in two cars my husband on his and me on mine. My phone got hot. My husbands didn't but his screen screwed up with double icons, letters etc. within a week or so. Then finally it went completely blank. Meanwhile mine continued to get hot everytime I used it. So I called Verizon only to be told that I was overcharging it. That was why before I ever charged it, it got hot right? He said it was the battery. Finally when hubbys went dead he called and Verizon didn't argue and sent us 2 brand new phones complete in the box!!! Guess what? now both get hot AND hubbys screen has a small little spot in the bottom corner. I again called them and she is now sending us 2 new battery's. The phone constantly drops calls and has poor reception unless I'm parked under the tower LOL. All in all I don't think I will ever buy another Samsung. And as soon as we get the batterys I will be putting these on EBAY! Before upgrading I had a Nokia 3589i that I absolutely loved! Strong signal and loud ring tones. Never dropped calls at all! I would love to have it back!!!

Great At Just Being A Phone (What its supposed to be)


Jan 20, 2005 by GMichGolfer

Remeber the days when a phone was just a phone and no cameras or fancy stuff? I personally own the Motorola V710, so I know what its like to want it all, but I work for a cellular phone company and I love the 650! It's great at being just a phone! and in other words just what its supposed to be. Two of the share lines on my Verizon account are currently using the Samsung 650's, and I think its an excellent phone. I have had no problems with them and its perfect for those who just want a basic phone! It's not going to turn any heads, but who cares after all its just a phone! and this is one thats going to stand the test of time while all the rest of you have issuse with all your extra gadets on you phones.

-Great at doing its sole purpose of making calls
-Not an LG
-Going to be relilable

Um Ya look above?

good rone


Jul 17, 2004 by itsme

Bought this phone just four days back thru Verizon and amazed with the reception/functionality. Still exploring the functionalities.

1.I used other digital /GSM phones with AT&T and always had issues with the network/phone and switching to verizon/SCH 650 is the best thing I did in the last four years!!!.

1.Voice dial could have been made simple.

1. Not sure how to transfer address book from my old GSM phone or from Lotus Notes / Outlook express.
2.PC Sync: Has anyone used this functionality if so kindly let me know the cable,where its available & value.
3.Dumb question: Is RF available either in 650 or any other Samsung /LG phones with Verizon.

Appreciate your feedback.



Jul 22, 2004 by vzwismygame

I just got this phone last week and I'm very disappointed. I work for VZW and wanted something inexpensive but with good reception, I hadn't heard anything bad about this phone so I thought what the heck? Well let me tell you I'm not happy and I'm returning it. The reception is LOUSY. I never dropped calls with my Kyocera, now I'm dropping calls left and right where I never dropped them before. The phone gets extremely hot after only a short period of use and the battery life is very low. I wanted a trimode but after this experience I'm thinking of going all digital with another manufacturer. I had high hopes for Samsung. I might try the 610 just for kicks, Hey I can always return it right? Got my 15 day worry free guarantee!!! Stay away from this phone if you want to stay connected...CAUSE WITH THIS PHONE YOU CAN'T HEAR ANYONE....EVER!

this phone sucks


Dec 28, 2006 by st_jimmy86

I got this phone for my eleventh birthday.
When i saw it i didn't even like it.Singnal
strength is very poor i have to be outside to talk to people.It has gay ring tones and crappy wallpapers.My friends think I'm an outcast because of this phone.My next phone will be a helio.

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