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Great phone that only needs a few improvements


Aug 10, 2004 by aw3260

PROS: 1.rotating camera
2. downloadable ring tones, uses all the new type ring tones for exmp. polyphonic, music etc.
3. loud sound on calls-you actually have to use the side button to turn down the volume while on calls to talk cause they are so loud.
4. bright and large inner display-clear colors
5. simple to use menus.
6. clock on outer cover is big and easy to read
7. service light on outer cover flashes when you have a voice mail or text message and also when you are receiving a call.
8. can use a picture that you have taken with the camera and use it as your phones wall paper
9. One button push to put phone in silent mode for when you need your phone to vibrate only and not ring.
10. small size and weight
11. battery life pretty good, lasted 4-5 days thru me punching alot of buttons trying to check out everything in the phone and taking pictures testing the camera out, and making calls trying out the phone.
12. has alarm(onetime alarm, daily alarm, and morning call alarm), calculator, to do list, calendar, currency exchange.
13. usually has a pretty good signal so far.

CONS:1. blurry pictures from camera
2. Doesn't vibrate strong when it rings
3. doesn't vibrate and ring at the same time, it vibrates and then stops and starts ringing.
4. doesn't have a very good ringtone selection standard with phone-be prepared to want to download ring tones.
5. only has 2 games and the stink(x-fighter and space war)
6. have to take out a little rubber piece from the bottom of phone to charge it and this could be easily lost.

This phone has been pretty good, it has a good signal and calls come thru clear and loud. My service provider is Cingular(Alabama). I basically described all I could think of that may help you with your decision and included them above in my pros and cons section. Right now this phone is $149.00 thru Cingular but I got it for $99 at Best Buy and they were also offering a $50 mail in rebate so I will actually only pay $49 for it.

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This is a great phone


Jul 10, 2004 by HPGEMINI

I had the Motorola V60 before this, and this is definitely a step up. I have had Cingular for a while, and the service and sound quality on the Samsung p107 are great. If you like flip phone this one is good because its easy to open, and the color screen is bright and easy to read.

great sound quality
rotating camera
polyphonic ringtones
downloadable ringtones and graphics

-Cant give one phone entry a photo ID or ringer ID. I think you have to set it up as a group to ID it.
-Loud camera sound
-The vibrate feature is not stong enough to feel. That was a great feature on the v60.

Over all this is a great flip for the price I got it. Durable, fun to use and easy to talk to. If you are debating on whether or not to purchase...do it!

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Performs well


Jun 14, 2004 by kellybell829

I really like this phone and after using a nokia 3995 for years it was a welcome change.

-new Real tones and polyphonic ringtones supported
-color screen
-fairly well camera- (seems to me the same as all the others i've looked at)
-internet capable
-big letters and numbers for those with poor vision
-doesn't seem like the flip will break (used to always be a worry of mine as it felt like that with others i tried out-this one seems very stable)
-calculator,to-do list, clock, various alarms
-loud volume or low volume

-no speakerphone
-side button is for keypad tones not ringer volume

Other than that I cannot find any faults with this phone. I am very happy and secure with it.

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Great Phone, Totally Worth it!!


Aug 8, 2004 by chiza

I really love this phone. I got it about a weak and half ago and it still amazes me. The ringtones sound so good and I have downloaded alot so far. I have really taken some really good pictures with it. The picture quality really surprised me. You really don't expect cellphones to take good pictures, but this one has. The calls are always clear and I always have a strong signal (Atl, GA). The screen is very beautiful and the phone is built strong. My friends have been complimenting me on how sleek the phone looks. My only con would be the lack of a picture id when someone is calling, but it isn't really a problem for me.

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Work hourse


Jul 7, 2004 by digitmasher

I just switched to Cingular from Sprint (as well as started working for them), and this would be my first GSM phone. I did some research before buying this phone. I considered the V400, V600, and then the P107.

Battery life
Sturdy construction.
Beautiful display

No speaker phone
Small memory
External Id only displays name of caller (if in phone book)

I'm impressed with the battery, and display. I went from a candy-bar style basic color phone (sanyo 4900) to a flip style camera phone so I like it alot seeing as how it is a jump from what I had. There are a few things that I would like to change with the p107, but they are only minor.

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Great Phone for what it is.


Jul 6, 2004 by dios67

This is a great phone for what it is!

Major Pros:
Really loud.
Ring tones sound great A++
Pics are good, the rotating camera is awesome
Menus are really simple
Callers sound great.

Major Cons:
Anonying sounds with camera usage (bleeps and bloops)
Can't copy all numbers from Sim card. Have to go one by one.

Thats about it. Get the phone for under 100 and your in great shape.

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Good phone if you can get it at around $100


Jun 2, 2004 by ambull

Its a great phone if purched for the right price. I wouldn't pay $300ish for it. Its just a basic flip phone but well built and without the bells and whistles of some of the fancier/expensive phones.


Ease of use. I was afraid that I would have a hard time getting used to a new Samsung interface, but I must say it is user freindly and easy to navigate with.

Battery life is excellent. 2-3 days if I take lots of pictures and talk alot. 4-6 days if I talk moderately each day and don't use the camara.

Seeminly well built.

Software NOT buggy. I haven't frozen up or had to "reboot" yet which I have heard is common with so many other phones.

Reception is perfect in my area anyway (central NJ). Haven't had a dropped call or lack of a signal yet!


Voice Quality of the person you are speaking with has a SLIGHT tin can sound. Its not horrible, but not as good has the Land-line type sound of Nokia's.

Vibration ring not strong at all. I've missed way more calls than with my last phone.

Ringtone selection HORRIBLE.

Face plate not seemingly replacable.

Picture quality horrible (though I didn't buy the phone for that!).

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nifty but simple


Aug 11, 2004 by fallen552

overall i am rather happy about the phone...it does not have everything that i would like to have as a heavy end user....

it has decent battery life...
easily navigated...

camera swivle so that you can see yourself or others...

durable (i have dropped mine numerous times)
call qaulity is decient if not land line worthy....

easy to read large color screen for menu's and the like....

lack of picture id (besides cheap logo graphics)....

lack of java..this is a big downfall for me
due to the lack of ability to download games and or aplications....

pridictive text permantly on...i can live with the all caps, but the thing making up words while im trying to get something said is annoying, you have to turn it off every time...

lack blue tooth.....which once again, this is a techie use...low end users wouldnt care....

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Nov 20, 2005 by hhector

SGH-p107. Don't waste your money. The worst cellular of the world.

* Camera with low quality resolution.
* Bad reception. I test this cellular with two Provider Cellular Service in Panama, and the reception is the same badly.

Favor no compre este celular. Soy de Panama, Republica de Panamá pague $220 dolares por este celular y me he sentido estafado. Tiene una pésima recepcion, las calidad de las fotos es decepcionante.
Gracias a Dios que encontre una victima para venderle esta porqueria por 100 dolares.
Yo creo que los aduladores que han hecho comentarios positivos de este celular trabajan para SAMSUMG.

No comprare mas productos SAMSUMG.

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Leaves A Lot To Be Desired


Sep 24, 2005 by chicorazon

-Swiveling camera (holds a lot of pictures too!)
-External display
-Pretty good battery life
-Good reception (Cingular California)
-Pretty durable, it's been dropped quite a few times and doesn't seem to affect it. I've spent hours just flipping it open and closed for the past year and a half and its in good shape.
-Doesn't really drop calls
-Has infrared (I don't know how to use it tho :-/ )
-Vibrant screen
-Big numbers when you dial

-Slow. Often times it freezes momentarily (e.g. while typing a text) and has to catch up with where you are a few seconds later.
-The caller ID doesn't show you what number an entry is calling from. For example, if I have John's home, work, & cell numbers saved under the same entry and I miss a call from him, I don't know which line he called me from. Also, no picture caller ID.
-Weak vibration
-Will only download/play a couple seconds of a music tone, usually about 2 lines of a hook.
-Pictures are really grainy and unclear, no flash.
-Decides not to riing every now and again.
-Won't ring/vibrate at the same time.
-Doesn't drop calls like I said, but sometimes it will just disconnect a call before it goes through.
-Annoying white bar at top where icons go, backgrounds don't cover it. Also, graphics for the phone are made based on the dimensions of the screen, and since they don't cover the bottom bar or top one, you end up with these blank spaces on the sides when you use graphics.
-Doesn't let you add new words into the predictive text program
-Apparently, my voice is really muffled on the other end of the phone.
-Call volume SUCKS. I can't talk on the phone w/ my windows down in the car and I can't really have the stereo on either.

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