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Overall Great Device


Jul 1, 2013 by cellphoneexpert

I have used this device for about 2 months now, and I truly do love it! Everything works well, and the quad core processor helps its cause. The only complaints that I can truly say that I have are that the batter life is pretty bad, usually wont last a full day of heavy usage. This can be solved with a portable charger to be carried along with the phone. The other point I would like to raise is that the volume on the phone is pretty poor, most likely due to the fact the speaker for music and speakerphone is tiny, and on the very bottom back corner. I would recommend this device to anyone, especially considering the current $50 price point.

Under the Radar Gem!


Jan 14, 2013 by defmorte1

This phone is really spectacular, I definitely have a cell phone addiction. I've had every cell out there top of the line...from iphone 5 to the Note 2. I've never written a review with any other phone but I'm encouraged to do so for this great device.

Here's my quick mini-review.

-4.7 Bright detailed screen, perfect size
-Power and speed (phone is fast, faster than SGS3)
-Build Quality is Superb, thin and elegant without being to light, Fine instrument
- UI is Highly customizable, it may borrow from Samsung's customization ui but its clean and certain little details make it stand out
-Camera is very good, I believe the Samsung Camera may be slightly sharper but otherwise it takes crisp clean shots. It would be better if it had the 13mega pixels shooter for the Sprint version
-external SD card storage helps, wish phones would come with extra internal storage or give you the option to move your apps to the memory card. I believe the Sprint version has 32gb with no external memory card slot.

-Battery could be a little stronger, just the same as the iphone 5
-needs Jellybean but runs smoothly on ICS plus LG's custom UI skin makes it a joy to operate
-External speaker could be a bit louder otherwise call quality is fine and speaker is loud enough to hear conversations within a group

There you go....The phone for me is a keeper and has become my main phone of use. I highly recommend this phone to anyone considering an iphone 5 or SGS3 or even those other droids. It's beautiful and technically capable to compete with anything out there now. Hope my review was helpful.



Dec 10, 2012 by starryeyez22

This phone is truly amazing. I'm on AT&T

The screen is sharp and gorgeous . Bright in any light and doesn't have that blue hue that I've seen on other phones.

Speed- Its fast, It's up there with the HOX+. No lagging that I've seen so far. Screen transitioning is very smooth. Others have said to see lag when pinch and zooming but I do not.

Wi-Fi strength is better then most phones.

Data speeds are surprisingly fast.

Form - This phone is how all phones should be made. No cheap plastic here. It's build feels like they actually put some money into the materials of the phone. Its a little too square for my liking tho.

Camera- OMG the camera on this phone beats out the HOX+ and the SGS3. No yellow or blue tints. No lag when pressing the capture button. A very nice selection of options to choose from. Takes amazing low-light pictures.

This phone is heavy, unfortunately. It's 14g heavier then the SGS3. It doesn't fit into my hand very well and I have long fingers.
It also feels like if I were to drop it that it would shatter the glass that's all around the phone.

The sound is sub par. I cannot hear it when it goes off in my purse. ( Then again , my last two phones have not been very loud either.) What's weird is that when I turn on the phones speaker ( when I'm talking to someone) that it's very loud. Wish I could get the ringtone that loud.

This phone will be amazing when the Jelly Bean update comes out for it. I can't wait. I've had every Samsung phone since the Captivate and just about every HTC and Motorola. I have to say that I like this better then SGS3. I may even like it more then the HOX+ but only time will tell.

Hate it.


Apr 1, 2013 by mlwhite2   updated Apr 1, 2013

I'll start with the things I like about the phone before getting to why you shouldn't buy it. It's fast, a nice size, feels solidly built, awesome screen, good sound quality, has MicroSD expansion. Camera is pretty good. Beautiful design.

That's only a brief of the good, because the bad far outweighs it. The biggest issue, by far, is the devices poor quality. I feel it's a flawed design in general. I'm on number 5 of these in the past 5 months, and it's giving me problems as well. The first one had its menu button on the front just stop working (the others worked though, oddly). Second one bricked itself during a software update a month later. Number 3 the screen was sketchy to use, randomly not registering inputs, and near useless when charging for some. Number 4 came to me pre-broken as a replacement for #3. #5 has the same funky touch screen issues, with it again being the worst while charging, be it connected to a wall charger, or a PC. It only registers half of inputs, at best. It seems like the touch sensor connection drops in and out randomly. #5 also has some great signal issues. Sometimes it does great reception wise, other times it gets nothing. This is without moving from the same spot, it's not as if I'm going from a low signal area to a high signal one. This is it just sitting on the table in the same spot.

The battery life is shockingly bad. This wouldn’t be such an issue since I’m almost always in a position to charge it, except that with it plugged in, the issues with the touch screen happen.

I’m a gadget geek, and normally get a new phone every 6-12 months anyways. Never before in my dozens of phones before have I experienced issues like this. When I say that I curse at it every day, I'm not exaggerating. I’m not even bothering trying to do another warranty replacement. I’m just going to pick up an HTC One when it's out and junk the Optimus. Not worth the hassle, and I don't hate anyone enough to give it (the Optimus) to them.

not impressed


Jan 18, 2013 by trishiastanley

*Good selection of pre-loaded apps
*Music program
*Search engine pre-loaded into main screen
*Decent built in storage so far
*I haven't had the phone long enough to notice alot of pros..

I have noticed issues with this
phone that would drive me crazy.

One reason I got rid of my old phone is that it
deleted things on its own.
This one is too, already.
*It doesn't link up with Facebook, so there goes some important contacts there.

*ICE contacts- when programming 911 button is too close to info area, within 5 minutes of doing so; I had local dispatch to explain that one to!!

*Mainly it overheats, sometimes insanely.

*The screen brightness fades in
and out, which is not good on my already bad eyes.

*No flash on the flip around screen, so self pics are always dark. It's a pain to zoom, as you have to "spread" the screen, instead of a slider button.

*Phone is rather wide, and awkward to hold.

*It does not do automatic weather updates, and has issues "connecting to the server" to do so when do it manually. I have kids, so this is important.

*Scroll down screen doesn't retain info like its supposed to, so i have to exit one app, just to look up what I need.

*Messages interrupt my phone calls; my kids can read my personal texts when talking on the phone to the grandparents.

*Messages can only come in a few sentences at a time, opening several "bubbles", instead of entire conversations.

*The auto/ slide type rarely gets the words correct, there is no scroll up, down, left, right so i can correct it..I have to hope the tiny cursor moves where I put it.

*Another thing; it will NOT connect to my home wireless...so I anticipate a very
high bill.

*I've already used half of my useage in 4 days between the phone and tablet (connected to free home wifi) because of this; just being at home!!

I'm just hoping I can get my $ back from AT&T, and get a new/ better phone, as they state a 14 day return policy if I don't like the phone...and I do not.


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