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Nov 11, 2005 by Hicktownbub

I got this phone last year for Christmas (I'm 14) and it stopped working June. Our carrier was Unicel, we live in a small town in Maine, and it's reception stunk, when it got any. My Parent's had old Nokias and they'd always get 2 or 3 bars. I would be lucky if I got 1. It would always drop calls right in the middle of conversation, even in town when everybody else got good reception.

1. Barely any.
Rings really loud gets your attention, got in trouble in English class.
2. Strong construction, and I think that's about it.

1. Menu was complicated (I've had an old nokia, and now I have a 6101 and I didn't even need to read the manual, very simple)
Phonebook is complicated
2. Would always drop calls
3. Went through two antennas. First one came lose and lost it somewhere, and the second one broke in my pocket.
4. Ringer is not polyphonic, but that did really matter to me.
5. Wouldn't work half the time, would always be searching for connection where in some areas where others with the same carrier would get 4 bars.
5. Games were ancient and boring, but it's not a playstation, just a phone.
6. Screen is so tiny, and quality is poor.
7. Vibrate is kind of weak.

I wasn't very happy with this phone, I actually didn't care when it finally refused to work. $100 wasted. I could of gotten a Razr when we went to T-Mobile, but I was so disapointed with Motorola I refuse to get one again.

not really thrilled


Feb 26, 2005 by sccowboy

i have had this phone for not even 6 months, and i must say i am not happy one bit.
first of all i can not even hear when my phone rings i have to have it on vibrate just to know that someone is calling me. second the screen on the front of the phone doesn't work so i can't see who is calling even when it is closed. and worst of all i can charge it over night and talk on it for an hour and the battery life is down to the last bar. so if you plan to buy this one; just say no!! the best thing about it is i can finally get me another phone

Horrible phone


Jan 9, 2005 by Hockeyplaya1

I have had this phone for about a year, and I hate it.

1.good battery
2.changable faceplate

1.small screen
2.50% of calls dropped
3.huge antenna
4.Hard to navigate
5.monophonic ringtones

great, but there's better


Nov 12, 2004 by motomaui

i would compare this phone to a mercedes from the 1980s. its great and will last a long time but i would much rather have a camera phone.
its so durable, i droped it in a cooler and it worked fine; i drpped it on gravle twice and the mettal cover protected it. i took it on many water rides in wich i got soaked and it still worked

love the voice dialing and voice memos

i take my phone every where and it fits right in my pocket

exterior display, where it gives the caller id, time, date, signal status, battery life,and whether or not u have any messages is very useful

u can change the ring style with the scroll buttons on the right side of the phone without opening it


small screen

crappy games that reminde me of my old sega

monophonic ringtones (the ones that sound like a regular phone)

if u unscrew the antenae- i did it because i was curious- its hard 4 it to stay sturdy when u screw it back on

it hasnt happend 2 me yet but iv heard that some flip phones can break in half

all in all this phone is great but i get board with stuff after a while. if there were no such thing as camera phones i would keep this phone. so if your wanting to buy a phone and want somthing to replace your phone, digital camera, video camera, and palm pilot get the new audiovox smartphone,thats what i will get

The good, the bad, and the ugly!


Sep 20, 2004 by luvnme1st

I don't want to rate this phone too high because I have only been using it for one week, but so far, so good.

I like the sleek look and feel of the phone.
The keypad is easy to view in the dark
I love the Wallpaper feature and many of the features that the phone has.
The call clarity is wonderful to me. I can hear the party on the line with no problem, and I am told they can hear me just as clearly.

I agree with another comment, I do not like how the contact information is stored. I would prefer all contact information be listed under one name, instead, a new line is used for each number type; mobile, home, work, etc. This makes for too much scrolling to get to the next name.

Menu is not user friendly, and neither is the manual. I am having a difficult time navgating around on this telephone. Reading the manual makes no difference, you basically are on your own because the text isn't thorough enough! You have to be a bit tech savvy to figure how to use all of the features!

V60t is no joy


Feb 5, 2004 by jman63

I have been using the Motorola V60t for about two weeks now and I fully intend to return the phone to AT&T Wireless tomorrow. This phone is a pain to navigate menus. I have been very frustrated with the V60t, I had an incoming call that I was unable to answer, afterwards when I was trying to find the number that appeared on my screen I found myself fumbling through the soft keys and directional key in an effort to bring up the number so I could return the call. I had to pull my car over to the side of the road so I could find the number and then manually dial in order to make the call. The phone that I had prior to the V60t was an Ericsson T60LX and it was so user friendly.

1. Large numbers are displayed while typing in a phone number manually.

2. Nice sleek and small design


1. I do not like the fashion in which the contact information is stored. I prefer all information to be under a single contact name rather than having to scroll through the same contact name in a alphabetical order, then having to look at a very small icon to insure that I am calling the correct number.

2. I have had many dropped calls in the short time that I have used the phone.

3. I drive in some remote areas and the signal strength does not measure up to my Ericsson.

4. The ear bud does not sit very comfortable in my ear.

5. After a call when I use the ear bud I have to open then close the flip lip in order to end my call. The alternative is to let seconds elapse before the phone will automatically end the call. Over time that adds unnecessary minutes to be used against my calling plan.

I do not understand why anybody would want to go through all of the hassle of using this phone when there are many other phones on the market that are so much easier to operate under any condition. I want to conclude by stating that I have many other products that are manufactured by Motorola and they are great! Somehow they goofed on this product?

I was quite impressed


Nov 19, 2003 by bfalchuk

Contrary to the other review here, I was incredibly impressed. The new metal keys feel great, the screen is one of the best STN screen's I've ever seen (better than the T720, though much smaller). The additional line of external display is definitely welcomed, and the phone feels MUCH more solid than any of the previous V60s and V60is I've owned. I also like the added voice commands. I really think Moto got this one right. My CDMA friends are all pissed that they can't have this, and are stuck with the T720.

cute phone, but thats all that it has


Apr 27, 2004 by kansasdoll20

unfortunalty motorola has done it again, built yet another horrible motorola v60 phone. And if im wrong, correct me, but does this phone still have that crappy antenna, did they dont leave the first couple of times. Motorola just needs to throw the blue prints for the v60 out the window. The phone is small and cute, the color screen is bright and vibrant, ill give it that. But so do most other newer flip phones, but its the service on this phone that is sooooooo horrible, navigation on the menus, FORGET IT, you have to be rocket scientist just to maneuver them!!!!!!!!!!

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Loved this phone


Jan 11, 2016 by chadbordes

Carrier: AT&T

I had this phone for almost a year. I really liked it. I did not have the color screen. This phone worked and was one of the best phones I had ever used. Calls were clear and the network for me was always strong. I traveled at the time and was the only one to get all my calls and texts when I was in Juneau. Sprint and Verizon didn't get a lick of service up there.

The only complaint I had about this phone was the keys were reversed on the talk and end. I had a hell of a time trying to remember this.

I kept the phone until the shut the TDMA network down and had to switch over to GSM.

If the network was still around, I would be on it and probably still using that phone.

Forced to go back to my old Nokia


May 23, 2005 by teriberibin

I am a US Cellular customer in Northeastern California. I bought my phone as my Christmas gift in 2003. What a waste of money! I made my authorized dealer aware of the fact that I shopped in Reno, NV which turns out to have both CDMA and TDMA coverage. I was assured it would work well. My home area is TDMA hence the only flip phones offered were TDMA. Unfortunately, the phone kept picking up the CDMA band (I was on the phone several times with the US Cellular roam people) instead of the TDMA band. I had complained about the phone within the appropriate time line (1 week) and had seen the written report on the computer screen in the US Cellular office. The salesgirl suggested I give the phone another chance. I returned within a month only to be told they had no record of my complaint. IT HAD BEEN ERASED!! I was livid. I was forced to keep the phone. I insisted on sending the phone to Motorola to have it checked as I was told by the salespeople that the V60t worked well in Reno for their other customers. Well, Motorola returned it stating there was nothing they could find wrong with it (of course, they needed to test it in Reno). I have been using my old Nokia ever since. I will never buy through an authorized dealer ever again!!!!

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