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v60 color = thumbs down


Dec 2, 2004 by x0 alicia 920

- ive had my phone for about a year now. i guess you could say ive gotten used to it , but i would not suggest it to anyone considering it.

; very small screen
; cant download ringtones or wallpaper
; only 1 phone number per contact name
; antenna isnt very strong (i had to have mine replaced only a few months after i got it)
; a lot of calls are dropped and voicemails not recieved
; service isnt very good ( At&t - Wilkes Barre,Pa area )
; doesnt have speakerphone

; ok battery life
; menu can be customized to put certain icons where you want them
; date and time are on the outside display screen

> im pretty sure this phone has been discontinued from almost all of the providers, but if theyre still offering it and youre thinking of getting it - DONT , you'll regret it.



Sep 1, 2004 by scipio7

I work for a Wireless service provider (can't say who). And the amount of returns on this fone is ridiculous.

Motorola obviously knew about the flimsy antennae's that most customers broke off in the first couple months of ownership. Instead of blame just Motorola I also blame the customers who want silly ring tones and games instead of a rigorously tested fone. Would anyone believe this company also builds superior quality Mil-spec two-way radio's???

Take the reviews here with some salt. Several posters seem to know nothing of basic radio theory and lack the intelligence to differntiate between a crappy fone and a crappy network. The Motorola V60 series is a crappy fone that should have been recalled (along with the C333) within the first couple months. Actually, it just shouldn't have been released at all.

Very Poor Reception


Aug 20, 2004 by macaddiict

'Love-hate' is the perfect way to describe how I feel about this phone. Motorola did a great job with the sleek metal case and very nice sounding earpiece. I like how the phone fits to my face and it is very easy to hold. Motorola knows how to make a good first impression, but after a few days of real life use I found out this phone is not a star performer and definitely not worth the (!!very high!!) asking price.

I upgraded from a Nokia 3560 color phone to this Motorola V60 color and they are very different phones. The Motorola has slightly better battery life and I like the way the phone "sounds" when I can actually manage good reception. The Motorola screen looks a little better than the Nokia, but everything is much smaller. You have to read the manual and set the fonts to 'large' if you want to be able to use the phone outside (and I have young eyes)!

Unfortunately, this slim little phone has some major flaws and poorly executed features and the cons greatly outweigh the pros.

Very weird menu layout
Limited to one phone number per address book entry
Phone makes very loud, obnoxious noise when you turn ringer volume down
Big antenna, seems like something that snap off soon
Very bad reception for the most part
Lots of garble/cutting in and out in most calls

No ringer downloads over the air
Small fonts on screen
Metal casing on phone loosened up after a few days of use
Metal case got pretty hot when you're on a long call

GOOD THINGS::: (i.e. the short list)
Good looks
Battery life

The reception is so poor I returned the phone within the 30 day trial period, and have switched back to my old Nokia. I can't say I'd recommend this phone to anyone, even in a big city with great reception (you never know where you'll find yourself). If you do go with this phone, I would recommend the insurance because you're sure to break off the antenna sooner than later.

Absolutely Horrible. Please do not get.


May 19, 2004 by positiveone

Unlike my username, I cannot be very positive about this phone. It is absolutely frustrating and useless.

Here's why:

1) First, please be aware that AT&T has had several complaints about this phone because the antennae breaks off easily. I know because not only has it happened to me, but when I spoke to an operator, I was told that this has been a recurring problem with this phone. Also, if the aforementioned occurs, and you try to get a replacement phone, you will NOT be covered under the warranty, even if it is still in effect. The reason is because it has occured so often, that the manufacturer has stopped replacing the phone because of the number of times it has occured to consumers. (The guy over at warranty told me this). What will then happen is they will send you over to insurance where you will have to pay a $35 deductible in order to get the exact same piece of you-know-what as a "new" phone...and that is assuming that you have insurance. Needless, to say, with no antennae, reception will be non-existent.

2) No matter where you go, this phone practically gets you no reception or service (this is prior to antennae breaking off). You will be told by others that "you are going in and out" or "you faded out on me". I travel often and wide and I swear that I have become the epitome of the commercial saying, "Can you hear me now?" I am known for my patience but it certainly gets to be trying when this is a frequent occurence. For instance, right now (and this is true), I am looking at my phone and it says, "No Service".

The only decent thing about the phone is that it is sleek and small, but I'd rather hear the people I am talking with than struggle to be heard, or have to repeat the same sentence 3 times, or have my call dropped.

Hopefully this helps. PLEASE do not purchase this phone. Why am I so adamant? I really would not want someone to experience the same level of frustration I have, for I know they will if they pick this phone.

Its So So


Apr 27, 2004 by graffitiseries

The phone it self is a nice phone but the problem i had with it was if there two or less bars i couldn't make a call the if it did the phone would be impossible to hear on. It does have some nice features though its a flip the a front LCD screen and the ringers are loud. Overall its a nice phone, depending on the service you have.

V60t color best V60 yet


Mar 15, 2004 by Realestateman

I find the v60t Color to be a substantial improvement over the older V60t.
The voice phone book lookup is nothing other phones do not have, but I believe the voice dialing is. You just hit the button on the outside of the phone, and it asks you what you want to do. You say "voice dial" and it asks you what number to dial. You speak the numbers into the phone and it repeats them for you abnd asks if the number is correct. You say "Yes" and it dials the number.
No names to program and remember, no hassles.
The interchangeable covers are nice, though just a bit fatter than the v60's slim and trim design. The number of covers on the aftermarket right now is a bit disappointing versus the V60i. I do expect that to change in the future, but you never know.
As mentioned by others, the color screeen is a bit small and that certainly does not help when you are trying to read the display in dangerous situations like driving. So use the voice activated features.
I also find the phone to be much more durable and better looking than the original v60. The blue backlit metal keys and sharp aluminum housing are features that will keep this phone working well far into the future.
All in all, the v60t Color is and should remain the Champion of the TDMA market.
That is important to me since I work in the New England area where GSM coverage is spotty at best. Cingular no longer sells or activates TDMA equipment, so I ended up purchasing one on eBay. I now have a new phone to go with my sweet calling plan (out of contract) that Cingular can't even come close to matching now.
By the way, do whatever you can to stay out of contract. Cingular will bend over backwards to keep you as a customer.

Motorola v60t Color Phone is the best.


Feb 7, 2004 by Tasha925

I have never owned a Motorola before, so unfortunately I have nothing to compare it to. But what I do know is this little battery, lasts at least 3 times longer than my Nokia 3560, that I have been using for a little more than 7 months. It also charges a lot faster than my Nokia.
It has great wallpapers and Screen Savers. My personal favorite is the Happy Doggy. He licks your screen. So cute. It does not have all the versatility within faceplates as the other v60i's have, as I have came to know. But I did find a faceplate that I liked at the AT&T Wireless Retail Store down the block. They have brown, blue and red.
I enjoy the ringtones that they have on the phone, but unfortunately, I have been unable to figure out how to download my own ringtones, if it is even possible.
It fits perfectly into my pocket, flips open to answer calls, and even has three or four different vibrate modes.
You have a zoom feature, if you have bad eyes. You can even record the name, and just say it into the phone.
I have found that the buttons are quite easy to use, and the reception quality is excellent, even better than my Nokia.
I paid $80.00 for the phone, with all my discounts, and they didn't make me pay shipping and handling or processing, so I would say I got a rather good deal, for a phone, that I like so much.
One more feature that I truly enjoy on the Motorola is the two-line external caller ID. display, so you don't have to pick up the phone, if you don't want to. =)!!!

SO, I undoubtedly recommend this phone. I think it is of a very good quality, and I also think, it well worth the $$$$.

Don't waste your time or money!


Nov 20, 2003 by eclipsepj

I would have to say that I was impressed when I saw that Motorola was adding a color screen to the already popular v60 line. However I have found that this phone and all the other v60's have been horrible with signal (at least on the TDMA network) I'm not sure if it is the way the phone is designed or just Motorola's craftsmanship. The constantly gives low signal, dropped calls, cannot hear anyone even when the volume is at it's highest, it isn't easy to navigate through the menu at all, the screen color or not neither are easy to view. Hey if the phone works for you that fine but I wouldn't waste even $50 on this phone. I would rather buy an Ericsson!

Don't Purchase This Phone!


Nov 17, 2003 by CRAZYTURK

I just got the phone V60 color I think it's a waste of 200.00 I spent. I called At&t to return the phone . The display screen is so small you could go blind. Good TDMA phones are hard to find, the phones I like are with GSM but At&T still needs improvement for me to purchase GSM from them. "Advisement" don't waste your time with one. Nokia 6560 much better.

phone is great


Oct 4, 2003 by matt serrano

con: life of battery not so good
pro: lightness

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