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swimming in the toilet


Aug 25, 2005 by caseyclear

I have had this phone for over a year and have only had a few problems with it.
The reason why I wanted to post was to say that I have dropped this phone in the toilet and it was working the next day with no problems.. there aren't many phones that you can drop in toilets and they work perfectly.

Cool fashion phone


Jul 12, 2005 by TAN7000

Nice, colorful screen and good looking phone
Good audio
Loud ringtones
Good battery
Strong reception
No bluetooth
No speakerphone

The E715 A Great Success


May 22, 2005 by ieatyellowsnow

I have owned this phone twice in between Dozens... and I have to say its one of the best ever. Being aware of the features, it does not have alot of the new technology as the newer phones coming out becuase its not a newer model. I picked up my first E715 Over a year and a half ago. At the time nothing would have beat it. Its smaller size and Internal Antena make it very appealing. And the only flaws I have encountered if the fading in the screen over time only experienced with the last 2nd phone I had and the more pictures you store in the phone the worste qualtity the camera gets. I am not sure why that is but in my opinion a phone isn't meant to be a camera. Want good pictures buy a good camera.

Very small in size
Flash with Flash light
Internal Antena
Good camera
Easy to use
Easy Texting
External Time Dislay 24/7

Out dated (Should have owned it atleast a year ago)
Camera worstens with picture Capacity
Screen Fades over time
A little over priced
Time Track is off

Over all one of the best functioning phones I have used. Easy and small. I wouldn't suggest buying it unless you get it for a way good price. For 200$ There are newer phones with more features. If you are a big fan of Samsung try nokia out they are both easy to use. Or Get a E720 cause I believe with hoe sucessful the E715 was it will not let you down.

great phone


Apr 20, 2005 by imnotseen4u

ok i dont know what the last guy was talking about but from what i see, this phone is very good quality. and works excellent for me. now like the last guy said
- the phone lags when you do open it and try to dial a number or open the menu, but i notice it only does it if i have alot of ringtones downloaded onto my phone
- ive never notice a problem with my clock on the phone
- the signal i have on this phone is much better than any other phone, it holds a signal better than any motorola or nokia ive seen. whenever i am in a place with low signal, other phones wont have service but mine will catch it.
-the camera is nice, i like it, i mean its stilla camera phone, but it still is one of the best.
- and turning the volume up and down? uh ya,.. theres this button on the side, with a arrow that goes up and one that goes down,.. when u push that,.. what do u know? the volume goes down..
-text messaging? ok i do this ALOT, i am on AIM through the tzones 24/7 and text messaging, it works excellent, i fly through so fast, i never used t9 until i got this phone and i love it, it works well, and when it doesnt know the word ur trying to spell, u can add it to the phone for next time.
- battery life is great, especially for a camera phone, and when u have it in power save mode,.. it lasts even longer.
- and with the whole missed call thing, ya, when u miss a call after like 15 sec the outside screen doesnt show that anymore, but uh,.. once u open the phone,.. it says it right there.
-now the only other problems i have had is ust at times my phone frezzing on me. and restarting.. but thats it, and it doesnt happen all that often anymore.
other than that i love this phone still and this is month 10. this phone works great, has the greatest reception. best quality. and most fun u can get from a phone i am still very pleased, unless i am in a place where t mobile doesnt get service, then i am screwed..

Can't beat a samsung


Apr 12, 2005 by savanna1103

I got this phone off of ebay. It was used but still worked great. This display screen was starting to get lines and the contrast was to brite. There was no contrast button on the phone. I called up samsung and let them know what my problem was and they told me to send it in.
After I got my phone back this think is the best. Rich vibrant colors. Great picture quality. Load speaker and the sounds are wonderful have used many diff rent phones with T-moblie but this phone kicks all butt.
The feel and the shape of this phone is wonderful, If you live in a area that doesn't have great coverage, this is the phone for you. I live in a gray area and I get the 5 bars on this phone where all my other phones I had dropped calls.

Awesome, good looking phone!


Jan 25, 2005 by dustboo

This has got to be the best phone I've ever owned. I've had two Nokias before, an SE before, and an NEC before, NON even come close. I love this phone!

-Great colors and lighting
-Cute, small and all around good looking, (today someone said to be... "OH! It's so nice! It has no antenna!")
-It's just an all-around nice phone. I love the way it looks, and there are many customizing options.
-Has a camera that works okay, (better than the SE camera), but it's a camera still.

-So many extra lights and such, it has poor battery life.
-Included ringtones are HORRIBLE!
-No 'okay' button on phone, but instead a 't-zones' button.
-External light does not go all the way off.

But, I'd recommend it 100%, especially if you can get it for only $100 like i did!

Not Recommended


Jan 11, 2005 by Silverbug

I got this phone in July and at first was very pleased. The screen was very colorfull and had motion.

- Sometimes takes 5-10 seconds to for number to appear that you are dialing or to go to a menu
- A tower doesnt keep the time so you have to enter the time. I work at a TV station so time to the second is very important.
- And this phone doesnt keep good time. I have to reset the time every week because it looses about 20 seconds every week.
- The signal is not very good. In areas that I had no problems with previous phones, I have no bars with this phone. I hear this is a common problem with Samsung
-Camera quality is terrible! Very grainy, cant even make out faces hardly
-You cant just adjust the volume with one button on the side you have to go the menu and do it that way (call me lazy but thats a quality i like in a phone)
- I text message a lot and this phone is not the best for that. You have to punch in each letter because the word guesser on the phone is terrible and impossible to use if you dont want to lose your mind
- Battery life is very shaky, sometimes it will last 2 days, sometimes less than one...with the same phone usage
-Biggest problem of all: If you have a missed call it will say on the screen on front for about 10 seconds unless they leave a voicemail then the light will blink. So if no voicemail is left and you dont open your phone you may never know you have a missed call

- Its very cute and petite. All my friends like it
- The Camera has a light
- One touch camera button
- one touch t-zone button
- The battery charges in less than 2 hours

Basically if you are a heavy
phone user you might go for another aproach. Sorry for the long review I just wished someone would have warned me first

This is a great phone!


Jun 2, 2004 by GnatGoSplat

I love this phone! I think right now, it's the best phone available in its price range. It has a simple menu system (similar to Nokia), supports T9 text, and has Send/End keys in the right place, all welcome changes from my old Motorola.

The good: The TFT display is beautiful, bright, great contrast, simply stunning. The OLED outer display is bright and the clock/status icons stay lit constantly. The VGA camera takes very good pictures, a bit blurry, but compared to other phones, not bad at all. Indoor or overcast outdoor pictures come out much better than bright sunny outdoor pictures for some reason (those come out overexposed and purple-tinged). The ringtones are loud, clear, and my wife and I really like them. I'm not sure why people don't like them, they're cute and fun, I can jam to 'em. IRDA allows connecting to a PC without cables. It's possible using EasyGPRS to copy contacts from Outlook into the phone. The styling is very good looking, it's lightweight and easily pocketed. Rubber covers prevent dust from entering the phone. Intenna has good RF in my area so lack of antenna is welcome. LED flash/flashlight is very bright (although as a flash, only works in darkness for very closeup pictures).

The bad: It supports picture Caller ID, but it's useless because it can't display the pictures on its outer display. You also can't upload your own picture and use it for picture CID, it HAS to be taken with the camera. Outlook sync is also very poor, you can't copy & paste Outlook appointments into the phone. EasyGPRS software allows you to copy contacts, but that's it. Animated GIFs are limited to 40k, ringtones to 100k. If you download a ringtone from WAP, you can't send it to a PC. You can't send Java games from the PC, they have to be downloaded through WAP. It's not possible to keep the amimated clock or date display on the exterior OLED on all the time. Battery life is pretty poor (after 2-days standby, it needs charged).

Almost perfect...


Mar 24, 2004 by JJMcClain

I am a die hard Samsung fan now... I just got rid of the V300 and while there were some great features on that phone, no motorola can hold up to samsung. The reception on this e-715 is not what I thought it would be... but everythig else makes up for it... when looking at the features listed on this sight it says this phone does not have an email client and it does//says no multiple language support and it does//says no ringer profiles and it is on this phone//text message templates are supported on this phone//You can get data cable for this phone as well. If you are willing to pay the price for this phone, get it... You will not be let down. I have had the E-105/S-105/R225m/V300/6610 on GSM with T-Mobile and this is by far the best overall phone you can get... The only reason I don't give it a 5 is because of the internal antenna which degrades reception where service is limited, but if you are in a good service area you'll have no problem...

you should get one


Nov 28, 2003 by kurystev

I can't believe how great this phone is. I purchased one a few days ago and can't stop using it. Over Thanksgiving my family fought over who got to play with it.

I have never seen a phone that has the flashlight feature. I have used it numerous times and love it.

The ability to take a picture without opening the phone is great also. I love this phone.

I have played with the Nokia 3650 for a while and love the bluetooth capabilities, something I wish this phone had, but you can't be picky with an attractive, slim, stylish flip phone with the features this one has.

Downloading software, ringtones, and games from Samsung without paying for them is great. I love that. I already have a dozen ring tones and a couple of games.

I recommend this phone to anybody. The service is great. All-digital, can you beat it? I guess you could if you still had analog service and wanted to spend $15 bucks more a month. Such a waste of money.

The reception is the highest i have used. it's even better than the 3650.

If you are in the market for a new phone and wan't to keep your same number, port it over to T-mobile and take advantage of this phone. I can't stress enough the joy you will receive from this phone.

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