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Ok phone but cant use all the features


Jan 1, 2004 by dp0896

I got this phone for Xmas. I liked the phone but found that I couldn't download graphics or ring tones. I have AT&T service. In order to download you have to have the internet and this phone has the capability but AT&T doesn't support this feature. They only offer internet on GSM phones, which have little calling area at this time. I like the polyphonic ring tones & wallpaper but the selection on the phone isn't very good. The phone overall is a good phone if you don't want to download any tones or graphics. If you purchase this phone and wish to download, make sure your service provider supports the internet before you purchase. You wont be able to personalize this phone. The price of this phone is a little high considering you cant use all the features with AT&T service, and they don't bother to tell you that when you buy the phone. Needless to say I returned the phone, because I couldn't download anything, and didn't wish to pay $150 for a phone that wasn't much different from the one I already had (nokia 8265). The 8265 doesn't have wallpaper or polyphonic ring tones or a colored screen but other than that the phone has almost the same features. If you wish to download on this phone make sure you check with your provider before you waste your time and money. I called Nokia and AT&T several time before I got a straight answer about why I couldn't download anything on this phone. If that doesn't bother you then this would be an OK phone to purchase.

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Overdiviation issue


Dec 6, 2003 by NGC1499

Color display is nice. It makes access time to different menu options and turning on the phone slow tho. The price you pay for color. Nokia menu options in doing certain tasks also takes too many steps some are ok.
The phone is not very sturdy as others seems as if its made of cheaper plastic. I like sleekness and color. The biggest issue is the sound. There is an overdiviation problem= sounds crackeled or as if the speaker is blown, no matter what equalization mode I choose anybody else have this problem. I like the speaker phone, and ring tones. I had to choose this phone because it was the only one offered for the mode of transmission I choose. Im in remote areas and travel a lot, so it is needed to link up to an analogue tower etc at times. The newer transmit technology is not developed enough for me yet, something most people dont think about. These reviews are very helpful Thanks to all that write one!!!~~~NGC 1499

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Nokia 6560


Nov 22, 2003 by bkkatz

So far so good. Was looking to replace my 6360 with something smaller, and prefer Nokia over Motorola. Very happy so far.


1.) Nokia standard menus and features. If you've used a Nokia before, you will be familiar with the phone.

2.) Polyphonic ringtones. You can download mono ringtones to the phone. Still, a good selection.

3.) Color screen is BRIGHT. I can use the phone in the dark to find keys, etc...

4.) Infrared port means I can connect w/ PC or "business card" to other phones. (NOTE - See "Cons" though.)

5.) Installed Car kit works great. (NOTE - See below.)


1.) PC Suite not yet available. Took way too long to "business card" 150 numbers from the 6360 to the 6560.

2.) Limited selection of accessories. Cigarette adapter is standard Nokia, and an earbud is included. But, swivel case is not yet available. (The 8260 case fits, but you have to cut a hole in the bottom for the cig. adapter and earbud.)

There is also one other issue which was somewhat frustrating. According to Nokia, there is no installed car kit for this phone. According to AT&T, the CARK-143 works properly. In this case, AT&T is correct....Nokia may be releasing a different kit for this phone, but the CARK-143 kit works great, and includes a Nokia inductive adapter for an outside antenna.

Overall, I am pleased....as soon as PCSuite is available, I will be completely satisfied....but as a 3000 min a month user who needs the coverage of TDMA, I would recommend this phone.

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I had this phone


Dec 11, 2005 by rafty62

It was a good phone for the time I had it. I have since moved to a GSM 6230 and was very impressed by this phone. It always had good reception being that TDMA was a real trying network where I live. Since then, a lot of us AT&T customers have been moved to Cingular wireless and we lost the use of this phone. For those of you that are going to be moved to the new GSM network replace this phone with a 6230 or a 6102 because those are the best replacements so far. I have used both and am partial to the 6230 because flip phones are so not me.

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Nokia 6560 Pretty Good Phone


Sep 1, 2005 by jeffcrans

Received the phone today after more than 7 years of mostly dependable, yet mostly frustrating use of an Ericsson R300LX. The 2 biggest drawbacks to that phone was lousy reception in certain areas (like my house!) and no WAP and no speaker phone (as with most TDMA phones).

I heard that TDMA is on it's last legs and should end in 2007 with Cingular. So, this was my last hurrah for TDMA in an effort to keep the same service due to lot's of good promotions. The new Cingular (and others) only offer one third the minutes of the years ago contracts. But some day I'll be forced into it.

Ok, enough preamble. Here's my thoughts after only a couple of hours of use (I'm a 50 year old to give you perspective).

Compared to my old phone, half the weight and an inch shorter. A very good size for my larger hands. I wouldn't want any smaller.

Keypad pretty good for my larger fingers.

Very loud. Even too loud at max volume, to the point of distortion. (Speaker is pretty tinny, but tolerable).

Speaker phone is very usable. Need to activate it after connecting, which is not a big deal, as the choice appears to select as soon as you are connected.

Reception is much, much better than the old phone. Well worth the purchase just for that.

Nice bright display. Easy to read.

Plenty of third party faceplates and accessories available.

Battery life seems pretty good, although I haven't had it that long.

Voice tagging very accurate without any training.

Phone allows for uploading graphics and ringtones, but I don't think it has all that much memory for them.

WAP will not work with Cingular/ATT, as others already confirmed.

Case a bit fragile. I wouldn't want to drop it. But it fits in pocket no prob.

Display turns off a bit too quickly.

Some neat features such as Organizer and voice recorder.

A darn good phone for one soon to be a Do-Do.

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Good while it lasted


Nov 17, 2004 by BEast

ive owned this phone for bout five months. When i first got tha phone everybody had the TDMA network, and mine was top of the line. then GSM came around 2 weeks after i got my 6560, everybody was getting new phones with better features and cameras. i wanted to wait a while to get a new phone.
overall its a great phone, but i could never download anything. my next phone is going to be a L1400 LG camera phone. to help pay for my new one im going to sell my 6560, although ever since GSM has came around its harder to sell a TDMA phone.

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Cute, compact, and featureless


Nov 11, 2004 by ssecord

I had the bulky black Nokia with the green screen and monophonic ring tones and was really excited when my contract was up and could upgrade to a nicer phone. Since I was on the TDMA network the 6560 was the best I could get. I was so excited when I got this cute, compact, seemingly much better phone in the mail. Sadly, this Nokia was not much better. I was told when I ordered it that it got polyphonic ring tones, I could download graphics etc., but unfortunately this phone is for the TDMA network so I could do none of this.

Light weight
speaker phone

HORRIBLE ring tones (there's not even a regular ring)
Few graphics
zero download capabilities

Bottom line: If you are on ATT or Cingular's TDMA network, this is the best you can get (or so I was told)- I'd upgrade to the GSM network immediately.

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Decent, small phone.


Oct 20, 2004 by krugorg

Overall, this is a good, basic phone. The size is great for slipping in your pocket. Reception for me has been excellent and I travel to some remote areas.

Earpiece volume is good, but I have found the headset volume to be too low in some situations.

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Good lightweight phone


Sep 8, 2004 by msmith65

I'm a light user but I do keep a phone book in my phone, so I found the IR receiver to be extremely helpful. Keying in every entry the last time I switched phones took about two hours while a passenger on a long drive.

The 6560 gets ½ a point off for feeling cheap. The plasticky case is loose even though the phone is brand-new. But I appreciate the light weight, as does my wife, who carries it most of the time.

Another ½ point comes off for the Nokia-only headset jack. Wish I knew why a standard phone plug wasn't used instead. I guess there are aftermarket headsets that will plug into this. It just seems like a needless complication.

I can't speak to the whole business of PC suite and ring tones because I haven't tried to download the software and I think the ring tones that came with the phone are fine.

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Nov 19, 2003 by guyinhappyvalley

I must first say that overall I do like the phone. I have had the phone since AT&T first listed it on it web site. I have been trying to find a phone to replace my 8260.
Here are the pros:
Nice bright color screen, improvement from a green screen.
I do like the speaker phone. Its loud.
The design is nice--large buttons and sturdy (better than the 6200 and 8260) and it look classy.
It is light, even lighter than 8260.
It has a nice polyphonic ringtons.

No voice dialing.
You can't download any polyphonic ring tones or wallpaper to it.
The games aren't that good.
AT&T is not going to support the adavance feature like adding games, applications, or as said before ring tones.
You can download mono ring tones but they sound horrible.

Now why I am unsure. I really like the ability to personalize phones. On my 8260 I only used the ring tones that I downloaded. I can't do this with this phone. I'll need to decide within the next two weeks if i end up keep it.
So if you don't care about personal ring tones this the the perfect TDMA phone for you.

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