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The Sanyo Phones simply rock !!!!!


Jun 27, 2004 by macking301

I had Verizon wireless for many years.

After getting sick and sicker of the selection of lousy Verizon phones, I heard a Sanyo RL-2500 with the speaker-phone on. It was loud and clear and had my name written all over it. It was in a new class of ultra high quality cell phones!

But what about switching from Verizon-the fee's etc. will the reception be terrible compared to the big V? It is really worth it!

Sprint PCS is a good company. The quality is about the same as Verizon, but the value is much better.

Sanyo phone Pro's:

great reception
loud and clear speaker-phone
loud and clear earpiece
easy to understand and use
2 color screen's that both rock
great cache

Sanyo phone Con's

the voice activated calling with the flip closed is a little touchy

Overall, this phone which is sadly discontinued is the best I have ever owned!

And Sprint PCS is a super value while Verizon is terribly overpriced and has lousy phones.

Verizon is also stuck on themselves!

This phone kicks A$$


May 7, 2004 by encino187

I have to say that when it was time to give up my Motorola timeport and shop for a new phone it was difficult to let go of that little dependable phone.

I must say this phone is a great phone and I am not in the least disappointed after researching for months on a suitable replacement phone.

The reception is unbelievable, first off. The features are great between the speakerphone, the ready-link, call screening & the security features that are built in ie: if your phone is stolen you can lock it or erase your phonebook via the web.

As far as people complaining about it being "muffled" that is an easy fix... clean the earwax out. To be frank, I think some people just need something to wine about to make it seem that they know something.

The only "complaint" that I have is the 3 hr battery life - which at times seems even less than that even in standby. Otherwise, I'd give this sucker a 4.5 & if it had been bluetooth enabled then a whole 5 - Although, Sprint seems a bit slow on the bluetooth boat, they need to get on that.



Nov 20, 2003 by Invader J

I gotta say, this is a fabulous phone. Even if you don't use Readylink, it's a great improvement over the 8100.

- Speakerphone is very useful, but at very high volumes the speaker begins to crackle, though that is expected for a speaker of its size.

- Vision is faster and seems more reliable; pages load faster.

- Speaker is much better than the 8100, so MobiTV, 1KTV, games, etc, all sound great.

- Screens are big bright and beautiful, much better than the 5300, brightness as good or better than the 8100. Colors are much more vibrant than either.

- Solid construction, nice feel to the plastic, like the NAVY 8100. I can't tell, but it may actually be silver-colored plastic instead of painted plastic, as it feels just like the Navy 8100's navy-colored plastics.

- Earpiece is a lot better than the 8100, though just a tiny bit muffled still. This alone was almost worth the upgrade from the 8100.

- Antenna is less intrusive than the 8100, as only the tip extends rather than the whole antenna nub.

- Reception is like a rock.

A great upgrade for anyone looking for a replacement for their 8100. Now I just can't wait for the 5500, with it's camera and bloo color. I lke bloo. w00t!

Love my RL2500!


Dec 8, 2003 by dro1984

I really LOVE my Sanyo 4500 (RL 2500) phone! I would have liked to own a 5500 (picture version) of same phone, but am not allowed to have one at work that takes pictures!
I have had my phone for about 10 days and so far am still giddy every time I use it!
It has great reception, lots of built in ringer choices including old style "ringer" types that you can actually hear if you have the phone in your coat! The downloading is quick and the screen is crisp and clear! No dropped calls even in High-rise "fringe" areas where my old N200 would loose calls!
Pros: Great Looks, great reception, Redi-link ease of use and clearity of speaker phone.
Cons: The ear piece sound could be a little better as it sounds "muffled". Still not bad though!

Reception in places we didn't know possible.


Nov 20, 2003 by rnett

I work closely with Sanyo phones in the wireless industry, and as such I'm afforded the opportunity to field test the devices before they become available to the public. Based upon computer generated projections of Sprint coverage I was able to use this phone in an area which is not even with in the digital coverage area. What's more, it had full reception nearly the entire evening. I used the voice services, vision service, and the new ready link service. The phone performed in every manner much higher than expected. The only detriment I incurred was a less than stellar battery life. Before I left around 2:30 in the afternoon I had fully charged the phone. I used it for about an hour and a half total between vision, voice, and ready link services. The battery low indicator came on the following morning at 9:30. Other than that I was thoroughly pleased with the device and the ready link service. The initial latency was in the neighborhood of 1-2 rings but the connectivity time there after was nearly instantaneous. After rebates it is an outstanding purchase. I only hope its video phone successor can live up to the standard this device has set.

Great earpice&speakerphone volume!


Jun 13, 2005 by eddie01

This phone is very durable and is reliable and above all simple.

Loud and adjustable speaker-phone volume
Great earpice volume
Decent calls with 1 or 2 bars
Bulky-easy to find
Large keypad
Big internal screen
Big external screen
Loud ring-tones-Simple ones and ones for teens
Adjustable settings

Feels like plastic
Antenna stub-yuk!
Charger port very delicate

If you're thinking about getting this phone, you'll like it if you like simple, but not too simple phones. If you're into phones that are flashy and stuff, this phone is good, not excellent though.

A Descent Phone, Loud Speakerphone, OK Reception


Apr 28, 2004 by myraja

Overall this is a descent phone. Upgrading from a Nokia 3360 this is a huge jump, has a pretty good speakerphone (althought at anything over medium volume it starts to crackle) and the case/flip is quite sturdy, the buttons are easy to navigate.

The Reception is good, but not great. I notice that even when talking with a person on a land line, there are seconds where the sound goes dead and is cut (very rarely disconnected)

People complain that, the speakerphone mode sounds staticy (and gets more so when the flip is closed) and another thing to keep in mind is speakerphone is HALF DUPLEX. You will have to wait for the other person to finish speaking before you can be heard.

I would recommend this phone, however if you can, spend a few bucks more and get a 8200 by Sanyo, same everythign except for the Photo taking capibility.

Overall a descent phone, good display, great battery life. PS the keypad does tend to get warm to the touch when in use over 1/2 an hour.

SCP-5400 Thumbs up!


Jan 15, 2004 by TomnLosAngeles

I recently traded in my old LG 5350 for a Sanyo phone. I've never owned Sanyo before. After just a few days with this phone, I have come to love it! There are many pros with this phone, and a couple cons, so here they are in my opinion!

Signal strength is awesome! I'm getting 4 bars in my apt, where as with the LG I only ever had 2 at the most.

WEB: The web loads much faster than my old LG. It seems to be snappier on the Sanyo, and fails less often.

SPEAKER: I LOVE the speakerphone.. very convenient when you are in the car, or dont' have a heatset nearby.

Now here are my cons:

Speed Dial: Sanyo only has 9 speedials!! That's not acceptable with todays technology. My LG had 99.. and I used a lot of them.

SEND SOMEONE TO VOICE MAIL: On the LG phones, you can send someone to VM right away if your phone rings, with the push of a button, so the person calling doesn't have to sit through your phone ringing 6 times before VM picks up.

VM Indicators: When you select a tone to alert you to a voicemail, it plays itself over and over again for 10 seconds at least.. I wish they had tones that just played ONCE, and then was done.. the only option you have of that is a female voice that says "new voice mail"

I realize these might be nit picking things.. but that's my review.. all in all, I love my Sanyo phone!

Best phone w. the best service


Nov 21, 2003 by heitron

cbb10 review is completely false in its negative comments-
This phone is great. I have used almost every phone Sprint has put on the market. This phone has the best of everything.
Reception - clear and always strong
Vision - super fast and efficient
ReadyLink - quick and fun (the first contact has a 2-3 delay but times after are about 1 sec. delay)
ReadyLink is great for having quick conversations and instant contact. My wife and I have used it for 3 days now and love it. With the coverage Sprint PCS has for cellular service and now the RL service, add that to great vision. Sprint is the leader in all areas.
(i.e. they could work on customer service skills)

Sanyo-5400 is a truly great phone


Aug 7, 2004 by brandon44

I recently purchased a Sanyo-5400 and it has been nothing but great things. The blue blacklight is a beautiful feature to this phone. Also, the Speakerphone is remarkable, it can actually be sometimes too loud. The LED on the front side of this phone adds nice color to your phone everytime it is ringing. It can store a whole lot of ringtones and its Internet browser is unmatched. Also, the second LCD is a great, 65,535 color feature that also has Caller ID if you have a friend who can send you a picture with a camera phone. It is basically the VM-4500 without the camera, but at a much more affordable price. I highly recommend this phone to someone who wants a phone with all of the features, but doesn't necessarily need a camera phone.

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