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Finally a Smart Phone I Like!


Aug 15, 2012 by zerotsm

I finally had to get a smart phone in order to use a credit card processing system. I wanted the Android platform because it is more open, and the HTC One X has been highly rated. I've had this only a week but have given it a lot of testing and I am quite satisfied. While the RF section is still not as good as my trusty Nokia 6030, it is better than any phone I've tested in the Wilkes Barre area on AT&T. There is limited control of the length of touch tones sent while on a call, minimum length is 100 ms maximum length is 1.2 seconds, but I have been able to get by with it.

Bright screen. No problem using in bright sunlight.

Large Screen. One can almost touch type on the virtual keyboard if the phone is positioned on a desk horizontally.

Although the speaker is on the back, the speakerphone works well in all but the noisiest environments.

Good camera for wide angle outdoor daytime shots.

GPS works well. It gets a lock faster than my dedicated hand held GPS

Good choice of ring and alarm tones that come with the phone.

Short battery life. I know I can't expect the battery to last as long in a smart phone, but it barely makes it through an eight hour day on a charge. I work around this by having it plugged into a car charger if I'm driving, my computer if I'm in the office and a wall outlet when I go to bed.

Battery is not removable. If it were, I could have a battery charging and swap them out. Since I'm the type that keeps a phone six years or more, I'm going to be really annoyed when I have to break out my soldering iron and perhaps a magnifier to change out the battery when it no longer holds a charge.

Camera does not do well in low light. Even though it has a white LED flash, it is slow and pictures come out blurry unless I steady the phone on a solid object while taking the picture.

Zoom pictures come out grainy. This is to be expected with a digital zoom.

This phone is worth getting in spite of its shortcomings.

Two days in...and I like


May 8, 2012 by Mopiwan

My (recent) phone journey
iPhone 4 to
Galaxy S 4g to

First, let me say this is only day three of having used the phone. I liked, but didn't love the iPhone. I traded phones with my sister for her Galaxy and took a liking to Android right away. I am not much of a techie guy so things like rooting and ROMs mean nothing to me.
Anyway, here are some pros/cons so far.


-A big beautiful sharp screen. Colors are great.

-The Beats audio may or may not actually mean anything, but the audio is the best I have heard.

-Speed on LTE is wayyy faster than previous ATT iPhone 4, or T-mo 4g Galaxy

-Ice Cream Sandwich is really neat and I am learning new tricks every other time I use the phone.

-Haven't over-loaded phone with media/apps so it is amazingly quick. I hope that it doesn't change when I do.

-Finally, the camera is awesome and a pleasure to fire up and start snapping. I didn't use the camera on my last phone b/c it was so inconvenient.


-Its quite large to use with one hand, make sure you play with one at the store. You should know right away if it will work for you.

-The battery just got me through the day, although it is brand new and I have separation anxiety if I don't play with it for 5 minutes. I expect it to breeze through a day, when I start to use it as usual.

HTC One X is awesome


Jul 3, 2012 by jo3ycruz823

I've had the iPhone 4s, Nokia Lumia 710, Blackberry Torch 9810, And i will never go to anything besides android again. This phone is everything ive ever wanted in a phone.

Screen - 10
Design - 10
Battery - 8
Camera (rear) - 10
Camera (front) - 8
Software - 10
Multitasking - 10
Storage - 10
Performance - 10
Sound quality - 8
Call quality - 10

The only con i have on this phone is the Speaker isn't loud at all and also the front facing camera is crappy. but this phone is definitely worth it.

Best Android Phone for AT&T


May 19, 2012 by iamthird

Fantastic phone. I broke my Atrix and traded up.

The HTC One X is very light, fast and thin.

This is a short and sweet review because the 1X does everything well.

Not bad, I guess.


Apr 3, 2013 by Nixoncarmichael

I work in AT&T store, and so I switch phones from time to time. So, while I was waiting for my iPhone replacement I decided to go ahead and demo the One X.


Pretty decent screen. Used the phone mainly for Netflix so far, the screen is big and bright! AWESOME.

Decently fast HSPA+ (fake 4G) data speeds. I have not used it in an LTE area yet.

OS is bit a cumbersome and lags a bit, but no real issues. Just a little on the slow side.

Kind of rinky dink, in terms of the manufacture design of the overall advice.

If you're a smartphone person and you have only $99 to spend on an upgrade, then its not a bad deal at all.

If you have the means to shell out for an Galaxy SIII or an iPhone5, then DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome Phone!


Jan 27, 2013 by azurecrimsonrose

I got a chance to explore this phone today when a family member stopped by to visit. The phone is great! The screen is a great quality, the audio quality is awesome and the touch screen is very responsive. I really liked the phone and I may get one for myself.

The One X is a solid phone


Aug 19, 2012 by HayJay

Its size might be a bit unwieldy for small hands like mine but I still love this phone. I'm a salon owner and every day, my clients come in and want me to do their hair like Rihanna's or the latest thing Katy Perry has done (I know; BLUE!). So, I get on AT&T's 4G LTE and it goes pretty quickly through the internet. It also downloads stuff pretty quickly. Love it.

Awesome phone!


Aug 17, 2012 by Johnny_D

I work in mobile phone sales and this is hands down the best phone I've seen in a while. It has a beautiful screen,it's loaded with features, extremely fast, and I get about 1 1/2-2 days of battery life on a full charge, usually 1 1/2 if I'm using it heavily that day, which is great for HTC since they weren't known for having good battery life in the past. If you want a great phone, with a large display, I say BUY IT!!!



Jul 20, 2012 by MOKLA40

In spite of all the glowing reviews here and the In-depth that Phonescoop did, I'm disappointed with this phone.

Battery is a major issue. I don't consider myself a 'power' user per se, on average about 100 txt msgs, 30 mins talk and about 36Meg/day data usage on with about 80% of that on Wi-Fi.

I can not get my battery to last more than about 5-6 hours contrasted with the 8+ hours of my previous Android phones. I have had many Android phones and never had a battery that went down this quickly- however, this is the 1st Andriod phone I've had where there was no way to disable the 4G. I've turned of screen animations, employed a 30 second timeout on the screen, turned off GPS location and even deployed JD which has always extended my battery life in previous versions of Android. Being an AT&T customer, what it appears to be is that the 4G is always on and I see the phone accessing 4G LTE on and off throughout the day. I also have BT turned on but that didn't draw down the battery on my previous Andriod phones. So it appears to me that the unrestricted use of 4GLTE is killing the battery and there's no way to stop- it's really a shame.

There are a few other minor annoyances like the "flashing green notification light" stops flashing on it's own and also stops flashing when you read only one of multiple unread txt messages (meaning you could forget that you still have un-read txt msgs); the GPS never seems to be able to find my 'current location' and the Wi-Fi was getting 'stuck' so that no data sessions could be established. The latter two may be HTC issues from what I've read on the HTC forums.

If the battery lasted longer and/or the 4G could be turned off, this would have been a 4.5+ review.

One(X) Outstanding Phone


Jun 30, 2012 by rnew

I must say I have been thoroughly impressed with the HTC One X. I have used HTC Thunderbolt before and must say that the only downfall I had was the battery life. With the One X this has changed significantly. I have used both Iphones and Samsung's (including Iphone 4S and Galaxy Note) and must admit that both have quite a few positives with minimal negatives from my perspective, however, the experience I have had with the One X has been outstanding. The display is amazing, browser speeds are blazing, camera is outstanding, email experience is exceptional, and battery life has been better than my IPhone 4S or Note. Many may say that the memory is less than adequate, however, having had 32 gigs of memory on my iPhone and Note this has not been an issue at all for myself. You will not be disappointed with this phone. This is truly an outstanding phone.

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