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People dont give justice


Sep 9, 2006 by chrisluckenbach

Okay some people really shot down this phone
but honestly its a good phone, I have owned it and have been using it for the past 3-4 years and its been working great
It doesnt have the camra or special features that some phones have but that doesnt mean its junk
if you want a phone just for calling and texting only then this phone is very reliable
the battery also lasts forever, goes days and days without charging
only problems I have had with it is that it gets hot if your on a call for a long time

but its very durable, in the past 3-4 years I have dropped it about 23984735 times litterally, the outsides all scratched and banged and dented and everything and STILL works fine, when a phone with a camra or outside screen would break after a few serious drops

all in all, if you just want a phone for a phone and not all those bells and whistles then this is a great phone. Dont listen to the people who think its terrible because they probably used it for a day and realized there was no camra so they hate it for that

GO PHONE! i love this phone, gonna make me sad when I get my new phone soon

The Truth


May 14, 2006 by Aithne

Seeing as I work for Sprint, I have seen that the Samsung VI660 has extremely mixed signals from users. When customers call in to upgrade from the phone, it's almost never because the phone won't work or it's broken. It usually seems to be because their companies have bought them better phones. I even have people asking me "Why don't you have anything simple like the 660 I had last time?" quite a bit.

I have gotten maybe 4 customers who called in to order a new phone just to get rid of the 660 and most of the time it's because of factory or age defects such as the charger jack going out because it's been charged in the car too much or the battery finally fritzing out.

So from a Sprint Rep who currently owns a model of this phone which I received second-hand from a family member after the thing was quite well used, I have the truth to tell...


Slim phone, fits in your pocket
No trouble finding accessories
Good battery life (most of the time)
Decent signal
User friendly
Good rington capability
No trouble finding accessories


No outside view screen
Small screen
You can't see the screen under bright light like sun
Demo only games
Useless Antenna
Bad volume control
Occasionally bad reception
Seems to charge quickly but the bars fall fast if you don't charge for at least an hour.

That's about it. If this phone had a camera and an outside screen it'd be the 620. This phone has a higher model number than some, but it's nothing new.

Good, simple everyday phone that withstands a drop or 7 to the floor.

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Great phone


Feb 28, 2006 by ctbair

What a great phone! I've had this phone for nearly 2 years now and my only complaint would be that there is no camera. The sound quality, interface, and features are all very nice. I'm now looking for a new phone ('cause my contract is up), and I'm having trouble finding one that has all the features that I like on the Vi660.

Voice Dialing,
Multiple #s per contact
Sharp color screen
Customized ringtones
Customized background images

No camera

Mixed feelings, but appreciated it


Feb 20, 2006 by HeladoChica

I had this phone for 17 months

*Tears running down the side of it on occasion never effected anything.

*I used the alarm, countdown, and calender features regularly; they're great!

*Text messaging was easy.

*I liked the programable fast keys.

*Fast silence with side buttons.

*Even though this is not a camera phone, I could view, store, and use pics that were sent from other phones.

*The mouthpiece needs to be held about even with the nose in order to not breathe noisily into the other person's ear.

*No way to identify callers from outside the phone (exception: assigned ringtones, but that only works if volume is up)

*I only tried the voice section once, with no prior experience with this feature and without looking at any instructions. I don't remember why I didn't end up figuring out how to use it.

*I'm not sure if this is phone or service- my bf has a different phone, same brand and service, and he can preview ringtones before downloading them. I had to go off of title.

*The battery lasts seemingly forever... if you aren't using the phone. Talking lasted about 2 1/2 - 3 hours, web about the same. Being out-of-range means the battery dies faster because the phone spends it looking for service.

*I put heavy wear on the phone and was dropping it constantly, much of the time on pavement or other hard surfaces. The hinge finally snapped on one side last month, leaving the halves held together only by the inner cable, but it still worked. Currently the only problem (a big one, I admit) is that the screen shows only solid blue. This happened the 3rd time I dropped it on a hard surface after the hinge initially snapped.

I've thouroughly enjoyed this phone, and would still be enjoying it if I'd taken the time to use a cover.

NoT sO bAd


Feb 14, 2006 by Kohlslaw1114

tHiS pHoNe iS oK. i'Ve HaD tHiS pHoNe 4 1 YeAr AnD It WoRkS gReAt. NeVeR hAd Ne PrObLeMs WiTh It.



Feb 14, 2006 by karen21eliz

I love this phone and have used it for about 6 months-great web abilities, meets all my needs, lotsa ringer choices and the only downfalls are that it has no camera and sometimes you have to take out the battery to get it to access some apps or games if it messes up which does rarely. I worked in wireless service and know what a lot of phones are like but again love this one.

Not a bad little phone


Feb 9, 2006 by alexhenryj

I bought this phone from a local retailer and received it free with activation. There is no outside screen or any additional features. Being my first cell phone I was very pleased with the quality of the phone. It is still one of the more compact designs that Sprint has recently offered in my opinion. It wasn't the most durable of all phones as I ended up breaking mine after 13 months from constant use and abuse but I definitely liked it a lot.



Oct 29, 2005 by zandria1981

I recently activated a new account with Sprint, and since I consider myself to be a pretty savvy consumer, I got this phone because it was free. Hey, why turn down a free phone? My past experiences with Samsung have not been all bad, so what the heck. BOY, WAS I WRONG. True, it is a cute little phone that you can slip into your pocket or throw into your purse, but trust me, it ain't all it's cracked up to be.

PROS: -flip/clamshell
-user-friendly menus
-(thinking...)decent downloadable ringtones and wallpapers
-ability to save up to 3 categorized entries per name

-no external display (major pet-peeve)
-no friggin' speakerphone (another major pet-peeve)
-does not come with an earpiece (my AT&T/Cingular x426 came with one)
-have to resend text messages up to 5-6 times before they send
-drops calls constantly, even when I am outside, in my house, anywhere
-Vision is pretty good, but sometimes I am unable to connect, or I have to exit out and try again because the signal is not good.
-ringtones are not very loud (at least not for me)

The cons far outweigh the pros, so if you paid for this phone, your loss. I am pissed that I have this phone, and I didn't even pay for it. Don't get this phone. Now, if you just HAVE to have a phone, and you don't mind your calls dropping and having to send text messages over and over, then by all means, go for it.

samsung a660


Jul 24, 2005 by BB23

This phone is great.It is worth the price.BUY IT!!!!!!

Phone is junk


Jul 3, 2005 by jsilvia

Phones ringers are no exixtant when the flip is closed. You can not hear the phone ring.

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