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Jun 12, 2007 by soccerocker09

this was the first phone i have ever gotten in my life.. i got it for my 12th birthday, when it was free. i was soo happy when i got it, because i thought it was soo thin and so awesome. immediately my friend started to record voice memos and i was disappointed when they could only be 60 seconds long, and i couldn't set them as my ringer. later i bought 2347923 ringers and jacked up my phone bill. thats another thing, sprint says the ringers are 2.99 but they eventually charge you for service fees, download fees, blah blah blah fees, looking at the phone fees.. the fees never end. DONT download anything from your phone.

im disappointed it has no camera, no outside screen, and really nothing else. i guess its a pro that you can assign a lot of numbers to each entry, and you can assign these cheesy cartoon characters to every person. even every person can have their own ringer. but honestly there is NOTHING special about this phone.

if your looking for a phone that doesn't break no matter what you try, this is your phone (: my parents told me they would buy me a new phone if it broke. so what do i do? find every way to break the phone. i dropped it a kazillion times just on "accident" from 10 feet up maybe. but i got so sick of it not breaking, just scratching, i went to my friends house and went on her second floor balcony overlooking her entry way, and dropped it on her hard marble floor while it was flipped open. and guess what, it didnt break.

+ the anntenna is useless.
+ the battery quality is useless. i would walk into school, and all of a sudden my battery was drained.
+ if you flip the phone closed too fast, it shuts off.
+ if you hit the phone against wood or a hard surface, it turns off.
+ i got a lot of dropped calls
+ the three-way calling doesnt work. it hangs up on the person you were talking to first
+ the ringers they provide are annoying.
+ if you put the phone on vibrate, the personalized ringers still ring.

but ok for just a phone

The true scoop


Aug 9, 2004 by gripper

The receive sensitively is excellent, the earphone is clear and as loud as you want.

The phone is slim and the features all function as advertised. I have had at least 25 phones and this is good as they get. A great mix of features and the only con is I feel that voice dialing might be a little simpler.

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Horrible horrible phone..........


Jul 9, 2004 by ecudoll

This is by far the worst (out of 8 phones) I have ever owned!! I switched to this phone from a kyocera that was malfunctioning....however....soon I realized that a broken Kyocera is better than a useless samsung 660! This phone switched to analog roam on major high ways. It dropped calls if I so much as walked around my apartment. My friends didn't even want to talk to me b/c the reception was so terrible. I now own the Nokia 3588i, it's a wonderful phone. No more dropped calls! P.s....when I returned the Samsung, there was another guy at the sprint store returning the same phone for the same reasons!!



Jun 18, 2004 by notme

Good Battery Life
Well designed holster
Standard ringtones included
Nice has a nice feel
Earpiece sound quality - very bad.
Color screen very hard to read in the sunlight.
No external display.

This phone is twice the cost of any of the older phones, and isn't even half the quality.

I can't comment on games or vision usage. I just need a phone.

The low score is because of the sound quality is the worst I have heard from any cell phone, and the inability to read the screen in sunlight. I've reactivated my Samsung A460 after about a week of using the V660.

Guess I'll just keep it as a spare phone.



Apr 14, 2006 by airplane2011

OK. I got this phone on the day after thanksgiving 2005. It was a good phone until about January. The internet stopped working. I called the provider and they said it was fixed. Well guess what it wasn't. Then the texting stopped working. OK. Come on this phone is a pretty bad phone and so is Sprint. Im switching to Cingular.

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Dec 9, 2013 by john.meagher

i had this phone for 7 years... it was dropped from the back of an excavator been driven over by a roller and run over by a car and still continued to work...after 7 years the battery would no longer hold a charge....:(


well,i do not like flip phones


Aug 12, 2010 by maelo

this is a phone just to make calls,besides that this phone does not have any goo feature,it does not work very well.
i owned this phone and after 3 months of used the flip was killing me this is not a good one for anybody,

PROS: -flip/clamshell
-user-friendly menus
-(thinking...)decent downloadable ringtones and wallpapers
-ability to save up to 3 categorized entries per name

-no external display (major pet-peeve)
-no friggin' speakerphone (another major pet-peeve)
-does not come with an earpiece (my AT&T/Cingular x426 came with one)
-have to resend text messages up to 5-6 times before they send
-drops calls constantly, even when I am outside, in my house, anywhere
-Vision is pretty good, but sometimes I am unable to connect, or I have to exit out and try again because the signal is not good.
-ringtones are not very loud (at least not for me)

A great phone


Mar 16, 2009 by jsee

I don't think I have many complaints on this phone. The reception is good. call quality, it can hold alot of ring tones and junk. Ive been using it since the spring of 2006. Worked well. I actually found this phone on a bus. Tried calling around to find the owner. It wasn't reported stolen or anything so I used it. I love this phone. Internet is not to bad. Its a little slow. Some glitches in the texting. When you have it on silent and you send a text the key pad sound will come back on. Does any one know how to fix that besides turning the sound completely off? Besides minor stuff like that the phone in my opinion is perfect. Wouldn't get rid of it for anything.

my phone is still working!


Apr 20, 2008 by giantalltheway

this phone is great! it is practically indestructible,.. i have dropped in many different liquids including ketchup. and it still works like the first day i got it. and sure it would be better if it had an mp3 player or something but it still works good for its other features

Horrible phone


Feb 12, 2008 by unsatisfieduser

I have had two of these phones, and both of them had horrible sound quality, and they both have had the same problem shutting off for no reason. The alarm doesn't always work, and there is no speaker phone. I am still using the latest one, but if the saying is true that history repeats itself, well, this phone only has another two weeks at most before it completely dies. It is now shutting off almost every time I close it, (just like the last A660 I had). I HATE this phone.

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