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Great phone but..


Jan 4, 2005 by ACGurly1528

Well i love this phone but the ONLY problem i have with it is that it is too big..i like little phones and it is very large. Maybe that isnt an issue with anyone else but the fact that it is big really bothers me. but
Pros: Camera is great, only for the pics to look good it has to either be outside or very good lighting. The menu is very easy to use and nothing is difficult to use at all it is all very simple.
Cons: It came with three games on it and 2 of them expired, it wont let me play them anymore. Well there is my review, i am gettin a new phone not that i do not like mine, i just have had it for a while and now my dad wants it. So this phone is a very good phone. i would recommend it.

volume control


Dec 29, 2004 by kristie dawn

I have only had the phone for a week, but I wanted to post a response for those having volume problems. If you adjust the master volume, you will have no problems hearing calls. To do this, go to menu,1,1,1 and raise the bar all the way to nine. Other than that, I really do not have much input. I am still trying to weed my way through the user manual to see what all I can do.

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what's not to like?


Jun 29, 2004 by kyletheninja

I have heard a lot of bad reviews about the earpiece volume, but have not experienced that problem myself ( after 4 weeks and 40+ hours of talk time).

I love the bright dual screens (can have a pic of the wife on one, my car on the other!), that they are adjustable, and that I can have people's pictures show up when calling. (you can even edit the pictures).

The camera could use some work, as the brightness and resolution lack sometimes (but the 535 should fix that).

The phone book is incredible (on PHONE, not SIM or COMPLETE) w/ 7 numbers, 2 emails, and 2 "notes"

I'd buy one for sure (which is saying something -- mine was free)

My month is up and I kept the phone


Mar 22, 2004 by blessedpkd

My trial period is over and I decided to keep the phone. Although I think I paid too much for it, I also decided to keep AT&T and the rule seems to be to make existing customers pay through the nose in order to give new customers free phones. That said, I like a lot of the phones features but miss a couple from my old phone -like REAL voice command dialing. But the pictures are pretty good -- this is not a digital camera -- its a phone with a little fun added.

The main problem I hear about for this phone is the volume. But I discovered that when I moved the phone lower on my ear, so that the volume hole is closer to my ear opening and not in the upper lobe area, I had to turn the volume down. It sounded like everybody was screaming.

pros: The large main screen size is nice. The display colors are clear and sharp. The features are laid out fairly logically. The data exchange feature works well. Voice command only takes you to the contact, you still have to press buttons to access which number to use and then press the dial button. Camera takes decent pictures, especially in daylight.

cons: Difficult to see the screen with strong light. I am unable to put a phone number into an existing contact. AT&T continues to send me e-mail messages, despite the fact that I don't have the online service then won't allow me to access the messages! The data cord was not included with the phone. No cover, no clip, no pouch.

NEC 525 after several months


Mar 22, 2004 by JimHill

I have had the 525 now for several months, and have enjoyed using it. The phone takes good pictures for a camera phone, coverage in the San Antonio area (AT&T) is very good. Have traveled to other areas in Texas and have not lost coverage or mmode. Will be trying international coverages later this year. I know that will be dependent on carriers though.

Pros: Camera, outside display, color coding of callers, picture ID of callers, able to save numbers and info to several phone books. Voice reproduction, hard for others to tell you are on a cell phone. Have had no problems with standby time or talk time, but I do use the battery all the way down before recharging. It does not have an external antenna to hang up on everything. Ringing volumes are good for most conditions, (depends on the tune)

Cons: Volume level when talking is too low even when set on 9 and outside set on high. Should be something NEC could fix by a software download as ringing tones are much greater. IR port is useless, unless you have another 525 or 515. No NEC case, car mount hands free, and after several months, still have not been able to find the "NEC USB Cable" to use the sync features with the phone. Have been using AT&T office sync service which is a pain when it should have come with the phone.

Over all, I think the phone is a good deal and would recommend it to anyone wanting a camera phone with the other features. But if NEC does not solve the volume levels and supply of the USB cable, then the phone looses its appeal.

Solution to the Earpiece Problem


Mar 11, 2004 by Aamena

I am waiting for FedEx to bring my 525, but I was reading the reviews and noticed a lot of earpiece volume problems. I just wanted to post this from www.mobilemag.com regarding the 525 earpiece volume:

When you first get the phone, you will notice how quiet the speaker is, you can hardly hear a voice in a silent room even if you turn the volume up all the way. NEC has some type of dual voice volume control. To adjust this you will have to go into the main menu, press 1,1,1 (Settings, Phone, Voice Volume) then raise the “Master Volume” as much as you can. I have never seen a phone having dual volume controls, and realize it could pose a problem to many users. Adjusting the primary volume to its maximum while in a call is not sufficient, you must adjust the secondary volume also. Who reads the manual anyway?

Hope this Helps!!!



Mar 31, 2004 by Zontobi

Overall, A very good phone. I own several phones. This phone compares well with the
GU87 Panasonic.

The Camera on this phone, compared to the GU87, is OK. The GU87 Camera performs better in terms of color balance.

-The Infared work reliably.
-The resolution on the phone is good.
The layers used for the polyphonic ringtones is very good.
-For mMode, the phone uses xHTML, which makes useing mMode more enjoyable and convenient(as well as more understandable)
It has an email client on the phone, which is very easy to set up(either OTA tool thru the AWS website or through the phone auto detected)

-If any of you have Windows XP, think of the NEC as Windows XP becuase it does many things for you without effort for setting it up.


-Camera has poor resolution and clarity. Well not POOR...it's just that there are other phones have have better camera performance.

The battery indicater is sometimes inaccurate. If my battery is low.. it won't tell me.. untill it is 10 seconds from dying completely... so it shows full.. then suddenly shows a very low.... then it dies...

Very Good Phone


Feb 11, 2004 by ested23

Nec 525 is a very good phone. Great call and sound quality, and excellent all-purpose phone. I like this phone for its quad mode capabilities (850/900/1800/1900mhz). Being that I am an
international traveler, I like to be reached in whatever country that I'm in (except Japan). This GSM phone works great in almost every area that I am located. There are a few dead spots, but in due time GSM will have better coverage. The camera is OK...needs improvement, but what do you expect for a camera phone? AT&T wireless is the service provider of the NEC525 and I definitely recommend this phone...for now!
I am anxiously waiting for the Motorola V600 phone to come out! But on a serious note, this phone is splendid!!

What a great phone one of my best ones


Nov 25, 2003 by peteweber9

Thais is a great phone. This is one of my best i ever had in my life. The phone color display is awesome it have nice colorful colors and nice and bright screen. The camera is a okay wish it have a flash on it but in light the camera is great but in low light its okay. U can adjust the light with super fine or fine or normal for low light okay feature. The camera also have frames and self timer and flicker controls. The phonebookk is great u can add lots of contacts number for one person and also emails and fax numbers. U can even had there personal light functions red, pearl, light blue, yellow, green. So when the caller call it light that color for them. Also have picture id another cool feature is when u call them the picture pops up when u call too. Also the signal is great much better then the gu87 3 bars everywhere i go in the Michigan area. Ringtones are great sounds wonderful u can even get voice tones. I have my phone sing my name lol. Also it has mms and u can save the attachments from messages u get from people. The external id is great u can see all of the picture in your file form the outside display. Also when someone calls the pic pops on the outside its great. Games are great nice and smooth dual processor also have sound to them. The new mmode is very fast on this phone and u can view email attachments though the net its great. I love this phone great work nec

It's a Decent Phone...I'm Happy So Far


Mar 30, 2004 by cdilla4rilla

Great phone. I have to say that I am quite impressed with this one. I was skeptical at first because I wasn't sure about NEC's repuation as a phone manufacturer...but seems cool (i've only had the phone for about a week). It's one of the better-looking phones on the market, and definitely AT&T's best flip.


* Looks great, and is the perfect size for my hand.

* Many features, including a camera, a lot of ports, applications, ringtones, etc.

* Easy to use interface

* Shows detailed calling records, and contact lists (holds up to 7 numbers for each person).

* Picture caller ID.

* Big ass sharp screen.


* System performance is slow at certain times (like when you end your call real quickly).

* Reception could be slightly better. My old Ericsson R720 got better reception.

* Poor sound quality.

* No side buttons (just a personal preference).

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