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it's okay


May 9, 2005 by jetli

I had att before it was cingular.... and i started with the nokia 3100.. not a bad phone but not my taste.... i love flip phones.... as i was lookin around the store they had the 350 dollar phone of my dreams... well kind of ... there it was the NEC 525 camera phone.... when i first got it, it was awsome... when i was outside or in a well lit room the camera was the best i've ever seen.... any other time or orange lit rooms the camera is crap... it's kind of big and bulky but the screen is huge....

Large Color Screen
Loud Ringtones
Easy Text Messaging Capabilities
Rintone Matching to Phone Book Names
Large Memory
Great downloadable Games and Ringtones
Color Screen on the Outside

Big and Bulky
Hard Navigation (At First)
Not Very Durable
Should Have Come with a Belt Clip
>i had to go online to find a good belt clip because the holders that the store sold were ugly
Camera Sucks indoors
Charging Location on the Phone is Incovienment
Color is Ugly

there are more cons but i havent used this phone for probably about a year.. so i kind of forgot....i would not advs anybody to by this phone... it's not worth the money.. i replaced this phone through the warrenty it has 5 times.. i stoped replacing it and just went back to the nokia....

Overall i give this phone a 2.5 because this is a poor quality phone, and NEC should stick to computers

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Feb 28, 2005 by szu604


-awsome big internal color screen. more bright and clear than T637 and a lot of phone out there, best display phone for the $ in the market.
-decent 40chord ringtone
-great business phone, fast negivation, however could be faster on dialing, exchange rate calculator.
-big buttoms
-dual display:dual camera display, can use external lcd to self photo shoot
-easy to understand software
-easy connectivity to phone and pc via usb
-attractive diesign
-useful caller id multicolor led flashs
-clamshield design no antenna
-antenna at bottom of the phone: further away from ur brain

-phone slighly on the big side: good for men, not so attractive to women.
-camera could be better: good enough for caller id, no good in low light condition. only 100k res. might be enough for some user.

-low earpiece volume: no fireware update, no way to flash.
-poor battery life, only last 1.5day max
-battery indiciator, stays full for 65% of the time, then last four box of the battery indicator dies off really fast.
-hard to open with one hand: phone too long, hing does not spring open.
-Infrared is useless, no phone to pc, only nec525 to nec525
-small memory size only 1mb, ringtone size can only be 32kb, and img 64k.
-need a desktop charger, coz the charge hole is covered by a rubber piece which will deform over time.
-main phone screen doesn't shut down completely at all only the back lid, waste battery
-software is known to have small crash: like appointment would go off in middle of the nite

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liked the phone while it lasted


Jan 14, 2005 by supernobody13

okay this was a really good phone for awhile untill about 5 months of owning it it started to drop calls more, prgrams stopped working and then 7 months after owning it it just shut off completly! and att wants to charge me 400 bucks for it...i sayd no way!

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i like it....


Jan 12, 2005 by honeyspell

Hey, this phone is alright. It's got cool phone book options and I like that you can always tell who's calling. You can make their phone call a certain color, rintone and their pic can come up. Plus you can store all of their info like email and alternate phone numbers n' stuff like that. It's okay with the camera and the display screen is pretty clear. I dont know how great coverage is yet because I havent gone cross-country so far with it yet. I does have international capabilities though. Anyhoo, I would recommend it overall.

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I'm not happy with mine


Dec 17, 2004 by mschlo

I do not recommend this phone. It is very hard to hear out of. I keep my volume up all the way and I still have problems. The camera does not work well and has poor resolution. ATT does not do a good job with transferring text messages soon. I also get dropped from mmode a lot. This phone has a bunch of dropped calls. It happens daily! I like how easy it is to navigate and the large screen is nice. The phone is too heavy and bulky for me.

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Nov 4, 2004 by trust

As the title suggests, this phone does not live up to its price tag. In addition to the expensive cost, the camera phone lacks clarity in dim light. I have compared other camera phones to it and have found that it is mediocre. Also, it should include real ring tones, not polyphonic. Another thing, the receiver and ring volume is lower than average. Lastly, I have had this phone for 7 months and it completely malfunctioned. I had to get another phone.

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Oct 27, 2004 by morchels

When I first got this phone it was pretty good. But after about 7 months of having it quit working...completely.

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Oct 26, 2004 by thebear

This would be a great phone. If it worked. When it does work, the reception is good, battery life is fair, but not as good as my old Nokias. The volume issue that others have mentioned is easily resolved-there are 2 volume controls and you must set both on high as stated somewhere in another post. It is somewhat large for a flip phone, but still smaller than most other phones. Screen display is good, picture quality is what you would expect as it's a phone, not a camera.

Now for the most frustrating and, to me unacceptable issue with my NEC 525: the phone frequently "freezes" and does not work. There is no ability to send or receive calls. When trying to make a call, there is a "sorting phonebook" message, and then the phone resets. If receiving a call, it rings, but the answer keys do not work, and again, the screen resets and the call is lost. It does not go to voicemail, the call is lost completely. This does not happen with every call, but in my opinion, way too much. I am a heavy wireless user, and this occurs almost daily. When it does happen, it is not quickly resolved: it could be hours before I am able to make or receive a call. I have already sent my phone to NEC for repair, and it came back without any improvement. In fact, it seems worse than before. I am waiting to hear back again from NEC.

My expectations for a wireless are not all that great, however, I do expect to be able to send and receive calls. This is unacceptable and extremely frustrating. For now, I am using my old Nokia.

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Decent phone but too much $$$


Jul 21, 2004 by en102

This is a very nice phone, however, for the price, it is lacking on some basic features:
I.E. speaker phone

Nice large colour display
Network diagnostic mode - *6322522# (shows RF, channels, etc.)
SMS features (shows email to/from/datestamp)
Loud ringtones

Low voice volume
No speakerphone
Poor RF for the cost of the phone (my x426 Samsung is better!)
No accessories - had to purchase GU-87 case

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Can't Hear!!!


May 5, 2004 by pperez0622

The phone itself is really nice and the ringtones are loud. But the one thing that turned me off to it was the fact that the volume was too darn low, even turned up all the way. I have read the reviews about it and expected that to happen before I bought the phone, but decided to try it anyways, knowing that there are some people that didn't have that problem. The very first call I made didn't have much sound to it, and I was talking in the car. I tried again, but the sound was still really low. I even checked the volume settings to make sure they were turned up high. I decided to take it back the day it arrived at my house through Fed Ex. That's too bad.

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