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GOOD PHONE,Traded in i90c


Mar 27, 2004 by ezyemail

I will do my comparison to the i90c. I just traded in my old i90c with a NEXTEL dealer. They told me as of Jan 2003, you can walk into a dealer to get a $75 credit for your old phone, as opposed to sending the phone in for upgrades. (Who wants to be without a phone) they charged me and activation fee of $30, and the difference of the phone was $75 plus a new car charger for $30 which is cheaper on ebay (you can get two car chargers for $22).

Here is my comparison:


1.Lighter,and cooler looking (Chrome Finish)

2.Longer Battery Life

3.Large memory(2MB) for tons of games,rings,memos,and other applications.

4.Clearer phone conversations and better signal .

5.Disco Lights on music ring tones.

6.Color display (games)

7.Menu has more features for user to customize to their needs.

8.They have a stronger input for the charger,wont break or get dust like the i90 (incompatible charger) message is not an issue right now.

9.Can assign ringers to certain callers,(ie: Girlfriend has her own SIREN sound)

10.Belt clip redesigned so it wont break as easy.



1.Car Charger is overpriced at $30 (Go to ebay and get them)before buying the phone.

2.No camera

3.GPS isnt real time, you have to refresh it and pay big bucks for it.

4.Games,Ringtones, and other APPS way to pricey.

5.Two Way Speaker is still high pitched on certain calls,phone calls are not affect by this though, just walkie talike calls.

6.No Flashing indicator light (Red no signal,Green Signal)

7.Disco light only works on music ringers , not on any call (ie Silent mode) would be nice to have it flash at night instead of ring.

Looks like the PROS win.

I love this phone and cant wait for the CAMERA phone NEXTEL will release.

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Just got mines and love it


Jan 6, 2004 by shaolinfinest69

I finaly decided to go to nextel saturday and I purchased the motorola i730. And might I say I love this phone. I currently have sprint as well and use the Sanyo 5300 but I love the speaker phone for the i730. I used it in the mall and did not have the phone near me and ppl could still hear me clear and I could hear them as well. I say Motorola did a good job with this phone but its not over. The i930 will put all phones to shame when it comes out. Here is a link for those who really want to see what I am talking about. (http://www.ideninsider.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11011&highlight=i930) Well take care....oNe1

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Feb 5, 2006 by Jennjeepb

My husband & got the i730 in dec 2005. we liked the phone. it is a a heavier phone, but a phone if you drop it, it will take it.
Very user friendly. BUT the flip side of having this phone is having nextel. Since Nextel/Sprint got together, the service is poor. So many dropped calls or all circuits are busy now.We knew 30 people with Nextel, we were the last to opt out. We paid the $200.00 fee to get away from them & so did a lot of friends, it is worth in stead of the huge bundle they would have gotten for the 11 months we had on the contract.So we looked at other cell phone carriers, that have a motorola phone that is like this one, user friendly and durable Because we like motorola. we found and just love the v3 razr,worth the money.Like the i730 user friendly and motorola quality.All i can tell you about this phone is, you will have to deal with Nextel. And for us and many others have said, it is not worth it.
Good luck. With Nextel you will need it.


Good sound
User friendly

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service is great phone could use some work


Aug 20, 2004 by HuMmEr1394

i have had the i730 for about 8 months now and love nextel service but this phone could use some work, first thing i can not stand about this phone is how the whole call list is layed out if you have any calls from a restricted number good luck knowing they called unless they left you voice mail, another thing about the call list is that it will only say someone number once so your not sure if they called a few times or just once, another thing is if you have a few missed calls ( lets just say 4 misssed calls in this scenario) and you only see 1 person on the call list that you missed, that person either called you 4 times or u had him only call you once and the rest were private calls. Next BIG problem is if you do any text messaging, every time u respond too sumones text message it will have your respond and then it will say "in reply to" and have what you replied too, im pretty sure people these days remember what they were talking about in the last couple of min, and no you can not turn that off. Thats just a few problems with this phone and that is why I will be changing carriers soon is because Nextel will not bring out any good phones, im still waiting for the new i860 which nextel will release no date or even bother to tell the customers about it and im sure its guna be just like the i730 so why even wait just go with someone else

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Horrible Reception


Jul 17, 2004 by DesertEagleSlim

Other than the horrible reception and numerous dropped calls, the phone itself is pretty good. but then again, how good is a phone if it doesn't do what its designed for, and that is, make/recieve phone calls. i had the nextel/iden i90 first, and it was a decent phone, but because it didn't have a color screen and lacked other options i was looking for in a phone i decided to get the i730 when it first came out. i originally just used my old Sim card in it. and the reception was horrible, so i called nextel and had them switch my info to the actual Sim card that came with the phone, thinking it would make a difference... nope. i can honestly say that approx 70-70% of the time my phone either has 1 bad of signal strength or says No Service. Ive called nextel and they even had me call Motorola customer care, and they just told me to have it "Looked" at. well they "Looked" at it and could find no problems and sent me on my way. even though they fixed nothing. I'm half tempted to just smash the phone and pay the $35 insurance charge to get a new one. i Would upgrade to the i830 but with nextel when you want to Upgrade or change to a different phone model, they make you "Re-Sign" your contract, usually making you restart it again for 2yrs. personally i think thats crazy. when i had at&t and cingular, if u wanted a new phone, u paid for the phone and they switched your info to it, no renewing contracts. sigh, i don't know. all i can say is the phone and its options/stuff are nice, but personally me, plus a couple other friends who have the i730 say the same thing, the reception for this phone is horrible.

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its okay, could be a whole lot better


Dec 1, 2005 by autumn_seeser

i have the i710. Ive owned this phone for about 7 months now and its okay, just okay. i mean since nextel is offering it free now i guess its good for a free phone, but i would definitely not pay good money for one, again. The reception on it is horrible. alot of people tell me it sounds like someone is doing morris code on my phone. and i don't like the fact that i cant put it on ring and vibrate at the same time, so if anybody knows how to do that please email me and let me know. that would be very helpful. the pro's to the phone are that it has a very loud ringer on it, which is helpful to me because i have a hearing problem.

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niiice phone


Oct 26, 2005 by mrr42670

i have had many phone lets list them in order, virgin mobile k9, cingular sony ericson t237, motorola v180 tmoobile, 2 samsung a650's, and a siemens cf62t tmobile now this phone this is the best phone i have ever owned ... the hindge is a little week but everything else i love. :-)

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Better than expected!


Jul 14, 2004 by SirCellular

Well this phone is definatly betther than expected. Both the phone and the service have outsurpassed my expectaions!

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I suggest it


May 14, 2006 by cellular_lover

Well, I can say one thing: It gets better reception then the i205 & the i850!

Pros: GREAT RECEPTION; big; anything but bulky; big screen; good games and ring tones

Cons: Cheap buttons

Overall, it is a good phone. I really like it and I can't see anyone who doesn't like it unless they don't know how to take care of a phone...

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Nextel i710 A good phone great price.


Dec 4, 2004 by Mypocketfeii

I am reviewing this phone because I was looking for reviews to purchase this phone and all I could find was the i730. I think this is a good phone. I have no problem with the battery dieing on me. I can not charge it for 2 days and it still remains about 1/2 way charged. As for the color screen it is incredible looking. Nice quality and the images look sharp.

I get really good reception in my area and this phone picks it up nicely. Not a big phone and it is a flip which is a great quality. If you are looking to upgrade your phone I highly suggest this phone. It is a great phone for the money.

I upgraded from the i205 to this phone, which is a big improvement. All I had to do was sign a new 2 year agreement and pay the phone price with was 89.99.


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