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Excellent Android phone


Dec 25, 2012 by Jordan76

So far so good. I definitely like this phone! The price tag was the number one reason that I got this phone. I would say it was a great deal compared to other phones with similar specs.The software runs smoothly and it is giving me everything I wanted.good for pocket, small.i recommend this phone.

Great phone, with a few issues


Sep 17, 2012 by tsimpson

Let's get the ugly out of the way.

1. The passive android buttons at the bottom (home, back, search etc) don't like to stay lit when needed. Sure, you can stick your thumb over the sensor at the top, but this is fairly annoy to me.

2. Screen wash out in direct/indirect sunlight. If you are outside during the day or in a very brightly lit room; this has *major* wash out. Of course most if not all phones suffer from this to a degree, however, the Warp's level is probably unacceptable for most.

3. The earpiece volume is pretty weak. I'll be the first to admit, coming from years of iDen Moto phones, I enjoy *loud* earpieces. With that said, the earpiece is still a weaker than average no matter how you slice it. The external speaker ain't much better either, but is a little bit at least.

The good!

1. I've read/watched other reviews complaining about the camera and video. Holy heck; why??? IMO the camera and video on this this is fantastic. A selling point even. IDK what the these people expect or were used to; but I found it to be excellent.

2. That big 'ol screen sure is nice to cruise the interwebs on while on the john or laying in bed . . .

3. Signal, is ok, storage, speed etc are all decent. Slightly above average performance on the battery but nothing spectacular.

4. The price. Even with the issues (some of which may not even bother you like they did me) it's tough to beat the "bang for buck" ratio here.

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Nice Giant Phone


Nov 9, 2011 by hdtravel

This is one nice big phone for Boost Mobile.

Decent build quality, nice big screen, fast response when launching apps and switching between screens.

Decent camera on board too.

If you have an older Boost phone then it is definitely trade-up time for you.

You will enjoy this baby for sure.

My Best Android


Dec 16, 2011 by jmoita2

Best phone i have ever had

All pros,no cons.

Web surfing really snappy,5 megapixel with camera. Also,has a much higher end build and feel. Can't go wrong. Highly recommended.



Jan 24, 2013 by pixelpadre

After 2 months, my earpiece on my Warp spontaneously quit working. I lived without it for a month and finally decided to do something about it. External speaker and BT worked fine.

So, I send it off (at my expense!) on the 8th of January and get it back today the 25 of January. That sux. 17 days door to door. Insult to injury, it came back in the exact same condition. Only difference is I burned thru 60 dollars in prepaid minutes on a replacement phone while my phone was in transit/repair.

So I called tonight to demand a new phone at this point. And they said, send it back and we will repair it. Of course I was screaming on the phone, because I wasnt about to spend another $60 on prepaid minutes, and wait another 17 days.

So at this point, I intend to complain to Boost and Radio Shack. I will also, vent on every droid forum I can find, and many other sites like epinions, ripoffreport etc. I will call them again tomorrow and give them one last chance to ship me a new phone. If they don't, I will buy another droid, not ZTE! And chalk up the experience to crappy cell phone company. ZTE will suffer the consequences of my dissatisfaction on every website I can think of.

This failing earpiece has not been unique to myself. It is an issue that many are facing. They probably don't want to face a recall or set a precedent by replacing my phone. Whatever.......I will make sure that countless consumers will never purchase ZTE again.

zte warp


Sep 23, 2012 by jfcowboy1

ok guys i bought this phone based on the reviews here. the phone is ok. sound for me is ok, camera is ok. battery life is what i expected with a high tech phone. no what is not so ok, force closes certain apps. last night the phone shut down couldn't get it to turn on. have to send it back to zte for repairs. found out this was a known issue but it still is being sold by boost. So just because you are paying full price for a phone does not mean it is a good one.

I love this phone...


May 22, 2012 by murphman75

My girlfriend and I have had this phone since February, and we love it. We're new to the whole Android scene, so it is perfect for us. The only thing that I would have liked would have been a front facing camera. Other than that, I don't see us getting a different phone unless these kick the bucket...

Amazing Phone! Great Price!


Dec 24, 2011 by misskecha77

I just traded my T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4g phone for the ZTE Warp from Boost Mobile. My budget is tight and I grew tired of playing the how bug is my bill this month guessing game. The only thing I regret is not doing this sooner. I can use the phone in my house. Call quality is amazing. Calls no longer sound like I'm underwater, if they connect at all. If HTC us supposed to be the best, then why is it I'm constantly downloading in 2g speeds? $500 phone? I think not. Boost's unlimited android plan for $55, which is less than half of what I paid monthly for T-mo. The LCD screen is amazing. Audio is loud, speakerphone is awesome, and I haven't dropped a call since the switch. Why didn't I do this sooner? Please listen people. Don't be fooled by the "big box" carriers thinking that you can only have the best service if you pay $150/month while locked in their never-ending contract (which will keep renewing if you change plans.) I finally freed myself from contract slavery. I'm freed, saving money and this phone is worth it. For $199, run, don't walk to your nearest Boost Mobile store and buy this phone. Don't let 3g speeds fool you. This phone is as fast if not faster than my Sensation, and it had dual processors. The ZTE Warp has one, but it works fast. It has more memory, too. ZTE phones are just now debuting in the U.S. but they have been around for years abroad. Do the research and make the switch.

Huge LCD screen
Decent battery
Apps galore
Fast speeds
Amazing call quality (no dropped calls)

Can't download banking app, but doesn't matter
That I didn't make the switch sooner!

People, don't sign another contract. Do your research and get this phone, post your comments. You'll thank me later when you receive your predictable and low bill. Goodbye expensive and unpredictable bill...hello savings!

Great phone!!


Dec 16, 2011 by wayupdudess

With so many changes with Tmobile,, I decided to leave them for this android cell. It's the best android cell on prepaid for the money.
If you want a high end android smartphone, a 2 year contract to boot. Go to the big boys. Boost has made a big play releasing the warp. Great price and at $55 a month,, why bother with the 2 year contract.
This is an impressive android cell phone on a prepaid no contract carrier. Big screen, great call/reception/sound. camera is good. I recommend this to all folks who live on a tight budget!!

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Aug 22, 2013 by katchison

got my warp sequent dec,19,2012 all went well it got updated was still ok then jellybean4.1.2 then the problems started random shutting off no inet connection lagging freezing sms pic still say dwnloading 2wks search engine flashes missed calls not charging while its on charger dropped fone calls no notifications has been reset refreshed none if this worked now zte for repair or replace

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