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Long Term review


Feb 9, 2013 by GameTraveler

= Pros =
* Relatively inexpensive 'smart' Android phone for the first-time Android user.
* Decent screen and camera, especially in comparison to other brands and carriers
* Works well with larger micro SD cards, 32 GB highly recommended.
* Signal often where other carriers can't even get in.

= Cons =
* Brand bloatware is a pain; even worse when it needs updates often or keeps running in the background.
* Battery life is *ALOT* less than listed.
* Speaker is underwhelming
* No front-facing camera
* Gets warm/overheats/freezes/reboots on stock ROM, which is probably the carrier's fault with the bloatware.

For the Los Angeles County/Orange County CA region, the signal has been decent; pleasantly surprised that the signal for Boost is available *inside* buildings that *every* other provider can't reach. Typically a 4+ bar level 90% of the time.

The first firmware version B08c was decent, but the B10g has *ALOT* of bloatware from google added. Two birds with one stone brought me to the n00b VIII.II ROM on Phandroid, which primarily updated the phone without adding the bloat.

The n00b fixed a bunch of issues, caused by the bloatware--like the freezing, crashes, and reboots--and allowed for making a data backup of the phone.

Anyway, as a first phone, it's given me a lot of insight for future phones. Plus, with the lower cost for the Boost plans, it's been a positive learning experience.

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Horrible Horrible Phone


Jun 15, 2012 by bigkahunano   updated May 24, 2013

I keep hearing Blackberry is dead. Move to an Android phone. I really tried to like this phone. No I wanted to love this phone. I decided to to a comparison side by side. I had my wonderful old??? technology blackberry 8350 with the new and exciting?? ZTE Warp android phone. Both batteries were fully charged and removed from the charge at the same time. In 5 hours, i literally made 3 phone calls that lasted a total of 6 minutes on the ZTE and the phone was turned off sitting in my car for one of those 5 hours. My workhorse blackberry was on for the entire time retreiving my emails from 4 different email address and I made 10 phone calls lasting about 45 minutes. After the 5 hours I still had 95% battery on my Blackberry but my Android phone had 10% battery. I drove immediately to the local Best Buy where these geeks supposedly know everything. I was told that this is normal for a Android phone 4 hours of battery life is normal for the amount of work I was doing with this phone. Wait 6 minutes of phone calls is normal in 4 hours. So they told me I had to shut off data to my phone and my battery will last much longer. So if I wanted to check my emails I had to turn the data back on get my emails and then shut my data off every time. That is so counterproductive.
I should add that my blackberry battery finally got down to 20% when I was ready to put it back on its charger at 10pm since my day had started at 5am.
The touch screen keyboard was also counterproductive. A quick text that consists of a 10 second type on my physical keyboard took over 2 minutes because of the sensitivity. I am a typist and type over 90 WPM with zero mistakes on the physical keyboard. Now I am typing on this horrible Interface at a blinding 3 wpm. No Blackberry is not dead, Go for the flashy bells and whistles, I will take productivity and workhorse style phone over this garbage any day. Long live blackberry. Keep up the great work RIM. Keep that physical keyboard and long battery life.

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Good phone good price!


Feb 8, 2012 by mikeq398

I went from the HTC Hero, to HTC Evo, to LG Optimus, and finally to the ZTE Warp. I have to admit it is a nice phone for the price. Feels really light (compared to phones this size) and the buttons feel a bit cheap, but the hardware makes up for that. It is as snappy as the Evo. Very responsive. The screen is nice and bright and has the same resolution as the Evo 4g. Only complaint is the lack of a front facing camera for video calling and a 720p video recording. All in all, it's a good phone for a good price.

Large and bright screen.
Responsive and quick to load apps.
Nice pictures from a 5mp camera.
Plays games very smoothly.
Good battery life when compared to the EVO.
Runs on Boost Mobile unlimited data with no cap.(Others like At&t cap data usage by lowering bandwidth after a certain amount.)

No front facing camera.
No 720p Video recording on the fly.
Side buttons feel cheap.

so far so good best prepaid andriod phone out there


Dec 25, 2011 by bobbyserrano2010

Great phone for the price 199.99.

i have owned tons of cellphones from every cellphone company out there. i have owned several andriod phone as well as the iphone. i can say if your on a budget and good phone i would recommend this phone for you. i went from the htc evo to this one and can say that i cant tell a difference this phone is very responsive. it does everything you would want as if you were at home on your home computer. the only issue i ever had with this phone is i really wish that the speaker was a bit louder. i really dont have any other complains. the phone is very customizable i love it easy to text on fast on the internet, easy to read text,over all good buy it you will be happy i hope this helps you out

Nice phone but not the best


Nov 19, 2011 by drock

Big screen
nice design
Web browsing its fast.
Good battery life

Camera its not good it says 5 megapixel and when you take the pictures it looks VGA. At night with the flash pictures look blue you have to put it on cloudy and it still looks VGA.

It takes forever to send a picture message. And also gave me a message telling me it cant send the picture do too carrier size limitation whattttttttt. I send another picture from my transform and it did.

the speaker its not too loud.

I try to view my TV show and it say it could play video I don't know why since my transform lets me play it. I download flash and its still didn't play the show.

I will return the phone tomorrow.

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welcome to warp


Apr 28, 2013 by harry road

one standout aspect of this phone is its screen.. The screen real estate available is really generous and is incredible for casual browsing and video watching.. Really recommend this phone for anybody who wants to get initiated into android ecosystem.

Not a Bad phone


Apr 23, 2013 by Danny Rozario

After using this phone for close to 8 months now and after reading the reviews about this phone. I finally decided to voice out as to how i feel. This phone has had the worst from me ever since i got it. But im very fortunate that it has not ever broke down on me.... I am quite satisfied with this device. Given the fact it comes at a very resonable price. May be once i must have had a freezing issue, but i called ZTE and had that fixed with some reset's and a software upgrade. I say its a nice device for the price range they sell it @.

Ok but not worth over $100


Dec 21, 2012 by Rodman

Have this phone for over 6 months, switched from cricket because I liked the $5 discount every 6 months (EVERY CONTRACT PROVIDER SHOULD DO THIS). I was debating between this phone and the (cheaper priced ) Ultra. I decided on this one because I wanted a bigger screen & I'm not a fan of Qwerty phones.
Like others, I also had an issue trying to get my bill from $55 to $50 like they advertised but I wanted the international texting, so it as Ok for me.

Screens big enough for videos, pixels are marginal
Great pics if people dont make sudden movements (sucks for me since I have a toddler)
Massive amounts of memory

Not good battery life w/ internet
Force closes
Having to pull battery several times to get the phone to work!!
No front facing camera

The phone is not quality made and at this rate, may go out within a few months. I should have bought the Ultra (friend raves about it) because I would have saved money & gotten other features.

This phone is not worth over $100!!

Great value


Dec 8, 2011 by TJinATL

The ZTE Warp (ZTE N860) provides a good balance of speed, battery life and overall usability. Navigating through the user interface is seamless. No dramatic lag is present. The internal memory, current version of Android and processor provide a responsive and enjoyable smart-phone. There are a few quirks but nothing that would be a deal breaker (considering the cost savings of Boost Mobile unlimited plan).

-Fast interface response
-Camera has a flash
-Large bright screen (depending on brightness setting)
-External camera button on the side
-Accepts large SDHC cards (I'm running a 16GB)
-All Google services work on the phone (ie: Gmail, Voice, Docs, Goggles, Barcode, Navigation, etc.)
-Runs Adobe Flash (download from App Market)
-Battery lasts all day with mild to moderate use

-Camera flash often causes bright spots or washout effects in the photos
-External speaker volume is low
-Interface can be overrun if switching between applications too quickly (ie: switch from Angry Birds to something else and back and it will reset the phone)

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