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Kyocera KE433 / K7 (Rave)


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If by good you mean bad, then yeah, it's good.


Oct 6, 2005 by Static Image

Hold the party, raver kids, BT and Deepsky can't call me, because my Rave phone doesn't know how to ring. Or inform me of missed calls. Or messages. Or vibrate. And it answers itself.

All regardless of the settings it's on. It was purchased as a cheap patch to hold me over between a stint with Sprint ( that rhymes, I know. ), so I picked this bad boy up at Media Play. Where else do you go to buy quality cell phones?

It worked fine for all of a few days, then went insane on me. Think of something a phone could do to go wrong, and this phone did it.

I'm sure... being optimistic here... that upgraded version is better.

The flashlights cool, but doesn't replace the good old fashioned ummm... what's it called?
Oh yeah!

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it's ugly


Jun 22, 2004 by twanky36

pros:it's affordable,great for a first phone user.
cons:it's plain looking, it's not on silent when plugged in,keys are slow,everyone has it

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Worst phone I have ever owned


Jan 19, 2004 by wasserperson

This phone is a disaster, and the single reason I'm switching carriers now rather than wait until summer.

-Ringtone resets to annoying standard ring anytime I plug the phone in or unplug it.
-All but one ringtone is obnoxious and unsuitable for a workplace environment
-Silent mode is unavailable when plugged in! As if I always want the phone to ring out loud when it's recharging??
-Talking on the phone uses more power than the car-charger provides, so the phone will TURN OFF in the middle of a call while plugged in!!
-Buttons are far too difficult to differentiate by touch.
-Flashlight is too weak to do any good
-Power cord input on the side of phone is incredibly awkward
-Headphone input on the reverse side is even worse! No way to comfortably hold phone while both are plugged in! And the plug slips out constantly.
-When you answer a call during KeyGuard it interferes with the normal number entry and other features that should be available during calls.
-Contacts list entry has far too many stages to select through.

What a frustrating experience this phone has been.

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Good first phone, but leaves some to be desired


Apr 8, 2005 by DJ Buttaflye

I got my Rave a year and a half ago as my first cell. I'd recommend this as a first phone for someone new to cell phones or someone younger, but seasoned cell vets will want to pass on this one.


*The flashlight has come in handy more times than I can count.
*Tools like Tip Calculator and Stopwatch are also convenient, although I never really used them.
*Only phone I've seen with Tetris.
*Doodler is fun; you can make your own screensavers with it.
*Pretty tough- mine survived a trip through the washer and only needed a few hours to dry out before it was ready to serve again.
*Just small enough, with raised buttons. Easy to dial with one hand.


*No color screen.
*Wireless internet restricted to Virgin Mobile sites.
*Really quiet ringer- I can barely ever hear my phone unless I'm in a quiet room.
*Also really quiet earpiece. It's hard for me to hear people unless they yell.
*Slow voicemail service- I sometimes don't get messages until a week or more later. This is bad if someone really needs to get in contact with you.
*Bad signal in some areas (I'm in Salisbury, NC and have to go outside or open a window to use my phone indoors).
*Can only use Virgin Mobile's ringtone selection.
*After a year and a half, my faceplate cracked completely off and I had to get a new one.
*Not a fan of their prepaid service.

As you can see, there are more cons than pros. If you only plan to use your phone casually or for emergencies, this might suit your needs; but if you use yours like a second landline, this will leave you wanting.

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Such a good phone


Nov 22, 2010 by narn3049

I got the first phone the KE433 from Virgin Mobile like almost immediately after it came out. It was simply amazing, durable, I dropped it almost EVERYWHERE. It always worked, until the battery crapped out.

I later just switched to Verizon, but when I needed something for durability at work, I got the Kyocera TnT, when it failed, I wasn't sure what to do, and I got this phone AGAIN from a family member.

This model got wet twice, twice, and it also worked. I also got it in mud, and had to wash it off of course, I did my best for water to not get into it, duh i just used wet wipes, and it survived that, but it wasn't that tough of a test lol. It turned on and worked right after. If you need something cheap for durability the Kyocera Rave should be at the top of your list

water proof it seems
good battery life until the battery craps out, the second phone ended up getting smashed n recycled cuz it stopped after all that work and durability,


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Jul 14, 2009 by texting.addict

Ok first off:
No Camera!
No Outbox!
No T9Word!
Way to small!
If you're texting (of course you have to do ABC cause no t9word!) it won't go to the next letter unless you press it super hard!
Keys are just stupid - enough said.
I would looooove to tell you about the cool features but.. there are none!
This phone plain out sucks.
I had to use it for a full 5 days until Alltel and Verizon converted in my area because my scoop broke and I didn't want a banter - $100.
So when they converted I could use my Blackberry Curve.. Big big big big big difference in those phones.
Oh yeah.. Why can't I find anything on this phone.
-Good service and battery life (maybe because I was smart enough to never use it!)

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Corolla like styling (Virgin K7 specific)


Jun 22, 2006 by Gertie Knock-Off

* 11 keystroke airplane mode is good for long subway tunnels without Sprint PCS coverage (saves battery life) not on K10
* slight keypad beveling not available on K9/K10
* limited CDMA shortcut codes
* Manual lists standard 5.2V 400mA linear (included in bubble pack) charger or dual voltage switching type 4.5V 1.5A(1500mA) charger. Just find the right connector, match the voltage and polarity, and then pamper your battery. The LG 5.2V 1000mA charger works as well. Also see Cons.
*External Cartridge type charger available from Kyocera
* Some cats like to cheek rub on stub antenna. Some kittens like to follow the LED flashlight

*Slightly buggy firmware Ver. MV1.0.06 sometimes gets in the way of one touch keyguard.
*Limited 119+ minute Charging functionality. No silence while charging with RF signal or airplane mode Answering a call disrupts charging, leaving at least 80% state of charge (my guesstimate) when call ends.
Long charge time may be due to higher current
switching type charging behavior. I mostly use the stock charger. My older Verizon 2325 did top off charging in less than an hour using 5.2V 400mA charger.
*Discontinued model with airplane mode and one touch keyguard. K10 demo unit at Virgin Megastore is too ARPU-centric for my tastes
* Beveled keypad is held together with Avery reinforcement labels cut to size in high stress area.

Not bad for a NAFTA phone assembled in Mexico.

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Good first phone for an 11 year old


Nov 3, 2005 by legochad93

I am twelve years old and i got this phone for christmas. Its a good first phone. I mean im happy with this phone but it could be better.

Pros: Flashlight
Blue backlighting
Fairly easy to get around on

Cons: Its bulky
The faceplate falls off
Its not loud enough during calls
It doesn't alwasys get good reception

Over all its an OK phone. I would say buy it if its the only phone you can find thats $24.99

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Rave for the Rave


Aug 10, 2005 by sureflo

I can't even begin to think of a better beginner's cell phone than the wonderful K-7 Rave. The number of features this thing has is outweighed only by the ease of use and streamlined form & function. Text messaging, call waiting, Caller ID, and voicemail await the user, not to mention some kooky extras like a few fun in-phone games, an alarm clock, a flashlight, a stopwatch, and a tip calculator (now waiters will stop spitting in my soup!).

While all that seems like a great deal already, you won't believe the "Virgin Xtras" provided by Virgin Mobile. You can choose from over a thousand ringtones for your phone at their website, or you can ever order them off the phone itself. With that many choices, you can find some old favorites, new chart toppers, or even seasonal ones (my favorites) like Christmas carols. Though be careful- having a ringtone of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" will make you look odd in the middle of April.

And you can do all this on the go, since this phone is super compact, and'll fit absolutely anywhere; your pocket, a purse, a fanny pack, anything. Perfect for those of us whose space is taken up by candy bars and bottles of Yoo-Hoo.

All this on a super powered battery which will give you 3+ hours of talking time, plus an entire week of standby time! A durable, reliable cell that is a veritable piece of mobile phone artwork. I ask you, how can you go wrong?

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Mar 24, 2005 by goodolphone15

The phone was ok but after a while it got very boring! And I droped it on the cement and 6 monthes later that the earpeice wouldent work.

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