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Dec 30, 2003 by bunkmaster

At first glance this phone promises all sorts of greatness! Too sum it up it's too much "tech" and not enough "nology"!

I owned this phone 2 weeks. I finally got fed up with it and returned it.

My carrier is AT&T.

I will start with the pros, since they are short:

-it's a cool looking phone!

Now lets move to the cons:

-I bought this phone hoping that it would have better reception then my siemens, and the fact that it had dual frequencies on GSM for the U.S.. The reception was not as good as my siemens.

-handwriting feature.....what hand writing feature? It has this cool little pen that comes with it, but it is only needed for certain touch screens. Ones that are too small to touch with your hand. So you are left to rely on the really small keyboard, that is somewhat surprisingly functional, if your fingers are not too big.

-Ring tones download...what ring tones? (AT&T) does not offer any(you must go to third party sites), because the phone is too new. They say they will have them in the new future.....whatever!

-e-mailing, pop3 severs, who supports them, who knows? good luck on getting this function working. Don't use AOL ITMP's. They don't work.

camera- works ok, except screen clarity is not the best for the money spent.

-User friendly interfaces? actually rather confusing to wade through when trying to copy or paste pictures or for any other function for that matter.

games- What games? It came with none. Of course you can down load what ever games you like from handspring web site for $15 or more dollars per game. From the look of the games available, they all looked pretty lame.

SO to sum it up, I beleive this phone has big ideas, but its time is not here yet. The industry needs to catch up to its forward thinking ideas. LIke I said earlier...too much "Tech" and not enough "nology"! Maybe in 5 to 10 years this phone will be user friendly.

Treo 600 for AT&T


Jan 8, 2004 by Phonemaven

I have been waiting for a phone that combines cellular technology with palm technology and this phone hits the mark. I used to carry 2 devices, one my phone and the other my palm pilot. With this I now only use one device.


Can beam everything from your old phone to the Treo 600 ( pictures, ring-tones, etc)

All applications can be moved from your old palm pilot to the new Treo 600 (some applications may not move to the Treo and are put in a separate folder on your PC and not loaded)

Sound quality - excellent- Much better than my old Ericsson T616

Reception - very good. Works in my house. All other phones could not.


Keyboard small, but workable
Some items not available like MMode
Support - Handspring uses support from another country and they have trouble communicating and can be very rigid

Note to uses with palm pilots - Uninstall palm pilot desktop before you install the Handspring Treo desktop software or your new desktop may not function properly

In conclusion - Hooray for Handspring(Palm)

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not worth themoney to spend


Mar 6, 2005 by sweetie143

i give a gift to my boyfriend i thought he likes it bec. its a touch screen. i don't really mind if i have a touch screen phone bec. from the very start i use nokia. but my boyfriend thus, so as a valentines gift for him. but never expected that he can only use it for only one month and after a week he has an orange spot on the screen that keep getting bigger and bigger all the day.... the speaker just suddenly become poor there a loud buzzing sound. but he did not bother those problems.. as he complian to me he said he no longer can use the touch screen and he cannot any more see the applications on the screen.. and the buzzing soudn becomes worst... so what i did since i am familiar about this unit i did hard reset, factory reset, i even downloaded the treo 600 updater from palmone.com website. which did not solve the problem.. onlly to find out that he needs to call the palm one tech support for our designated country and we must replace it.... he told the tech agent that his gf (me) had done all the steps already but the tech agent stil insisted of troubleshooting it and still advice to callback but i did not let him do it why?? (never to mention why i know all the possible troubleshooting steps for this phone and why i am so familiar with the phone) its my own reason wny!!! so he really did was process for a replacement unit.. he receive the replacement unit guess what... starting to have the same problem which is the buzzing sound... we don't know if he needs to change another manufacturer... i even told him if only he did not tell me he like touch screen i should have not give him a trush and it couldn't have made him disappointed not to me but on the product that he has... i should have bought nokia for him.. same as what i have now which really works perfectly. i LOVE my BF thats why i want him to LOVE the things that i gave to him.. but this product don't deserve to be love. adn its not even worth the money i spend. why? my BF obviously don't like it

Another LOVE/HATE review


Dec 6, 2004 by DJ_honolulu

--totally replaced my previous cell phone and Blackberry
--allows me to check on email throughout the day while I am continually away from laptop
--LOVE the Outlook address book and calendar, and caller ID function
--use all the apps, including Documents To Go to see my attachments
--am totally dependent on this gizmo

--AT&T Wireless is the worst carrier I have ever used....I switched last year ONLY because my previous carrier did not offer the Treo. It took 3 months to get the Treo after ordering from the AT&T website...and their customer service is non-existent. Being an AT&T email customer, I tried to get the technical support number from them, but apparently AT&T is a name only, in actuality it is multiple business stovepipes who do not talk or communicate with each other. (this was when I wanted to get "one" AT&T bill for wireless and email acct...not possible).
--My service (2000 unlimited minutes, unlimited data) costs well over $300/month...expensive
--The Treo is VERY delicate....if you drop it, you will likely end up having to have it replaced
--the audio from my earpiece is horrible...static for the the other end, too loud volume at my end (despite my turning the volume down to zero)
--Now that Cingular is transitioning to owning AT&T, it remains to be seen how all the pieces will be managed...Cingular told me that they did not buy the "data" part of AT&T, just the phone part....so my questions/issues regarding loss of GPRS signal last week could not be answered by either AT&T or Cingular. AT&T insisted they did not have any problems in my location with towers, but could not explain why I now cannot get a GPRS signal from my house. (in effect, I now have an expensive cell phone only, the data transfer part doesn't work until I'm about 7 miles from home).

Great Device


May 5, 2004 by sonubatra

The phone is an amazing device. I really enjoy the phone since it is small and it does all the jobs of a palm device.
I had the P900 for a short while but the symbian OS was very confusing. An amazing device aesthetically and technologically.

Great Dissapointment !!


Mar 16, 2004 by JefedeJefes

I was so eager to get my hands on this phone,and when i did,it only lasted 5 days,no more!!!!
what´s wrong with the people at handspring!!
NO BLUETOOTH !!!! what´s this !!???
they cant expct us to use a phone this big without those cool bluetooth headsets.and for all you people who learned grafitti,the hell with it !!!!
theres no use for it in this thing.
The camera stinks,poor screen resolution,the keyboard is too small,the speakerphone volume is too low.
-no back button
-wi-fi would have been nice
-unconfortable to carry
-user hostile!!
-limited uses for stylus

-quad band



Mar 7, 2004 by Phonepro

Despite what others might say,...my pops got this from AT&T and it's great. It's everything I wished for...........Thanks AT&T!!

excellent device with tmobile


Jan 21, 2004 by mikeymic84


excellent with tmobile service. especially when you have the power to send pictures and video clips. unfortunately it doesn't have blue-tooth. but next model will probably have.

Portable Office


Nov 13, 2006 by ronnie484

I must just be fortunate because I have had a lot of success with my Treo 600. I use for my weekly schedule and I use it alot on the net because I buy and sell on ebay and it allows me to check my auctions and my emails on the go. I love the software and all the freeware out there for it. I was able to add things like Real Player & TCPMP and watching my dvd's and listening to my MP3's on the go is so easy, I just added treo alarm which has updateable weather right at my fingertips. The only times I had any problems with my treo is when I added software that was not compatible with the phone. Downloading is as quick as getting a text message. It sounds awesome in the car-kit, hands free has never been better.

Pros: The software available
The ability to expand memory
The speaker phone
The screen size
The keyboard
The ability to use Google maps

Cons: It's not blue-tooth
It's only 144mhz
It's battery is not removable
It's phone skins are limited

awesome phone


Sep 29, 2006 by maxigor

This is in response to Glenns post. he is an idiot. The treo is an older phone (over two years old at this point) as with any electronic device that uses a battery they wear out. The problem glen was describing about it going to no bars after a call has been placed is not a glitch in the phone it is just that battery has no juice to place the call. Glen would know this if he wasnt so ignorant and choose to do his research. Before u bad mouth an amazing product (and cheap around 100 on ebay) go read and educate yourself

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