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Palm Treo 600 (GSM)


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Love Hate Relationship wTreo 600


Aug 2, 2004 by Regent

Pros: Great phone when you are next to an AT & T tower
Great e-mail if you purchase the "Good" software for a few hundred dollars
Great browser if you are a patient person

Cons: The hands-free car kit is huge and is the worst I have ever used
The phone reception is rarely static free
E-mail is extremely slow unless you use the "Good" software (additional cost)
AT & T is waiting for Cingular to but them out and have an almost non-existent service department (service calls can last over 2 hours)

AT & T is a total joke. I just spent two hours on the phone and three service advisors. After repeating the same issues 3 times, they said they won't service the Treo 600 any longer and I have to call the manufacturer!!

I want the phone to work and I have put up with it for 4+ months.

T-Mobile Treo 600


Jul 25, 2004 by Starr06


-Navigation buttons
-Easy Menu
-Palm Software
-Great reception

-Keyboard: you have to get used to the buttons
-Lack of bluetooth: It would have been the icing on the cake
-Camera: Don't expect a lot from the camera (as in most wireless devices). Fuzzy but workable
-Screen: resolution isn't as great as other Palm devices

Overall: This has to be a great stepping stone for PalmOne as an introduction to next generation PDA Phones. The size is great, not too heavy and not too light. If the rumors are true about the Treo 610, that will set a high standard in the PDA Phone field. Hopefully PalmOne will put Bluetooth and a better camera (video capabilities too); this will make the Treo a force to be reckoned with.

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Still Waiting


Jul 8, 2004 by ggedwards

This is my first review for this site and subject. I have known about this phone before T-Mobile carried the Color Side Kick-Hip Top by Danger. I am an agressive tech user for business communications in the music industry. I recieved my Side Kick and being on the waiting list. I am happy to say I gave it up in 2 months and just sat back and waited till T-Mobile carried the TREO 600. Well, I could not waite any longer, as I was ready to order the BlackBerry 7230, CS to me the TREO 600 was finaly availibel to order through them. So I placed the order. I havent recieved it yet but am very exsited. I have a M505 and was gonna by a CLIE UG-50 and then buy the Nokia 6600 (blue tooth connectivity), but when I considered the end result I was please with my choice and determind that I would save $200 after its all said and done. I hope this is the best $600.00 dollars I've ever spent.

Great PDA, Phone is Questionable


Jun 12, 2004 by bebopper

Pros: Great operating system, easy to pull-up contacts, excellent Mac implementation (calendar even synchronizes with my 3rd party office scheduling system).

Cons: GSM phone reception extremely poor--people I call complain of loud buzzing on the line. To be fair, I'm not sure whether this is an issue with the phone or with the quality of GSM service in the US as it seems to work significantly better overseas.

Small keyboard isn't an issue for me, because I don't use it that much.



Dec 4, 2003 by UberGeek

I've had mine for a week now, and I'm happy enough with it.

Good points: I rolled five devices into one (palm, fone, pager, camera, mp3 player), battery lasts over 1 day, size is good, keyboard small but usable.

Bad points: Screen not as huge as a Clie, camera is .3MP, slightly heavy (same weight as my pager and cell fone together).

Honestly, I really can't complain. It's a great package and few downsides...

Treo 600 Rogers GSM network (Toronto, Canada)


Nov 27, 2004 by ashman

Had some experience with this phone in so far as configuring it for email. Used the default email client that came with the Treo and found it did not support rich text. Lots of time spent talking to Rogers tech support and Palm One tech support got absolutely nowhere. Ended up buying Snapper Mail which works beautifully. Other features reported to be working fine, although battery life can dwindle quickly when using email/phone features often.


Discontinued; Still Worth It


Jan 17, 2006 by JakeMobile

With both Treos 650 and 700 on the market, one would think the Treo 600 is left in the dust. This could not be further from the truth. I purchased the Treo 600 with extremely high expectations and was nearly fullfilled on every level. However the applications I look for in a PDA phone might not be the same for someone else.

The data applications run smooth and are easy to access with it's smart nagivation and custom shortcuts. The reception is excellent and the call display makes it simple to manage multiple calls to hold and/or conference. The optional stylus only makes things quicker and easier. While the real web browsing might have a slow to steady connection, it is very powerful and useful when needed to look up a page or two (ie, mapquest, cnn)

The speakerphone is a bit in question on occasion but it's easily overlooked.

Comparing the Camera to the newer models is unfortunatley a blowout on the latter. The 600's camera is honestly so poor I never use it for recreation. Luckily you can use the USB to import pictures from your computer to your Treo for caller pictures ect...

The newer Treos have bluetooth and better screen resolution and processors. However, these new features are going to cost you. A lot.

Overall I say if you can afford one of the newer Treos, go for the gold. But if you just want to get the job done and can live without being top of the line, get the 600 and use the hundreds you are saving to pay the phone/internet bill.

I found this 600 vs 650 article pretty helpful.


Great phone


Sep 17, 2005 by SiDeKiCk 2

This phone is a great phone it has all the features a phone should have. If you have the Treo 600 then you have all the feature you need. I would know this because i'm a bussiness man and i really need a phone with good feature. The treo 600 has a calculator, calander, alarm clock, a place where i can take and save important notes as well. The phone a lot more features then that. There are lots of feature that are to mess around with like the camera feature and did I mention it is a really great camera with crystal clear quality.

I love this phone


Jul 2, 2005 by dallyman

This is the best reception t-mobile phone I have used. I always can use it in more locations than others can with their phones … including the Nokia phones.


• Can hold unlimited messages … does not usually slow down the phone until it hits around 7,000 messages
• Voice quality is superb
• Plenty of free programs and games to add to the phone
• SD card slot for extra memory
• Nice touch screen display
• Good email integration
• Very good battery life
• Easy copy and paste features to copy things from one program to another
• Can change channels on my TV (with program)

• SMS places messages in chat if it came from another phone, but messages from number that are 5 digits (Upoc.com or Yahoo) will not go in a chat screen … would not be an issue for many, but I receive and send over 30,000 text messages a month and it causes me to easily skim over some of the messages from phones
• The speakerphone feature makes a popping noise when it connects. I can easily see this being the first thing that goes.
• Camera is awful … no zoom and very grainy
• If a message comes in at the same time a person is calling, it will not ring.
• Message notification is annoying. Even on private (does not show the new message), it takes up the whole screen to alert you of a new message even if you are on a call or writing a message
• Took a good month to get used to the small keyboard … reminds me of the finger pain of the old NES system after playing 10 hours straight of contra. I’ve had the phone for 2 months now and the pain is gone. Again I use way more messaging in a month than most people

Even with all the cons, it is my favorite phone by far



May 22, 2004 by FENK

This phone will provide you with more headaches than a mother in law that refuses to leave. To begin with, the phone antenna and phone reception is very poor. The volume is not very loud nor is the sound clear. If you are out of your main area it can be very difficult to get phone reception let alone trying to log onto the internet or get your email.

I was told the new software download would cure all these problems. It might but I can't be sure. The reason I can't be sure is now that I have downloaded the updater I can't turn the phone on.

By the way I am now on hold with handspring to get technical assistance. In fact I have been on hold for about 30 minutes now!

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