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My personal favorite


May 29, 2012 by blackbyrd1975

You guys know how some of those iPhone (nice phone, not knocking it) users say they like their phone because "it just works?" That's what its like using a rezound. The phone just works. I love it, and am on it all day long, which brings me to my only issue with this device....the battery. When making a phone this great, the designers should have given us a better battery.

Pros: So much, speed, screen, weight (some may count that as a con, but it's well built & nicely balanced, so I like it) design, INCLUDED ibeats earbuds, good sound,HTC Sense (sometimes)

Cons: sometimes i just want vanilla Android, but whatever, if I really want it, that's what rooting is for. Battery! I sometimes wonder, if I didn't use this beast of phone so much, would the battery really be an issue. But I went on Amazon, & for under $30, I got a couple of (OEM) spare batteries, a battery charger, and a case, so no worries really!

Another con, I would say would be the accessories vzw had for this phone, but once again non issue as I've found better selection & prices online.

Overall best phone I've ever had (past 10 yr history: some Nokia, moto 720, LG 7000, LG V, LG voyager, LG dare, BB Storm, HTC Droid Incredible, Rezound) and I was lucky enough to get it off craigslist for $200 new in the box! I

Bottom line, if you're thinking about getting a new phone, & the rezound is on your list... Get It. I recommend it over the galaxy nexus & droid razr (and from what I've read, the new soon to be released DInc 4G)

HTC Rezound Review


Apr 23, 2012 by Zx3rican69

HTC ReZound

Outstanding, feature filled device that hits many of my key points I want in a phone but falls short of a few others. I have owned several devices (Moto Droid 1&2 , Droid X, Incredible, Revolution, Stratosphere, Bionic and now Rezound). This has it's pro's and cons when compared to these devices.

720P Display: Even though it is LCD the display on this device is amazing, Netflix/Youtube/Flash supported websites are crystal clear.

Dual Core Processor: Makes this phone fast, and almost lag free.

iBeat Headphones: AMAZING, almost sound proof from outside noise, I've used them in other applications and they have yet to fail me.

Camera: 8MP camera quality is amazing, I take a lot of pictures and the quality is amazing (720p screen doesn't hurt)

Screen Size: The HD screen is great, but I do wish that I did have a minimum of 4.5" screen. You'd be shocked to know how much bigger that is than 4.3"

Phone Speakers: With Beats by Dre ?? Does not sound like it. I've compared the loudness (Speaker and Mic) between the Rezound, Bionic, and Sprint's HTC EVO. The sound quality difference is not noticeable between the devices.

Battery Life: If you are in a 4G LTE area, forget about it, turn it off and use WIFI if you can. I noticed on 4G with regular use (Text, web, maybe some Youtube) and battery lasts less than 7hrs, 3G/Wifi over 10hrs

Camera Shutter: I wish the shutter speed on the back camera was as fast as the front. I do understand the difference in quality and focusing but it should be a little bit faster. (I Have noticed if you double tap screen to focus before taking picture that it does help)

HTC Sense UI: I'm not a really big fan of HTC user-interface. It is extremely customizable and feature orientated but three to four times a week the Operating system reboots.

In the end it is personal preference for what YOU want YOUR device to do. I constantly browse the web, watch videos, and listen to music, so this device suits me perfectly.

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Rezound: Comparison review.


Jan 13, 2012 by mainframe

I have owned Verizon Driod, Droid X, ATT Samsung Infuse, and now Verizon HTC Rezound. 1st of all, never ever go with AT&T.. their phones don't work in buildings. As far as phones go.. here are the facts. Motorolla phones are great for about 4 months.. then they become glitchy, freeze up, and need almost daily reboots. Everyone has had one at some point and they are not reliable. The Rezound is a phone for the 'techie' person. It has so many widgets, menus, scroll selections, check boxes, options upon options, it never ends. The screen is good but the samsumng super AMOLED screens are the biggest and brightest and shaprest out there. The samsung reception is kinda spotty though. Rezound has the best camera and reception. Samsung cameras are a very close 2nd. I like the larger screens on the samsungs and the larger phone dimensions. The Resound is too skinny and everything looks compressed. It feels funny in my hand, as I have large hands. I like the samsung layout/size way better. Its smooth, intuitave, fun, and easy. It just does what I want it to do without filling out a 27 question option screen 1st. The HTC Rezound does a great job too but it has a million options to every feature on the phone.. too many in my opinion. For all the options this phone has you think I could find out how to get youtube videos to fill the entire screen. They only fill 1/3 of the screen in a small central location. C'mon HTC!
I don't need extra wieght in my pocket (I have enough of my own). So, I like the samsung the best because it is light making 1 handed operation easy. Rezound could anchor a small vessel.. this thing is a brick. Call clarity on the Rezound is way way better than any other phone and it has a loud earpiece volume. I can hear perfectly with this phone even in my car with the stereo up. I wish I could get samsung UI with samsung screen, HTC camera, reception, and signal strength, with motorolla styling. I may take the HTC back for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I may...



Dec 7, 2011 by Fast Eddy

Have had the ThunderBolt since it came out. It is a great phone with just a couple of issues for me. the Rezound has solved the problems and is a first rate Smart phone.

Sound Quality
Battery life
Ease of use

Just a great phone in all aspects of a Smart Phone.

I have no cons with this phone. I am sure that the music part of this phone is also great but that is a feature that I do not use.

Best Phone yet for Verizon!

Almost Perfect


Dec 3, 2011 by headphonedust

Just got the Rezound, kindly through Verizon since they let me upgrade early.

Once you go HTC, you can never go back.


- HTC Sense is AMAZING. It is so user friendly and customizable.
- Pretty good battery life for a smartphone.
- Great sound quality.
- Very easy virtual keyboard use (I came from the Droid 2 which has a physical keyboard, and no complaints yet).
- SUPER fast
- 4G speeds are incredible, when I wander about 10 minutes away from my home town I pick it up, and I didn't think it made a difference...Silly me!
- Feels like a solid, not cheap phone. The cover is solid and somewhat rugged, so feels durable and easy to grip. Fits into hand comfortably (Even for me and I have TINY hands). Definitely a cool design with large screen.
- Great camera. 8MP takes very clear pictures, even has a good front facing camera. Video quality is outstanding.


- The only thing so far I have to say could be improved are the buttons. The button that locks the screen, and buttons that control volume do not protrude at all really, so can be a pain to press.

Otherwise, keep it up HTC. Get Android 2.3 and combine it with HTC Sense, and you have a beautiful phone. The pros greatly GREATLY outweigh the one con I've seen on this phone.

Best VZW phone


Nov 28, 2011 by klinger1108

I've had this device 5 days now and absolutely love it. My recent devices include the Bionic, Droid Charge, Droid X2 (on VZW), EVO, EVO 3D and Phonton (Sprint). I played with Razr a few times and loved the screen, HOWEVER it has the same software bugs/problems the Bionic had (i.e. camera, data signal, UI). Here's my breakdown:

-Screen in crisp and a pleasure to look at. Colors are true and text is amazingly clear.
-Camera takes amazing photos and works like it should, smooth and worry free.
-Calls are clear and pleanty loud, no echoes or static.
-Data is crazy fast, processor works great and device maintains nice signal.
-UI works seamlessly and has nice intuitive features which make Sense, IMO, the best UI on the market.
-Beats Audio is the real deal. The sound from these earbuds is nothing short of amazing.
-Ability to add extended battery, a necessity for me.

CONS; these are minor and by no means a deal breaker
-No hdmi out port, need new cable.
-Charging port on the side, not bottom.
-Screen is slightly narrower then other 4.3" on the market.
-Swiftkey keyboard buttons are slightly smaller and appear compressed on screen. Other apps also appear more compressed (maybe its just me??)
-Power and volume buttons are nice looking, minimalistic, but are sometimes a little hard to use.

All in all I'm very pleased with this device and think that it hasn't got the attention it desires because VZW is promoting the Razr so heavily. I believe that once the love affair over the thinness of the Razr wears off and the software issues show their ugly head (and they will), people will realize what a gem they overlooked in the Rezound. I know the Galaxy Nexus is around the corner but the more I read about it and talk to VZW employees who used the demo units, the happier I am about picking the Rezound.

Why everyone should love the underdog


Dec 2, 2011 by titanman

This is by far the best phone on the market overall.

The PROS: It has an amazing display, great high quality dual facing camera with almost zero lag, super fast dual core processor, 4G LTE, an extended life battery available if needed, and an above average musical experience to say the least. Add to all that the 32 GB combined memory, an easy to use form factor and you have the makings of a winner. I have had mine for a week now and it is great. Yes, there are the usual battery length questions that will be asked but just don't be lazy and go into the settings and switch from 4G to 3G when not using the internet and you will be just fine. The call quality is superb and I LOVE the "flip over (face down) to activate speakerphone automatically" feature. I upgraded from the original Motorola Droid and in places where I had a few signal problems when on calls before I have not experienced now with the Rezound.

The CONS: There are two things that hurt this phone and keep it (at least for now) from being the iPhone killing, Android dominating phone that it can be - a COMPLETE lack of proper advertising and marketing from both Verizon and on a lesser scale HTC, and well, when you are the best you are going to be expensive. $299 WITH a contract will keep many people from owning it, but if that is within your budget STOP considering anything else and go get the Rezound. You will be glad you did.

are you kidding me?! this thing is fantastic


Nov 19, 2011 by Deviceguy

Wow, Unbelievable.. absolutely Brilliant!

This is my second Verizon Lte device and I have to tell you, this thing is a piece of work.

I used the demo razr for a few days and loves how it worked, I just couldn't get over the overall size in my hand. Sure it was thin but you sacrifice space squash for it (wide and long).

The display is brilliant. Best on the market that I have seen. I was an iPhone 4 guy and loved the display, this beats it!

The 4g Lte is blazing fast here in DC / Maryland. The HTC Sense 3.5 is an improvement over the Thunderbolts ui. Battery life is good and I switch between 4g and 3g as I travel into the sticks from time to time.

The call clarity is great as well. I usually use speaker since I am in my own office and nobody claims that there is a difference.

If you are like me and was concerned over a 4.3 inch screen, no WORRIES, HTC intergrates this puppy into a smaller "fit' somehow.

Comparing the iPhone 4 to any if the 4G Android devices is no longer a comparison. Lets face it, both have hundreds of thousands of Apps.. but only Android integrates your Gmail seamlessly and has the widget and customizable aspect the Apple just does not have.

Great work HTC, VZW and Google!

amazing phone


Jan 10, 2012 by nizzmizzle

First I would like to say that I have always taken what "professional reviewers" have said with a grain of salt. I feel that you have to physically try out a phone before you can really decide what you think about it. A lot of these professional reviewers play up the galaxy nexus as the best phone on verizon, but I personally feel that the crown belongs to the rezound. First off this thing is a freaking beast. The 1.5 gHz dual processor is a monster and coupled with 1 Gb ram there is absolutely no lag. Pictures taken on the rezound's 8 MP camera are fantastic, probably the best pictures I have seen from a phone and video is also fantastic in 1080p. Some people might be put off by the thickness of the rezound, but personally I feel it fits in my hand well and I like a little weight. This is the first HTC phone that I have used and I really like sense UI. I feel that it is probably the most polished UI I have used and the lock screen is the best idea ever. The 720p HD screen on the rezound is amazing and something you have to see to appreciate. Battery life is also great for a 4g phone and I easily make it through the day and usually have 50% or more when I put my phone on the charger. 4g service is great and faster than my 12 mb/s quest service. The capacitive buttons are responsive and unobtrusive and while some have complained about the physical buttons (volume rocker and power button), I personally think they are just fine. In summary I will conclude with a short pro/con list.

-720p screen
-Fast processor (1.5 gHz dual core)
-1 Gb Ram
-Amazing pictures and videos
-4G service is blazing
-Great battery life
-Sense UI
-Good thickness and weight

-Cost (300$) is a little much unless you can find a good deal

I can honestly say this is the best phone that I have ever owned and would heartily recommend this phone to anyone.

Great Phone


Nov 30, 2011 by amdmanken

This is one of the best phones I have owned. Had the Thunderbolt, Bionic and the IPHONE. This one beats them all. The ability to add panels to the menu in case you need more is awesome. I was going to wait for the Nexus Prime, but the Rezound has faster processors, an 8MP camera on back and 2MP forwrd facing camera. I have had download speeds of up to 20 Mbbs is extremely fast with LTE. Looking forward to Ice Cream Sandwich release. One must have is the extended life battery. The standard battery only lasted me about 4 hours with GPS, WI-FI and auto sync turned off in cdma mode. Changing to the extended gets me more then 12 hours with GPS,LTE, and sync on and occasialy use of WI-FI

Very clear and bright 720P screen easy to read in daylight.
Clear sound for voice and music.
Beats audio for some music.
1080P Video recording.
8MP camera with dual led flash and scenes.
2MP front camera

Battery life on standard battery: expected
Finding a case to use with extended battery

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